Monday, January 28, 2013

Plant Where YOU Prosper

It’s funny how some want to withdraw where they never deposited.”-Time & Effort

Plant where you prosper, give where you need and want for nothing…”-YOUR Inner Wisdom Speaking

I’ve thought about this topic/subject/issue/whatever you want to call it… so much in these last weeks with the end of 2012, and beginning of 2013.

In moving forward, I thought about the many times we question why we don’t have what we want or feel like we lack what we “think” we need…many explanations come to mind, some we consider and others we don’t even contemplate their possible truth.

So…with all those thoughts in a bubble, I’m wondering…
When you hear:
+ Plant where you prosper…
+ Sow where you wish to reap…
+ Deposit where you want/need to withdraw…
+ Etc….
…What do YOU think about?

+ Thoughts
+ Time
+ Money
+ Relationships
+ Efforts…
ALL OF THAT!!!!!????
Yea me too…
Let’s talk about it…well some of it, then we’ll be creative and relate the rest of it (On our own time)...Deal? Deal.

Sometimes pride will keep us from getting to the answer, or knowing the truth because its weight may be too heavy to handle (at least it appears that way).

Personal GYC Story
Year after year, I tend to let go of a lot of things, I call it “clean house often and with caution”… and 2013 is no different.

For this cleanup, I needed to focus on my time, attention and relationships, specifically friendships (or the lack thereof, it is what it is). I kept getting distracted, frustrated and mad with an expression of
“WOW…These people must be Crazy!!!”

In the midst of these emotions, and eventually coming back to reality where change begins in the mirror, I began to evaluate why and where does my focus go and paying attention to the parts/aspects/details that bothered me, and obviously not helping me move forward.

1.    My time and efforts. I really had to zoom out to zoom in on what is for me…right now. If you can tell from past GYC posts…my mind and ideas travel here, there and everywhere, so, I’m willing to give some opportunities thought before I say “no,” or decide to go for it with or without training wheels…including suggestions from others.

However…in the desire to pursue and peel back all the layers of who I am, I realized that the I, I am today is right on track for peeling each layer back for its pre-set time…and to just RELAX and Be! (This sounds a lil like “Don’t Take the Elevator…” ---Some days YOU, ME, WE have to be our own inspiration and reminder…)

*Side Note: As amazing as our ideas are right now or will develop to amazing-ness (new word on the scene), we don’t have to worry about someone coming out with it first or stealing our essence because the ideas that are really ours were given to us for only us to create, develop and actually be profitable…successful and achieve that which we started.*

2.    Relationships…friendships. I’m not a fan of 1-sided friendships…at all. I see friends as teammates that need you well and in the game to win, and if that “teammate” decides to just be a quiet bystander when things look unsure…they most definitely will not be appreciated when things are sure and everybody is cheering. *Many “Girl YOU Crazy” faces (to them) in all that above either in my own life or observing it in those younger, young and older.*

What I have come to know and accept is…
My preparation positions me for my ability to stand when it’s time to live out what I was designed to be.

As in…watching this activity, in the process…opens our eyes to receive people as the person they want to be in your life versus forcing them to be someone they are not equipped to be for you…and you for them.

The truth still remains that some need to be loved from a distance…which is Courageous.

And in all of this “cleaning often and with caution”…a friend of mine had a birthday, and I GYC’ed her gift all the way!!! A box full of random items that somewhat told a story…but the fact that the items were so random, I wasn’t sure if she would understand it and think that it was as funny as I thought it was…
At midnight on her birthday, she calls laughing and basically says… it was the best random birthday gift box ever!!!!! And we LAUGHED.

“OooKay Girl!”

BUT…what really stuck out in cleaning house and the topic “planting where you prosper” was the special note she wrote on Tumblr describing the gifts she received from her friends/sisters that go back to their own homes. The note meant my thoughts were appreciated by knowing that I am on a team and someone appreciates me being on theirs even when we get on each other’s nerves!

I can appreciate my teammates/friends/comrades…(YOU get it), when I recognize and accept people for who they show me…they are.

GYC Rant…admit it, YOU knew it was coming (or you probably thought the whole post was a rant…)!!!
I’m going to be completely honest…more because I’m not a good liar… but many of us (myself included) give so many people and things… opportunities and attention that he/she/it should have never received/gotten/possessed because we gave access…Now we’re wondering where the real stuff/people are because we’re over the temporary things that once had our attention.

It’s up to us to deposit where we want to withdraw, to give where we want to receive, to plant where we want to prosper…and recognize that YOU, Me, WE DO have “it” in us to change what is in front of us.

I’m almost done with my declaration to stop planting seeds in the fools’ garden…Mmm hmm…
Say “no” to the things that will keep you from saying, “yes” to the things and people that will embrace you and help you grow.

GYC Girl YOU Crazy Quotes…although all the other quotes are GYC too…
Sometimes we think we're investing where we'll see a profit when honestly…it is a waste of time draining us of our present joy and resources.

Let passion breathe and it will show you where to plant/give/sow/deposit so you’re not surprised by the result.

Sometimes you have to let go of things/people/whatever that could possibly be hindering you from withdrawing because you’re not able to deposit.

Planting where you prosper, sowing where you reap, depositing where you can withdraw…IS positioning yourself to be all of who YOU want to be.”-Life as We Know It
----GYC Girl YOU Crazy
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