Monday, April 29, 2013

I am my own definition.

If I compromise who I am, I will never know who I was yet to be.”-Mirror Conversation

I am my own definition, I live it daily.”-My Truth

If I allow your definition to take the place of my own, I will never see the vision that was only meant for me to see.”-YOU, Me, We Acknowledging Our OWN Unique Purpose

It seems like my latest posts have been about being the true self and recognizing that there is more to you than you actually know…

We all are setup to succeed because we were designed with a purpose, and if we are connected to it…and live it out day-by-day, minute-by-minute and step-by-step we are a success and possess a direction to go.

That sounds just about right…Right?

Coming into the launch where GYC is partnering with Endless Dreams Foundation, Inc. for its What Is Beauty? Campaign (oh yes!)… I can’t help but speak what has already been spoken to confirm and reaffirm that we all have our own definition. A definition with a specific place in this world where no one is designed to fill it and know it but the one the space/place was made for!

I am my own definition is a declaration that we don’t just speak but we live.

Sometimes we get caught up on so many others definition that we forget our own. Then think… we are a failure because the imitation we convinced ourselves was real…didn’t accomplish what we thought it would... like it did for the person it was designed for!

Personal GYC Story
One of the biggest places if not many times before that where our definition is tested, forgotten, realized, and/or given a temporary leave to explore is…COLLEGE!!!

I tell you… when I arrived in NYC for the 2nd time in (my) life, I just knew who I was, what I was going to do and how I was going to do it!!!

++New York is just one of those kind of cities that place you in an “I know who I am” attitude…can I get a witness…any takers???++


But it was in my Senior Year when “a reality”…not mine but “a reality began to float my thoughts that I did not know what I was going to do…and only a little bit of how I was going to do it.

Everyone had their opinion of what I was to do next, and their “oh so right” reasons behind why their opinion was the right direction for me and the so-called key.
Then, this “promising” introduction and that “promising” introduction…that all lead to nowhere!

I finally had to reevaluate…or as I’ve called it before…put pride aside and look in the mirror. I was about to graduate and I was fighting everyone’s definition while neglecting my own.

I think the biggest reason why I reclaimed my definition was because everyone wanted to help but no one wanted to tell me the truth… that this after-graduation mission I was on…was not my own.

Know your truth and live it.

If there was one thing I learned, it was teach me to know and accept only my truth, and to remain in remembrance of my purpose and definition.

Honestly, the only times I came face to face with “Girl YOU Crazy” was and is while I’m living out my definition…NOT while others were cheering me on to live a life that really had no hope because it wasn’t my own.


Let me just tell you one thing…after all those other things I said…

If you are going to say, “Girl YOU Crazy” to ME…I had better be living courageously, neglecting fear and being free... IN MY OWN DEFINITION.


Last Thoughts
+Girl YOU Crazyto not be courageous!

+Girl YOU Crazyto live someone else’s definition!

+Girl YOU Crazyto give air to anything not connected to your purpose!
GYC Side Note Rant: This does not mean that you can’t help, promote or be happy for another or that you are supposed to be all about yourself…it means, YOU know who you are and you don’t allow others to distract you from your purpose, which involves understanding the definition to give without there being something to receive, and that there are some things you get paid for and other things you volunteer for…don’t confuse the 2.

+Girl YOU Crazyto not be free!

+Girl YOU Crazyto walk around with a frown like you have no hope or promise in your purpose!

+Girl YOU Crazyto think that your dreams are but a fantasy or agree with anyone that says it is and not tell them the truth!

I am my own definition…I don’t need yours and I won’t be tempted by want.

Some more GYC Quotes for YOU!
“I like to see people succeed and be all of who they are meant to be…it makes my heart smile.”-GYCGirlYOUCrazy

“Having a relationship within means that you will never be dry or without a direction to go, after all, it all starts with a thought…think for yourself.”-GYCGirlYOUCrazy

VERY IMPORTANT GYC MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will be speaking at one of the “What is Beauty? Campaign” Google+ Hangouts on June 27th, 2013 7pm EST about “I have a purpose” and the beauty of it! The campaign launches this May till August 1, 2013! Be clear: Beauty is…YOU! Click here for more information and please checkout and follow us on Tumblr >>>  

Be sure to checkout this week’s Question for Thought…it is all about “I am my own definition”!!!!

P.S. I really enjoy writing for and with you all…thank you for accompanying me on this process called life. Oh and quick side note...this post is the 50th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, Yes baby!
----------------Lauren Alicia, Queen of the Process & Miss GYC ☺
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