Friday, June 25, 2021

Am I in the wrong place?


Am I in the wrong place?

That is one the most profound questions you will ever ask yourself.

Is this where I’m supposed to be?

Right now?

Are these the people I’m supposed to influence?

Or ignore?

Is so-and-so’s concern a sign that I should?

Or a sign that I shouldn’t be here?

We’ve all been there, are still there, just left or maybe even entering this place.

I’m here to tell YOU, it’s not bad to be there. It’s the perfect question to ask yourself.

asking someone why...I need clarification

GYC Girl…, why?

The reason being, if we don’t wonder WHY, we’re there, we’ll never go deeper than what we already think.


I ask God all the time,

“Am I doing what you called me to do right now,

in this very moment…

or is this just Lauren being Lauren?”

gyc girl you crazy being lauren alicia sakura cherry blossoms

 I’ll tell you this much…I’ve been privy to some of the dumbest conversations and most times I can easily drown it out…


BUT THEN, there are times where some stuff just doesn’t make sense and the person keeps saying the DUMB thing as if they want ME to confirm that it is DUMB (factually).

Short GYC Story…

 I had a co-worker at a foreign company where everyone that entered around the same time has the same paycheck. Long story short, this co-worker came to this job with a girlfriend, they lived in an apartment that was (unnecessarily) expensive, they broke up, he got a new girlfriend that seemed to live there occasionally but not pay rent to prove his status to her or something, IDK the reason on his heart. Anyway, this co-worker was bragging to me about the height of his bills and wanted to know why I lived where I lived.

I let him have this conversation with himself, twice. I know how much we earn, and now, I know what’s left after he gets done stunting…not much!

stunting will leave you with empty pockets

I asked God why does this boy keep telling me this dumbness?

 SO I decided if he tells me for the third time, I’ll take it as a sign from God to tell him he’s being dumb/foolish/not smart/unrealistic/ridiculous/a dullard, I mean he can’t afford it.

Well, what do you know?

The third time came around and I simply told him we don’t make that much, and your rent is too high for a place that looks like that.

the rent too high

Then, I did something that I unlearned…

 I told him my business.

 I explained that I live in my particular apartment (with a landlord that I’ve now forgiven with the love of the Lord 😉---if YOU ever see my review on Google, I lit him up!) because I’m never there. This is the amount of my monthly bills, I bring a lunch and don’t eat out so I can have a GOOD time when I travel, which was frequent.

The result, he agreed that his bills were too high, probably told his girlfriend what I said but she officially moved in and helps pay the bills. He let me know this! 😉

You’re welcome.

While I admit that I am not the most financially responsible person… I know when I am doing the MUCH (on purpose)!!!


Some THINGS simply don’t add up, physically or mentally!!!

 The difference is some people you’ll meet on your journey have yet to discover that for themselves or are afraid of how they may look if they have to reorganize their life. YOU may be the answer to their prayer by telling them to STOP DOING THAT!!! Trust that YOU will KNOW when it is YOUR VOICE and THOUGHTS that they need to hear.

While I HATED working at this particular location…

Yes, there will be a video about WHY on my YouTube channel…don’t be crazy and SUBSCRIBE Girl!!

The reality is I needed to be there, I needed to be used, I needed to deepen my compassion for people like him, GOD sent me there because HE knew that I could handle it…ALL OF IT!


I just gave everybody I worked with a say “it (the silly/ridiculous stuff)" 3 times and I will tell you it’s dumb rule. No one ever verbalized the dislike for my opinion and knew where we were on the scale because they could feel MY thoughts coming!!


Alright I hear ya BUT I want the focus on ME!!

Listen, that’s another topic for another day but I will say this…

I lived in Japan, specifically Nagoya…and I wondered this. Nagoya is like Chicago and Tokyo is like NYC, both are great but NOT THE SAME VIBE. I am a black woman that has looked the same for many years all that to say, I know how I look, I’ve heard many of the same compliments, I’m not new in this state so hearing them doesn’t entice me or make me forget who I am. Attempting to attack my identity doesn’t work. I’m well-traveled, solo, so I’ve had to depend on ME and confirm everything with myself and whatever knowledge I choose to trust.


I knew I was in the right place (at times) in Nagoya because of the impact my presence had on the people, and the company, even if they didn’t say it to my face,

my value was obvious.


When I stopped focusing on myself (meaning instant happiness, do they like me/do I like them, and can I really be successful here, right now!) in a location the answer became obvious. I had to look beyond the surface, understand and discover whether I was sowing seeds into their lives, into my life, consider if I was growing, becoming stronger, building endurance, compassion or simply building hate. I had to process my experiences in that moment!!


There have only been 2 geographical places in this world that felt the most comfortable outside of my literal home and that is NYC and Milan, Italy. However, I’m not currently living in either of those places because there is more for me to explore.


I’ll leave YOU with this…

Sometimes things don’t feel like home because they are not supposed to. Sometimes your current location is simply a work station…for working on YOU and helping the people around you.


Question where you are, and YOU’ll go much further!


“Your co-workers dumb questions and assumptions could deepen your compassion.”-GYCGirl…Being Honest


See you around the world somewhere,

Xx GYC Girl YOU Crazy aka Lauren Alicia

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