Monday, July 9, 2012

Put Pride Aside and Look in the Mirror

At some point it may appear like you’re not winning, sitting, wondering why things are going wrong, replaying the situation over and over again, changing all the factors… YET the outcome is still the same…Why, oh Why, Why, why, why, W-H-Y???

I remember 2 significant times in my life that my dreams and wildest desires appeared to have ended with defeat, and in need of a refocus & some fresh air.

I would get lost in just thinking about the life I would have at the accomplishment of my dreams and desires…it was truly Amazing! However, some of the steps I took didn’t favor with what I thought or how I thought it was going to happen, and it seemed as if I needed a new plan!

At those moments, I thought that I had figured out how to achieve my dreams and live my wildest desires. It seemed as though I was dining at the table with my future, living out the phrase “at the right place, right time, and meeting the right people.” Taking that fully noticeable intentional step in the assumed right direction but not fully accessing what I had hoped. I asked every “why” question and rehearsed “what if” scenarios but could not figure out what went wrong in the end. How do I open this door???

But (a “but” can really change some things), there was one thing that I did not do…Put My Pride Aside and Look in the Mirror!
     Is the thing that I’m pursuing in this moment really going to be a step of purpose in the       direction of living out my dreams? Maybe things are not working because they are NOT supposed to work? Maybe it’s a decision that I’m making and keep making that keeps allowing me to be stuck!?! Hmmm.

What started out good but didn’t end the same could be the best experience needed to move forward in the right direction at the right time, and wasn’t wasted time or relationships after all! If I put my pride aside and look in the mirror, I’m actually saving time, and learning to find the answers in myself since that is where my dreams & wildest desires live.

There is no need to keep going the wrong way just because you’re already there. When you start, you should finish but don’t finish something that needs to be started over…. Stop, Put Your Pride Aside, and Look In the Mirror!

Whether we realize it or not, the thought of a goal to a dream, or a goal with an end is the reason we stepped this way or that way, said yes or no, left early or stayed late. The possibly hidden intentions of our actions open the door to manifest success or failure.

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