Tuesday, June 11, 2013

When a Stranger Lingers: The Introduction | Let’s quote "The Godfather…"

Let’s quote The Godfather

Or Sun-Tzu…whatever!!!!!!!

“Keep your friends close but your enemies closer”

Then place this quote in the T-R-A-S-H!!!

Please Note… if you use that phrase and give it out as advice…you ARE NOT GOING TO LIKE THIS POST but YOU just may need this series!!!!

Because Girl YOU Crazy to allow strangers to linger like friends who are eager about your forward progress with nothing to gain…
My enemies (and yours neither) do NOT need to be kept close, closer, or kept anywhere near me at all…NO DAY!!!!!

“Yea I said it!”

Whelp…seems like I dived right into that…so let me back up slowly…but surely speed up to approach this series, as my excitement WILL rise as I discuss this topic!

Okay? Okay.

Welcome to the "When a Stranger Lingers" Series
(I have yet to think of a graphic for the series...this life is a process...we shall see what I come up with!)

I feel like this series/post has been a long time coming since the “Girl YOU Crazy” face is usually given and influential by those who have some kind of influence in our lives…and knowing if that influence is helpful or handicapping to our progress!

In thinking about this…

The overly used phrase…and made oh so popular by The Godfather, “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer” came to mind.

And what better way to open up a series on the people you keep around you... than with that silliness!? I mean really???

So let’s get into it!

How often do we maintain “friendships” or “acquaintances” with people WE have allowed to hold us back, and/or mar/diminish/destroy our self-worth because he/she’s opinion has more weight in our life than the truth?

Take a moment…

Maintaining friendly contact with an enemy because we think we will get ahead or gain something by association…

Or maybe YOU call it "not burning your bridges"…

GYC Side Note/Quick Rant… This is not about business but about people you allow to be part of your personal life…YES, I do know that YOU have enemies you may have to work with or need to help you complete a professional task. This is different; there are boundaries!!! And just in case you’re wondering how I know this at 23… I’ve had my eyes open for a long time and since I was a kid, I had others attempt to compete with me and call me friend…Even then…I knew you don’t compete with friends…and as I matured, I realized you don’t compete with ANYONE (What is for me is for me!)…Because it has no end…it’s pointless!!!

If we knowingly keep people around us that do not wish us well, won’t tell us the truth, help us grow, or cheer us on…how can we habitually live successful, walk in our definition and be courageous?

When we know who we are…we need to remember there ARE people equipped to handle who we are even through struggle…and be our support without hidden intentions or sabotaging motives.

Join us to see what journey the entire series has in store as GYC approaches its 1-year anniversary June 25th!!!

As we uncover the GYC-ness of friendships or the people we keep around us…Remember:

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