Monday, April 8, 2013

Unfinished Mosaic of Me

Am I willing to surrender
the broken person of me
for the love
for the beauty
of a mosaic of me?

Designed parts from the past
used to inspire
paths of my destiny
created and continues
to be the making of
something beautifully
with a name
where all bitterness is erased
for the sake of sanity…

The depths of me
Pieces you cannot see
What I have yet
And am longing to be.

No one remembers birth
but we all have a long-lost picture
and proof in the mirror
given tools to pursue
life to experience
mistakes to forgive
and lessons showing you have actually lived.

But am I willing to be and acknowledge the mosaic I was designed to be?

Parts from my past used to inspire that, which is in me

If someone asked
“What will You do with all of You?”
what would be my response

I’m pretty sure the mind would ponder
like yours is now
and propose a new question

Am I ok that all the inner workings of me are not released?
And am I working for that to be?

If a voice whispered
“decide now,
what is important”

Would I do it like laundry?
want from need
desire from envy
and not of other people
but envious of what I know
I’m meant to be

Caught in a glimpse of the future
Vision clouded of the present
I’m still here

Contemplating while the world is waiting

Am I willing to be the mosaic of me?

Let the pieces fall where they hit

White space
From the past saying “fill me”
because you’ve learned

Empty space for the present
saying “live me”
you’re worth it

Future saying “wait for me,
I’m worth it”

Ditch craziness for courage
Apparently to some
It all looks the same

I’m nothing but a mere mosaic
Designed from love

Now agreed to be
All of the reason I was formed
I see white space all around
saying “paint me”
There is more to do

Now I’m left with a question
That will forever
remain in my remembrance

________________(insert your name here)
What will You do with all of You?

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