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So you're ready to travel solo?! Female SOLO Travel Mindset Checklist

Hello y’all!! Did you get something out of the last post

Did it add to your faith? 

Well, I hope it did!!

I was going to post another one on the same theme (kinda)…BUT I’m going to let that one marinate a bit, penetrate the soul and allow you to checkout some of my OLD but ever so RELEVANT POSTS. Rethink giving up and keep on PUSHING!! 


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So… YOU are ready for solo travel? Or you’ve already been and want to make your next trip better?

In this new GYC, I’m going to talk about a little bit of everything. As I mentioned in the last post I’ve been traveling a lot. Since 2016 until now, I’ve traveled ALONE every year (excluding 2017) to multiple foreign countries. So, I’m an expert (international) solo traveler with lots of tips! 


1. YOU are the Customer, unless something becomes free don’t let anyone treat you differently.

2. If you are uncomfortable, it’s not right. If you don’t like it, it’s not right.

3. If you don’t like how your tour guide is treating you or behaving, reset the tone. How? Change your seat. This circles back to #1, you are a customer the entire trip. If the guide becomes too comfortable while you are in the front seat, move to the backseat and vice versa.

4.   Be flexible but do what makes you comfortable. If you have a relaxing plan that turns chaotic. Trust me, take a beat and adjust because if you mentally prepared for a relaxing day and the day becomes full of events/ activities…you can easily throw off the vibe and plans of the following day.

5.   YOU are in CHARGE. THIS is YOUR trip. YOUR Journey. If it doesn’t benefit you and you don’t feel like volunteering it, don’t do it. NO will be your best friend on this trip. BE selfish. On solo trips you do not want to feel like things are uneven, like people you don’t know are getting more out of your presence than you are.

6.    Give someone you trust access to your bank account. YOU never want to be in a foreign country and NEED more money and/or not be able to access it.

---------------------------------------- Okay, this is the only one that I need you to figure out; if you don’t have someone…I discourage solo travel. This is the only thing that would make me say don’t do it. 

Quick GYC story, I lived in Japan for 2 years (stories and advice, coming soon…I PROMISE). I had a bank account and because I travel, I had a debit card. Having a debit card or using a debit card isn’t common in Japan because cash is king and there are ATMs everywhere for you to use your cash card or international card… Anyway, unlike banks in the USA, when you ask for a debit card, you write down your pin number for the bank staff member to enter…you don’t punch it into the calculator for accuracy… The staff member thought I wrote some numbers that I did NOT and activated my card with the numbers she thought I wrote. I was able to use this card everywhere that didn’t ask for a pin (not knowing that I have the wrong pin) and like I said…it is more common to use cash. Fast forward, I’m visiting Hong Kong at the Nike store, I’ve ran out of currency, I needed these FLY sneakers…I pull out my debit card, they need my pin (there’s no way around it) and it declines (wrong pin)…WHAT THE #$#$%%, YOOO!!! Anyway, I pulled out my credit card and bought the sneaks. I call the bank to complain/fix it but they only speak Japanese (more on this in another post)… I NEED MY MONEY, the trip is not over and now, my American bank card isn’t working (but I don’t need to be locked out of that, so I leave that alone). I can’t access my money. 

LAUREN, What did YOU do?! I called my trusted person and asked to borrow money where we both have secure access. Done. 

Please do not NEED to do something strange for a piece of change abroad, including scamming. **please pay back your trusted person ASAP so they can remain your trusted person…thanks!! 

I need you to survive, YOU could be the answer to my prayer!! ;-)

***One more thing about your trusted person...especially if it comes down to borrowing, which isn't always the case...BUT make sure this is a person that understands that you need to wait until you are using a trusted internet connection to make the transaction because you don't want to check your sensitive info on every countries internet 👀. Alright, I'm done with that.

7.   Never keep all your money in one place. It is perfectly fine to dig for your money because if you must dig, that makes it harder for a thief to quickly grab, and possibly might decrease the price of what you are buying (specifically in bargaining situations, ex. markets)…win-win.

-------------------I do this all the time for more than one reason but it is extremely helpful to take your time. LET NO ONE RUSH YOU, seriously. 

8.   Know your limits. From alcohol to your bedtime. This will also assist in how you bargain shop. You must know when to walk away. For example, in bargaining situations I have specific things that I always buy on vacation anything else is impulse buying, I know this about myself. If the price isn’t what I’m thinking… respectfully, I am walking away. I rarely come back from vacation with random things, or overpriced stuff that I don’t need or wish I didn’t buy.

9.    While you want to be respectful of different cultures, do NOT be afraid to offend people when you are spending your money. Why? When you are solo traveling with or without a local tour guide, the reality is that you are by yourself (plus the God you serve). Everyone that you meet and pay on your trip has a limited obligation to you… only your opinion matters. Only you know the value of item to YOU. Remember, this trip is about you. DO WHAT YOU WANT and give yourself some grace!

10.    Leave room for change. From hotels to activities to tour guides. Only you matter on this trip.

11.   This is a bonus but probably the most important. Know who you are. If you are passive-aggressive, know that. If you are a flirt, know that. If you are a confident person, don’t forget that. When you are alone in a foreign country, all these things will be tested. However, when you return home or a familiar place, you’ll reflect on the time you had, and realize that all the things you experienced will reform and re-shape the things you already know about yourself (this will make more sense after you return). One of my best examples of this is… NOT needing anybody to confirm the joy of what I experienced. Many people that know/knew me…strongly dislike this about me, BUT I DON’T PROVE NOTHING (NOT A THING) TO NO ONE. Solo travel did that.

Get your mind in check before you travel (alone).

See you around the world somewhere,

xx Lauren Alicia, GYC Girl YOU Crazy (the one and ONLY)

P.S. I have more rules for myself than this…but y’all might actually think that I’m crazy ;-) !! Plus, I’m interested in your tips. Tell me below!!

P.S.S. I know this post might seem mean and self-centered BUT... I want YOU to BE SAFE AND have the best time.


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