Let Those With Passion Eat Cake

The Official GYC Girl YOU Crazy Dessert!!!!!

"May I have a banana split with hot fudge, caramel & pecans with a little whipped cream?"

Official GYC Girl YOU Crazy Banana Split

That's right, ditch the Strawberry and Pineapple sauce for 
+Hot fudge/chocolate sauce
+Pecans/your favorite nut
and there you have it...
The Official GYC Girl YOU Crazy Dessert: Banana Split

When you order this, you will surely be me I know from experience!

But why this dessert/treat/ice cream creation/deliciousness??? I know that's what you're wondering!
Okay, so here's the story...

 I went into this fast-food restaurant that does things a tad above the rest (just saying), and I order a banana split with caramel, hot fudge and pecans...she looks at me...then said "but what about the strawberry sauce?? you don't want that?", I smile, laugh and said "just hot fudge, caramel and pecans"...she said "okay and smiles." 

Now, as I wait on this banana split, which she has questioned me about...the manager (an older man) and 2 young women that work there, one of which was making the banana split, look at me, as the manager in confusion said "but do you want more chocolate or... caramel...umm??" However, the young woman that took my order jumps in to say "she just wants hot fudge and caramel... pecans...that's it!"... and the manager looks at both of us as he said "Oookay."
*Side-Note: She has my back on this... now*

The banana split is now finished, the spoken confusion is over, and I sit down with this lovely dessert. Laughing, I tell my friend what happened....but as I re-tell this moment...I realize that the whole crew involved gave that "'Girl YOU Crazy' face"... which is why it is the official GYC Girl YOU Crazy dessert and banana split!!!

Then, for the pictures you see above...I went to an actual ice cream place...and the young woman that took my order served me the "'Girl YOU Crazy' face"...right at the beginning...before we both laugh!!! *Side-Note: Yes I did think about taking her picture making the "'GYC' face"' but decided not to...I know, I know...I punked out! Please forgive me!*

So next time you want ice cream or dessert...order the GYC Girl YOU Crazy Banana Split & smile! Enjoy!!!

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