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What Is Beauty? Campaign Wrap-Up: We are a Resource!

“Beauty is a perspective that is reflected in everything we see.”-Honest Perspective

“The way we decide to see the world is the same way we will receive the world.”-Truth

“Sometimes beauty is blurred and marred by our perspective but what is beautiful to me is no matter how damaged its definition becomes, we will always continue to search for its truth and realness.”-GYC Thoughts on Beauty

May 1, 2013 Endless Dreams Foundation, Inc and GYC Girl YOU Crazy launched the What Is Beauty? Campaign (online), and it will officially be over this Thursday, August 1, 2013.

I hope you all have enjoyed participating and following the Campaign!!!!

Personally, the Campaign has been an amazing journey of learning and understanding beauty deeper… through the eyes of other’s and myself. It became an experience of recognizing the beauty in overcoming and realizing your own definition of beauty we live!


How often are YOU asked to define a word that is used multiples times a day for various reasons that sometimes can only make sense to the person using it?????

So when asked in public…
"What is YOUR Definition of Beauty?????"

What would be your unfiltered, uncensored response and are you considering those listening to what you have to say???

Now go ahead, fill-in-the-blank:
Beauty is…

GYC Side Note: The thing about definitions… if you ever study and/or conduct consumer research is…whatever definition people give is the definition people believe, and their response is packed with powerful information about themselves that is to be considered their truth even if you know the information to be a lie. Everyday we tell something about ourselves in the definition we speak and live…what would YOU have your definition to say about you? …Something to think on!

In helping to shape and structure the Campaign with EDF, I thought of this quote that could bring out this power message of beauty and our understanding/perspective/feelings/thoughts…

'"I am the definition of beauty' appreciate mine (my definition) as I appreciate yours."

This quote identifies/recognizes/acknowledges the fact that we all are beautiful no matter how we define the word beauty, and how everyone’s definition shall be respected and appreciated.

The bigger picture of its message’s NOT what we write down but what we live…it Is Our Truth!

Throughout the Campaign, we gathered multiple quotes and quotes with images relating to beauty directly, indirectly or simply poetic to exploit and strengthen various thoughts of beauty and where we find its presence.

But before I fully dive into the rest of this…it is important to know that the Campaign was set-up to promote high self-esteem, confidence and strength, which all ties into the word BEAUTY!

When I was first approached about joining, EDF’s founder discussed how she found statistics on women having low self-esteem, and wanted to use the word beauty to inspire and uplift.

So, as we promoted self-esteem, confidence and strengththe purpose of the mission/"What Is Beauty? Campaign" was to fight statistics with our reality.

Beauty relates to self-esteem, confidence and strength because it’s part of their contents…knowing, owning and walking in your self-worth!

I learned through this, the extent of which self-esteem relates to beauty and how confidence creates strength to see beauty in the most difficult times.

 Along with Twitter and Facebook, we used Tumblr and Pinterest to reach the community willing to discuss and share their thoughts on beauty!

Here is a snap-shot of The Campaign Tumblr:

The top 2 posts on The Campaign Tumblr were…

This found quote currently has 1,867 notes!

And a quote from yours truly…

 "I am worthy, deserving and enough… And NO ONE has the right to tell me anything different."-Lauren Alicia
My quote currently has 376 notes!

But interesting side note… both were posted on the same day, “Count your blessings…” was 1st and “I am worthy, deserving…” was 2nd!!!

…YOU, ME, WE never know when people are listening and what they need to hear! Relating back to the title of this post… “We are a Resource.”

Here is a snap-shot of The Campaign Pinterest Board:

The “What Is Beauty? Campaign” Pinterest Board is a community of Pinners that joined and continuously share their thoughts on beauty, strength and inspiration through quotes, posts and photography!

These 2 platforms expanded my thoughts on beauty and how it is perceived… Sometimes we don’t know how sensitive something is until we no longer just think about it but begin to discuss it…

With that said…

I thought about answering the questions below but realized… they would be best pondered/thought about/marked up/answered…by and for yourself…
Maybe one random GYC Moment of Reminiscing…I’ll post on Facebook my thoughts?!?...Which means if you have yet to like the Fan Page…well…
Please and Thank You!!!

Think On/Answer these questions for yourself…
Why does self-esteem relate to beauty?

How does confidence relate to beauty?

Can you relate strength to beauty?

"Be, Love, and Accept… YOURSELF; Then YOU won’t have to question your beauty because you will see it everyday!"

I'm almost done...
An open letter to Beauty (journal/GYC style, which means grammar and punctuation are on an anything-goes format…)

Dear Beauty,

So often we search for you in places that have nothing to do with our truth. We look for it in acceptance, approval, appearances, and irrelevant surfaces…but one day we will all genuinely proclaim the truth that is you. The recognition that you, Beauty are in my self-esteem, you can see it in my confidence, and reflected in my strength… Sometimes we think that you are so distant from us because the world has created a marred perspective of you but if we ever took the time to look in the mirror through our heart, we would see the truth…which is, your importance was never an outer appearance but a strength that will always live within… I consider YOU a Vision from the Stem!

I’ll leave you with this question as YOU, Me, We encourage others and ourselves daily (also answered by Rachel Franco during her interview):

Do you think sometimes we as women find a temporary confidence in compliments, and what are your thoughts on building a confidence that doesn't rely/need compliments?

Also…feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!

“We all are the definition of beauty…understand and represent your definition daily!”-Daily Truth Reminder

“Because I know my self-worth, I will celebrate daily ALL of who I am and let go of what I am not…Standing TALL, STRONG And CONFIDENT in every situation.”-My Beauty Declaration


Checkout the What Is Beauty? Campaign Links & Features:

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