Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Long story short… I own lemons.

“Life gave me lemons, so I’m drinking, cooking, eating, blogging, vlogging, creating products, traveling around the world photographing…LEMONS, and when I’m done, I’ll write a book and a movie about it. Long story short…I own lemons.”-The unofficial bio of the GYC Girl (YOU Crazy)

We have all heard the phrase, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” If not…well…HELLO!

In the middle of August, I was randomly stacking books in my room and came across Virginia Euwer Wolff’s Make Lemonade, which I read in middle school…I’m not sure if I fully understood why the book had that title… then, but now, I don’t care that’s not the point of this post…just how we arrived here! Okay? Okay *wink & smile.

So, when I saw this book…

I was reminded of the entire phrase and its meaning of perspective (which, I LOVE because perspective changes EVERYTHING!!!)… And from there, my thoughts started to create…

A 2013 GYC Girl YOU Crazy version of
“When life gives you lemons.”


“Own your talent, employ your entire self.”-How to release the broke mindset because broke is not a circumstance


“If YOU were told that YOU are more talented than you know…would YOU allow that talent to breathe?”-Talent

Do YOU recall “Positioned to Succeed”??? Well, let’s take always having a direction to go… to another level…

Life gave me lemons so, I AM Making…
+ Lemonade
+ Lemon Meringue Pie and/or Lemon Bars (I’m interested in both)
+ Blogging about it
+ Then… Making a video about it/Vlog
+ Concocting a Lemon scented citrus perfume and/or Lemon scented cleanser
+ Traveling around the world capturing photos of Lemons; calling the photo collection “Lemons of the World”
+ Writing a book about my Lemon journey
+ Later… Selling the rights or obtaining a grant to produce the book turned movie based on my Lemon Journey

“Girl YOU Crazy”…ONLY if YOU don’t!!!

Note To Self:
Open your mind to see and Use your talent for your purpose filled vision, or your talent will be used to fulfill another’s vision… and that just might keep you from accessing your yet to be birthed talents (that’s right, talent on talent!!!). GYC Side Note: Remember, “I got a voice and I use it.”


Standing in a moment of non-nosey
Opening each door of yet to be birthed
Life gave me lemons…
So walk with me on my journey!

Life gave YOU talent, OWN IT and WORK EVERY BIT OF IT!!!

 Long story short…
I own lemons.
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