Tuesday, April 8, 2014

For Women To Women: This is My Acceptance, What Is Yours?

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Rejection is part of life’s inevitable. Yep, and so is acceptance.

My mom keeps a copy of my college acceptance letter in the kitchen. Beyond being what it is, it marks the moment  my moment of trust and knowing that even if I run, purpose will always find me. I learned that the hard way.

I attempted to reject where purpose asked me to follow. In return, what wasn’t for me was rejected with rejection.

So looking at it today (a bit emotional), here is what it said to me:

Introducing: Girl YOU Crazy Lifestyle

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Through the limitless of the #ICAN…We Live.

I’m finally sharing different aspects of my life and findings with the world! You’ll see my face in addition to the logo and my reactions to my experiences… not always lessons learned/learning like the original blog but my honesty R E M A I N S.

I decided to use the #ICAN because before we decide to do…we have to decide in some manner that WE CAN. Therefore,  …And more… just watch!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Get the Hair Out YOUR Drain


…“Get the hair out of your drain”?????

Girl, WHERE is this going???

For some of you…all you needed to read was “Get the hair out of your drain” and that was enough…
It spoke to you (Mmmhmm)!!!


For the curious, join me on this possibly quick journey…
 (I can’t make any promises)…

Some GYC Pre-SideNote Rant-like Commentary
Hair grows from you. It falls out daily… for some of us it’s natural and we’re not balding, we don’t lose sleep over it but when it clogs our drain, it forces us to stand in dirt (and whatever else you’re washing off…that’s your business)… because of something we let go of…

It forces us to deal with something we already thought we dealt with…

So…I saw this quote on Facebook or Pinterest (I can’t remember) but its substance is extremely powerful, “if you let it go, where did it go?” As in… Could you possibly be standing in its influence, did you tell yourself you let it go but you’re really hoping it never left, and/or you’re not sure if you really let it go because you didn’t know the truth of the situation, or you’re like me…and you just didn’t want to be honest?

Alright, let’s start from the beginning…

You washed your hair…your drain gets clogged…and now you’re standing in the dirt that you just washed off…because of something you let go of…

You follow? Okay.

If you’re wondering where this post came from…
I was in the shower washing my hair, and trying to make sure my hair didn’t clog the drain…

And I started to think…

How much stuff have we 'washed' off or out but are still standing in its influence?

This is starting to sound a little like “Funky Guests Make Your Whole House Funky” Right?? But it’s not (I think? …This is possibly a different level).

GYC SideNote: Sometimes I just laugh at the moments the shower creates because some of those moments/thoughts get real deep…yep (or at least I think they do...)!

“It’s nothing like standing in the shower with a clogged drain. Everything gets clean but your feet.”-Life, GYC

If you can relate,
Let’s get the hair out of our drain!!!

Yep…another reality check post for me this 2014…
1.   To clean is to recognize the need. In order to get the hair out of your drain…there has to be hair in it!
We wash our hair for many reasons… But before we decide to wash our hair, we’ve recognized at least one of our many reasons as a need that needs to be fulfilled/achieved/taken care of/you get the picture...

Then we wash our hair.
         +Recognize the need
         +Approach the need
         +Realize the solution
         +Live the solution

The thing is…sometimes when we recognize the need it doesn’t help us process and fully understand the solution. Or the solution we find…only provides temporarily for the need, which is where the clogged drain comes in.

When life moves forward don’t let the past haunt.

GYC Personal Commentary…not story
There definitely have been moments in my life recently and of the past that I thought I let go of something…only later to realize that I am still standing in its influence, and now, realizing why I wasn’t REALLY able to let it go… Confronting that part of me began to show the steps I need to take for growth in that area.

It’s great when we can recognize our needs and even more when we are able to take the next step, realize and live the solution.

For me, I needed to “let it go” for that moment since I wasn’t ready to be honest because I didn’t know the honesty of the situation, nor did I care to know. However, since I’ve decided to be in a state of substance and ditch surface only, I’ve started to distinguish the difference of standing in an influence that made me bitter and standing in an influence that made me better. One tracks mud and the other leaves a legacy.

Get the Hair Out Your Drain! And keep it out!!

2.    After you’ve washed your hair… take what came out and decide where it needs to go. If it goes down that drain…it will surely build up and cause you to stand in what you “think/thought” you let go of…

Give that “hair” a burial that can’t be dug up.
Distance your thoughts of the past with a fresh perspective that serves you…

“You ever ask someone to take their shoes off…only to find that their feet or socks are dirty? I don’t have a point to make…I’m just throwing that out there.”

Get the Hair Out Your Drain!

     2a. Let your hair dry. Clear your head.
Our drain gets clogged because we’ve only let go of the surface, we’ve cutoff contact with the person or thing but we’re still allowing it to occupy our thoughts like “it” never left. You know…refusing to be honest about why we let it go and who we’ve become because of its presence and absence in our life.

Allow your thoughts to serve you beauty instead of misery.

Get the Hair Out Your Drain!

3.    Put a mask on (I like a nice moisture mask...) and relax.
Breathe in. Breathe out. And allow the present to live and the future to be born.

It’s always important to remember that you’re still standing. Remember that when you think about looking back with a negative view.

Before I sign off, go to the nearest mirror, look at it and say it with me…

GIRL!!! “Get the hair out of your drain”
And whatever else is in your mirror conversation

“There is no need to allow the past to hold up your present…let’s push forward with understanding.”

Those steps above are currently on repeat in my life…you know for sanity reasons…

Defeating Crazy With Courage,
Lauren Alicia

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I was nominated... My first Liebster Award Nomination!!!

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU to the oh so resourceful, you’ve got beauty questions…she has answers… RENEE OF Beauty School ScArlet!!!!!!! I hopped on Google+ the other day and there was my Liebster Award nomination from Renee (CONGRATUALTIONS TO YOU), extremely honored to be in the mix with 10 other inspiring and full of HELPFUL tips bloggers.

A Liebster Award is an award given via the Internet from another blogger to recognize and/or discover new bloggers. It also allows readers to get to know the blogger from a different point of view by the blogger answering 11 informal random questions presented by the blogger who nominated the nominee. In return, the nominee pays it forward by nominating 11 bloggers for the award.

Get to know me a little more through my answers to Renee’s questions:

1.   Who, what or where does your blogging inspiration come from? My journey and life lessons, if its on my blog…I’ve lived it, learned it or continuing to learn it…I don’t want there to be take-backs to what I tell about my journey, I want to be an open book… So I focus on the story I tell being the life I live or am working to see it in my reality!

2.   What is the best advice you have ever received? When I was preparing for my first ever business meeting, someone told me to know who I am and stick to it.

3.   What motivates you? Life, all its mysteries and wonders, and wanting to have something that I created to leave behind or pass on like a baton.

4.   What is your favorite TV Show or movie? I’m so flaky when it comes to TV shows, I’m currently going through old shows like Freaks & Greeks, Wonderfalls, Boston Public, Harry’s Law and deciding why they didn’t have long life like The Office… so I’ll discuss my favorite movie. Coming to America because for whatever reason…I have watched this movie the most in my life and always like it is the first time I ever saw it, it just never gets old to me. So I’ll give credit where credit is due!

5.    What book would you recommend others to read? Their journal/diary…

6.   What is your dream job? Shoe designer!!!!!!!!!! It’s my biggest dream but I’ve noticed along the way that before I get there…there are smaller dreams that need to be completed first! But I sketch at least once a month…watching this video below just reminded me how beautiful my dream still is to me.

7.   What is your favorite food? Sweet Potato Yams by my mom because I’m picky about what I eat…I make all the “Girl YOU Crazy” faces if I don’t like it. So to be specific and cut out any other questions about anybody else’s food…I don’t like everybody’s’ yams just my mothers, it goes well with her Mac and Cheese… yes, please!

8.   What is guilty pleasure? Ooooo I’m embarrassed but I watch Love and Hip Hop ATL… I apologize phahahahahahaaaaa but there is this one vlogger who has the BEST commentary on the show…it just makes me giggle non-stop!!!!!

Then… Nutella…if there was a meeting…I would go!!!

9.   What is the story behind your blog name? Perspective decides how we see things. And negative words and phrases have the possibility to cloud our perspective. It was a moment of recognizing that “Girl YOU Crazy” can easily enter our thoughts because it’s said with a little laughter but the thing is…it can sometimes linger negatively… So…I flipped the meaning of something playful that can discourage, keeping it playful but using the phrase as fuel to accomplish/complete/finish and live your dream with great expectation & a smile. 

10. What is your favorite drink of choice? Water… that sounds so boring but I had to stop drinking the sweets although Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha and me like to get together like old friends every now and then!

11.   If money were no object, where would be the first place you would travel to? Turks and Caicos, my bags could be packed in minutes!!! … I like to travel to warm weather and be around different accents…and get more use out of my passport so…

Well… now you know a little more about me!!!

Now in paying it forward…I looked up many different rules for choosing your list of 11…so I did a combination… if you would like to pass your nomination to someone else, please let me know, and I will update my list! Thanks…and here is my list of 11:

I enjoy your journeys for different reasons!!

And here are the questions I would like for you to answer (yes…I know…they are random…):

1.   When people first heard you entered the blogging game…what did they say?
2.   Tell me a movie you watched that no one would believe you learned something valuable from?
3.   What’s your favorite quote?
4.   What makes you LOL, Phahahs, Haaaaa or Hehe?
5.    Fill-in-the-blank… If you could spread ______________ on everything…life would be _______________.
6.   What’s your dream vacation… and who would you invite (even if you don’t know them…)?
7.   What advice would you give to someone considering giving up on their dream/passion?
8.   What’s your favorite magazine (online or print) or book? And would you ever turn your blog into one??
9.   Who or what inspires you the most?
10.  If your favorite color was a love song…what would be the title?
11.  20 years from now…What is one thing you want the older you to know/remember?

Have fun and thanks so much Beauty School ScArlet!!!

-Lauren Alicia…Miss GYC Girl…YOU Know the Rest!

Monday, March 3, 2014

How Creative Would YOU Be…?

Come on down and welcome to HOW-CREATIVE-WOULD-YOU-BE-? *Key Music…

In this post (or maybe even a C H A L L E N G E…)…I’m asking that YOU limit your outside resources, as in whatever is not in your house/building…do not use.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how easy it is to limit our abilities when we think we are without certain resources…

causing us to possibly unnecessarily outsource.

In my thoughts, I had to realize that I when I do this…I put a cap on who I am, how I’m designed and what my design is prepared to fulfill, and as a result…I personally use it as an excuse to procrastinate…so I wait and wait and make more plans to wait!!!

…Girl, it was time to put an end to that crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we know we’re worthy…YOU/Me/We need to walk in our worth!!! HELLO!!!

So if you can relate… this is for YOU!

Here is the CHALLENGE, below is a list for you to put to use:

How Creative Would You Be If YOU…

1.    Read all the books in your house that you just had to buy/borrow/read?

2.    Got your cookbooks dirty instead of dusty? :-)

3.   Learned and used all the programs downloaded on your computer?

4.    Try it yourself…before commissioning someone?

5.    Made yourself wear everything in your closet?

How Creative Would You Be If…
6.    Every outfit you wore outside expressed an opportunity of (YOUR) worth and more?

How Creative Would You Be If YOU…
7.    Took a camera and captured whatever/everything you see (inside and out)?

8.    Looked in the mirror and decided to see more than a reflection?

9.    Visualized what you dreamed of becoming or owning, then went to visit it and/or made the blueprint for it?

10.   Looked up at the sky and wondered?

11.   Decided to fix, re-create or give new perspective to what is broken?

12.   Really took time to think about the story that you live?

13.  Thought about why the person you admire or the person whom gets on your nerves the most has a special place in your thoughts?

How Creative Would You Be If…
14.  Without hesitation… you knew where your biggest inspiration resided and the depths of the places your inspiration takes you? And how to stir it up every time you need/want it?

How Creative Would You Be If YOU…
15. Wrote down and thought about everything you ever wanted to be and WHY, starting from your first childhood memory?

16.  Immediately gave plans to the things you refuse to throw away? ... Putting aside “some day I’ll use it for something,” and give it some REAL GENUINE PLANS for this current month…

17.  Decided with action that TODAY is the day that I begin what I always wanted to start and imagined it being amazing when it is completed?

18. Realized that shoestrings are not just for shoes, cameras are not just for capturing memories, belts are not only for pants, olive oil isn’t just for cooking, stories aren’t just for telling? How creative would you be if you gave the things you use an opportunity to be useful for something else?

19.  How creative would you be if someone noticed the depths of your capabilities that you have yet to see? Would you ignore them or take time to explore in yourself what they see?

21.  Allowed this month’s Question for Thought to help you think of the NEXT BIG THING?

Well…How Creative Would YOU Be? How Creative Can YOU Be?
Oh…I apologize if this wasn’t as exciting as the lady in the GIF made it seem but…

When I was typing the scenarios, I thought about making up some extravagant, over-the-top, crazy courageous type tasks…then, I remembered…there is nothing like being in a scenario you already live called, YOUR LIFE!

What task(s) are you facing today? Add it to the “How creative would YOU be…” list and put your design to the test.

I am!!

My point for all of that is… Know your design…IT IS, YOU ARE A GREAT RESOURCE!!!

Think about all of the “AMAZING” YOU/Me/WE are already equipped/designed/capable to create before we even leave our mind, swipe our card, call someone up…ETC…YOU get the picture!

Last Thing…
Do you watch Extreme Cheapskates??? I know I’ve mentioned it a couple times on social media…ASIDE from some of their eating and bathing habits… There is something WE can all learn about being cheap… that money isn’t our greatest resource…WE ARE!!!


Our creativity lies in what we are willing to create (with what we have).  

How creative would/can YOU be?

Defeating the Crazy with Courage…

Lauren Alicia

P.S. this process can be a struggle but We Are designed to come out on top…that’s a promise!

Happy Monday!!
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