Monday, July 30, 2012

Is the Door really closed?: “questionable closed door” Part 1

Just because it looks like the door is closed, doesn’t mean that it’s actually closed”…what does that mean?!?
----Perception is Powerful because Truth doesn’t always appear to be True!
(…Now that’s deep…)

GYC Commentary: Have you been knocking on a door and it was already open? Does it seem like you keep knocking and no one is answering? The topic of the “questionable closed door” can go in many directions, as do my thoughts, so this post is written accordingly… and it just wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t discuss the many, right? Right.

No matter how we look at it,
A door gives you access…
                 Whether you want or need access is determined by you…
 Whether or not you have access (where you want or need it) is determined by (your) purpose or the reason you're there.

Then, there are times when we decide our own purpose, and want (not need) access because:
1. We are good at something...
2. Everyone is joining/doing ___________(Fill-in-the-blank)!
            a. “If they can do it, so can I”!
3. It’s popular...
4. We’ll make a lot $$$...
5. ___________(Fill-in-the-blank) will be proud or impressed by me...
6. So what if its not my passion or desire right now, it will be!
…The list goes on!
 *I’ve definitely been a participant to some of those but I’m probably by myself…, … Anyway, I’ll leave that alone.*

However, I’m talking about where the “questionable closed door” lives. Those who are going after their passion/desire, the building blocks for purpose, and are not fully sure if the door where they’re trying to gain access is the right door…they are looking at the “questionable closed door.” There are so many reasons, questions, and phrases to think about when you need to figure out if the door is really closed (as in “do not enter,” “come back later” or “right place, wrong door”)!

Lets talk about it:

+The perception of winning- You believe that you are on the right track, headed in the right direction, laying down a strong foundation but when it’s time to build and actually walk through the door…you begin to question if this is really what you should be doing. Holding the doorknob (it’s unlocked) but letting thoughts of doubt decide if you have been given access. There have been many times that I started stuff (that’s the best way to put it) that I was sure of, then in the process, I would doubt that it could happen…letting the outcome decide my access (denied or granted).
The point of all that is: Winning isn’t determined by the outcome but a decision that you make before you start, and commit to until it’s over.
+++If you want to win then don’t give up- winning is a mental decision before the act is even done!

+Persistence-Just because you tried once doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try again! Sometimes it may look like the door is closed but its really not you just need to try again. Allow confidence to develop into boldness, and turn determination up on HIGH!
+++Re-approach the situation differently- You have all the knowledge but you didn’t ___________(fill-in-the-blank). Revisit “Picture Everybody in Their Underwear & You'll be Fine” and make a new game plan.

+Don’t be afraid to demand an answer-a clear yes or no will do! Sometimes the door is open but we start to guess if we can come in or not…"maybe the person before us forgot to close it behind them or maybe I should close it then knock just to be sure?" When you know that you know that you are walking in your purpose, confidence and boldness follows. “If not this one, the next one”…move on after you check to see if the door is fully closed!

+Know that it’s okay to want the door closed- Sometimes when you get there, you look around and realize “this is NOT for me.” It is okay because life goes on! Trust me, you don’t want to succeed at the wrong thing!

+What is for me is for me! Simple…I’m not going to wonder if the door is closed or not, if I have been working on this “thing” that I’m passionate about for a long time. I know what I know, and I’m not backing down, THIS DOOR WILL OPEN BECAUSE I HAVE ACCESS…Step aside, I'm coming through!

+Know what you came for and where it is- Example: Don’t go to the ice cream spot/place/parlor, whatever, that only sells ice cream and you want a sandwich! Sometimes the door isn’t closed; you are just at the wrong door!

You don’t want to be sitting, waiting, wondering if you should do something when you’ve been given access all along…Is it a “Questionable Closed Door”…GO LOOK!

Read my “Questionable Closed Door” Story in Part 2…check back this Friday Monday...It will be worth the wait!

“Have you ever made a mistake, started to live the mistake, and then finally admitted you were wrong…so you could start over??? I know I’m not by myself!”

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