1/21/2013 | Untitled...But We All Know the Title is “Water”

Sometimes Life's desperation of thirst
brings forth 
the lowering of standards for walking in one's
Stooping down 
as the shallow puddle in the cracked concrete
glistens from the sun
Contemplating partaking
of leftovers spilled over
from another's cup
Gazing at the puddle
Seeing the reflection of past and present struggle
Reminds Life that Hope & Faith are still alive...
Uttering the directions and instructions
to drink
from The Well of Endless Inspiration through the eyes of our imagination...Water.

See when Life steps back to commentate on its thrist,
It speaks with a heavy heart...
"I can't breathe without air but I can't live without water
because where I water,
I grow and without a seed,
I cannot sow...
So my thirst begins to rapidly gasp like it's gasping for air
but it's my throat that's dry,
My heart that is crying
for the cloud birthed from struggle to 
Pour Out then Move Over,
so Life can see
The radiant transparent beauty of Hope & Faith
To Stop, Hear, Listen and Follow
the directions and instructions
to drink
from The Well of Endless Inspiration through the eyes of our imagination...Water."

-Lauren Alicia, GYC Girl YOU Crazy Creator

4/8/2013 | Unfinished Mosaic of Me

Am I willing to surrender
the broken person of me
for the love
for the beauty
of a mosaic of me?

Designed parts from the past
used to inspire
paths of my destiny
created and continues
to be the making of
something beautifully
with a name
where all bitterness is erased
for the sake of sanity…

The depths of me
Pieces you cannot see
What I have yet
And am longing to be.

No one remembers birth
but we all have a long-lost picture
and proof in the mirror
given tools to pursue
life to experience
mistakes to forgive
and lessons showing you have actually lived.

But am I willing to be and acknowledge the mosaic I was designed to be?

Parts from my past used to inspire that, which is in me

If someone asked
“What will You do with all of You?”
what would be my response

I’m pretty sure the mind would ponder
like yours is now
and propose a new question

Am I ok that all the inner workings of me are not released?
And am I working for that to be?

If a voice whispered
“decide now,
what is important”

Would I do it like laundry?
want from need
desire from envy
and not of other people
but envious of what I know
I’m meant to be

Caught in a glimpse of the future
Vision clouded of the present
I’m still here

Contemplating while the world is waiting

Am I willing to be the mosaic of me?

Let the pieces fall where they hit

White space
From the past saying “fill me”
because you’ve learned

Empty space for the present
saying “live me”
you’re worth it

Future saying “wait for me,
I’m worth it”

Ditch craziness for courage
Apparently to some
It all looks the same

I’m nothing but a mere mosaic
Designed from love

Now agreed to be
All of the reason I was formed
I see white space all around
saying “paint me”
There is more to do

Now I’m left with a question
That will forever
remain in my remembrance

________________(insert your name here)
What will You do with all of You?

4/22/2013 | FREEDOM (text & audio // recorded 5/14/2013)

If you were brought in for questioning
and many things were before you
would you be able to identify
and recognize
or look yourself in the mirror
to see it
living in you?

Living and breathing out
all of you
before you were consumed
by a non-existing
as a looking glass to gaze through,
use as a format,
of the stamp and label
placed upon
too few to count
who have yet to identify
therefore given and believing
something false
to know
and trust
as their truth

when we say
oh so often we use it
as a tool to stand
and declare
but some of us
don’t even know
its name,
the characteristics,
its personality,
the uniqueness of its fame

I’d rather tell you
You are free
than ignore the truth
of you being bound
by reality
not yours
but the one
told to you
and delivered as the accurate genuine inner makings of you

yet to be realized
because it is disguised
as your ________<<< “truth…”
when you look in the mirror
let’s all finish the line
 ______________ <<< “Do you really know you????”

Not a personal attack
but for me to even write,
Right this
I have to look within
day in
day out
and humbly admit…
do I really know freedom,
and do I live like it knows my name

Bigger than any word
you could ever pronounce
A gift we’re all given
but many of us refuse to live it
Afraid we will miss out
On this movement
that movement
Top Twitter trend
and the number of everybody talking about this

It’s cool,
I’ll give you a minute
it is a constant self-reality check
If an interviewer asked
“Is it a fight to be you,
the real you?“
Would you really say,

Given the moment
to be introduced to
the stress and pressure
that you were actually built
to push through and progress
No faking the funk,
taking time to open up
and no longer masking
The privilege,
the true
and accurate
inner makings
of the
to be
go wherever that may lead
Fight to consider
only your designed beautiful truth
Leaving behind
all the re-this and re-that
…that just really isn’t

But a prison with an indefinite sentence.




To reflect
Knows You
And requests that
You know It!

If you were brought in for questioning
and many things were before you
would you be able to identify
and recognize
or look yourself in the mirror
to see it
living in you?

5/6/2013 | Hello You! Yes, YOU…

We meet every morning
like it’s the 1st time
forgetting that I was
as your personal commentator
at your
best and worst times
from your brightest smile
to the forced moment
when you faced me
you were hurt
tears filled your eyes
bloodshot red
cold rag to the face

then looked at me
to confirm if others could tell

I was there
with nothing to say
but everything
of your perspective
Mimicking whatever
precious emotions desired

Not your definition

but this time I bet your wondering
what voice is this you’re hearing?
not an imitating
voice that only follows

A voice that has decided to
replace follow
with lead

Before you stop me
to say
 I don’t know
what I’m talking about...

I’ve had enough of you

Looking at me

And not seeing what I see

Don’t tell me your lie
Before I tell you my truth
Which happens to be yours
One of purpose
and beauty
That whatever is for you
is for you
And will be found

You think because I look like you
I am your reflective truth

Well I’m not

I am not a reflection

You have distorted me
into an ever-growing scrapbook
of your moments on a rollercoaster

So let me tell you what I am

I am a sign that
YOU Are Still Here
While many wish their
Loved ones could make the
Same sign re-appear

I am a reminder
of the truth
that there is a rainbow
after rain
and as long as
we can see each other
Your focus shall
know and remain

far, far, far, FAR
The peddling of many hustles
in a struggle
that surely has no gain
only a route where
Your name will be known
But YOU won’t recognize your name

 we’ll have this same discussion
You would never believe me

So I am serving you
Right NOW
I will no longer be your
"Magic Mirror on The Wall"

That’s in a movie

Your purpose goes beyond
The writings
of a man-made script
Not fit 
for the already written script
of your dreams you were
Meant to live

Picked it up
Put it down
read it
forgot that it was around

Now pick it up again
to see
what I attempt
to declare and define
every morning when we
meet like it’s the 1st time
the beauty of being YOU
which no one but YOU
can experience
perspective of design
with a sign for every reason
why your purpose is still
alive and well

So when you see me
I see you
I am not a reflection
I am the definition of your truth
Beyond aluminum
And glass

No longer will you ask me to
mimic you
help rehearse things from the past
But allow me
 to remind YOU of who you are

A definition created with 
promise & truth!

Hello You! YES, YOU…


Framed Stanzas

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