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Open doors, Open doors // Part 2: I Have Big Picture Vision…Do You?

Hey y’all!! I hope you all are enjoying the Holidays!!

I wanted to give YOU Part 2 of November’s “Open doors, Open doors” before I gift you with a fun FREE GYC Book next week!! When you get a chance…checkout the previous years too!!

But anyway…

I’ll make this short because I know that at the end of the year, we are often bombarded with last minute “make it count” ideas…but I will not fake the funk and act like I am not a BIG encourager of placing some GREAT things in your future…RIGHT NOW, NOT LATER!!...because I am!!

This world needs everyone to live out his/her AMAZING Purpose!! Okay, let me focus on this post before I rant (or get loud) and haven’t even built up to it…

“Calm down Lauren!!”

“I want everyone that stops by to be inspired/encouraged/provoked to continue on the journey to their dreams.”

So here’s to this post being just that!!

Like I said in the previous post, I think (I hope)…

The thing about open doors is that the more you walk through them, the more you get to know the person you are and have yet to become! And the other side of that, which makes this post so important is that the more you open yourself up to the desires of your heart, more and more ideas will grow and become from simply saying YES to the first one.

Let me take you on a quick but worth it mental road trip (you don’t need snacks…but I won’t judge if you grab some)!!

Think about a tree, once a seed, planted, watered, nurtured, loved throughout every season…and even when it wasn’t personally watered…it was personally watered with rain.

…That’s deep!

A tree serves many purposes:
+ Shade
+ Food
+ Beauty
+ Lumber
++ Circulating Oxygen++
---The List goes on and on!!!
+++ Overall… it is a pretty HUGE resource to everyday life…that’s my point, if I missed something about it, please don’t be offended!!

“Girl YOU Crazy”

But a tree started as a seed, sprouted roots and became many (MANY) different things that are not all necessarily related to each other but under the same source, became a resource…

Think about that.

The more people needed things, the more it became and/or was realized!

Big Picture Vision.

“A tree is a big picture vision.”

Big picture vision is “open doors, open doors” because one door will lead to more (good or bad…purpose-filled or distractions). Even if the door you entered was small/entry-level/may even seem currently irrelevant…going through it with an open-mind that’s focused on your purpose…you’ll realize that each experience is bringing you closer and closer to the person you are becoming.

Now…let’s travel back to YOU/ME/WE and our one seed growing/leading/prospering/becoming everything that WE desire to be!!

I said I would be brief…I think we all know by now that my brief and your brief are 2 completely different hey, I sincerely appreciate YOU for being here!! But in being brief, below is how I want to end this post and rock out the New Year with some fresh thoughts and perspective that’s ready to go through these open doors (YES, PLURAL) confidently!

I am declaring a domino effect of open doors in YOUR 2015 and mine too!!! HELLO!!!!!!


Here are 10 questions (with a few statements) to help YOU/ME/WE (continuously) realize our open door and big picture vision for 2015 and beyond!!

Remember… Small can always land on greater.

1.  How will your dreams impact the world? What industries will be influenced? Are you currently working in, researching or following the industry leaders on Social Media?

2. Who will be inspirationally provoked by the reality of your dreams? Have you met them yet?

3. The things that make you mad/happy/sad, does it provoke your passion?

It's not about the size of the step(s) that make the difference...but the direction and intentions behind them.

4. List the reasons YOU use to think that you’re not qualified.

5. Now, list the reasons YOU want to create change and look at your not qualified list… and laugh!

**Yea... tell Old Slewfoot to SHUT UP!!

6. What was the first step you took to realize/recognize/acknowledge/accept/understand YOUR Purpose? Do you believe that YOU honored Your Worth with that step?

Proceed with Purpose.

7. If you could imagine the next step in fulfilling YOUR Purpose…

Take a moment.

What does your vision look like? Who’s there? And what are you doing?

8. What do you want to be said about the life you live and the legacy you leave? And will there be a torch to pass?

9. About how many dreams do you have? Can you put them in order from wildest dream to everything in between? Have you considered the smaller dreams as stepping-stones to the big dreams like a puzzle with many pieces? Maybe the smaller dreams that we thought would happen after we achieved the big dreams are instead preparation for the big dreams?

Courage gets bolder, stronger and louder with use.

10. If you did something bold that related to living and fulfilling your dreams at least once a month…as in plan to be bold, what would it be?
**Let’s create bold goals together!! Tweet me!!

What’s YOUR Big Picture Vision? Have YOU planted the seed?

Random but related GYC Quote:

Defeating Crazy with Courage,

Lauren Alicia, GYCGirl…Putting My Imagination into the World and more importantly…into my reality!!
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