Monday, October 29, 2012

Introduction: Don’t Take the Elevator…be a step taker

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For Dreamers of their own dreams
& Tempted by the elevator

Introduction: Don’t Take the Elevator…be a step taker

“Take the steps, it’s good for the body & soul.”-A determined mind ready to fight setbacks

“Just like the elevator can take you up with one button, it can take you down with one button…be a step-taker.”-The truth

“When you take the steps, a set-back is only a step back but it’s up to you to move forward.”-The Steps

Sometimes we think that people are turned into celebrities and/or success stories over night, given our dreams without a fight, living the life we want with no sacrifice, given fame and influence with rehearsed/practiced/fake passion.

Well at least that’s what we sometimes think…
(It’s cool; you’re not by yourself…)
Then we’re tempted to “Think” we want the same things…

Sometimes we talk about people being one-hit-wonders, not knowing that they’re built to last…while those we love, adore and thought would be here forever are actually the one-hit-wonders (crazy huh!).

Whether you have intentions of being a one-hit-wonder (probably not), there is a process/ steps to take that make you built to last and keep you dreaming new dreams, and walking worthy & deserving!

But why write about this…and in a series???---"Girl YOUCrazy"
This is not a new subject/topic but it gets brushed off so much, especially when we get frustrated, a lil negative, “why me? Why me?” about our dreams and our dreams not being in our reality, and looking at others thinking that “I want this more than they do, how did they get there? And why am I not there?” Also, I’ll admit, I’ve had “not keeping my eyes on my own paper” thoughts and to push through is a process that I’m going to talk about…so let’s talk!

What YOU might be thinking---“Yea I hear what you’re saying and all but_______”
GYC Response---- “Well…Checkback every week on Monday to read all of what I’m saying (there will be something for everyone)” & to make it easier, you can subscribe on the right!

"The elevator to success is out of order. You'll have to use the step at a time." -Joe Girard

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