Monday, November 26, 2012

“Don’t take the Elevator…” Part 3: Boldness is Beautiful

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My confidence is bold... Strength told me so.”-The Inner Fighter in YOU

“I don’t ask if I’m qualified…I Know I am.”-Boldness

You know that moment when you’re standing on strength and looking confident but you still need that extra push/kick in the pants/”you can do it”/ ”you got this” talk???

But if I have strength and I’m confident…what else would I need? ‘…Girl YOU Crazy.’”
---I know that’s what you were thinking…probably… so I figured I would just say it (keep reading)!

When you take the steps, strength and confidence are part of the process… they build in you the muscle to keep going…to keep moving to the next step, to know that you are worthy of moving forward and achieving your dreams.

Unlike the elevator telling you that “you’ll get strength and confidence once you get there…and that whole 'kick in the pants' thing…well I’ll just throw stuff at you and see what you can catch…”---------- Yea, um, I don’t think so! We take the steps!!!

“Don’t take the Elevator…” Side Note:  As fast as it’s given… is as fast as it can be taken away. Many will not help you keep… what they don’t think you deserve…And if you’re unsure about what you deserve………well, that’s why YOU, ME, WE are on the steps! 

BUT…when you get there and it’s time to actually go through the door…your open door that strength and confidence guided/lead/helped you to…

Well, now it’s time for some action…called BOLDNESS!

…Do YOU know it???

Boldness is that extra kick, push, you can do it, you got this, go for it, the time is now, lets go…that you pulled from confidence & strength, and now have the courage to go and do it!

Oh how Boldness is so Beautiful!

When YOU, ME, WE take the steps, we know who we are, which builds strength that looks like confidence…developed into boldness…which evens the playing field.

What does that mean???...If YOU needed a kick in the pants (to move forward)…well here it is!

GYC Personal Story that might appear as a Rant…:
Okay so I created, developed and wrote this business proposal for this awesome brand to have this awesome product…Awesome was just all over it, okay? Okay!!!

Pay attention so you can see where and how boldness evens the playing field as in “You are no better than me, I’m no better than you, you’re rich, I’m rich, etc.”---Boldness lets/allows you to push pass circumstances/details of a situation that favor with everyone but you and allows you to carry yourself like you have the same favorable details going on... because you know who you are and what you deserve…

So here I am with this proposal that I have written created, developed, designed… everything.

Now, confidence and strength told me I could write the proposal because
+ I did attend school for business
+ I do have a business degree
+ I’ve wanted to fix and help businesses since I was a teen
+ I’m a problem solver with ideas that fix problems and are profitable
+ I have fought for everything that I have…so trying to tell me what I can’t have or do goes in one ear and right out the other.
**Each “+” above talks about the steps that I took and leaned on when I doubted my ability to do what I love, which continues to grow a fight in me that can’t/won’t be stopped. **

I sent the proposal. They responded…one of the responses called for a meeting that should have intimated me like CRAZY and made me say “nevermind…just kidding!!!” “Oh My Goodness I need years of experience, time, and gray hair(s)”…any “thing” that would have made me seem more _______I don’t know, just something!!!

When Boldness wants to bust through…doubt likes to start flapping with craziness!


Boldness did not return void…blew my mind that they wanted to meet…made me laugh or should I say giggle…then I reminded myself of “who I am” and went to the meeting and let BOLDNESS have at it!

I took the steps/stairs before people even knew I was on them…and I’m still there climbing and reaching, pushing pass the naysayers waiting on the “elevator”!

I do have those moments of O-M-G!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING LAUREN!!!

But …
When YOU start trying to back down from being bold as opportunity knocks or it's time to walk through your open door

                                    Look in the mirror & ask yourself:
+ Do YOU not have what it takes?
+ Didn’t YOU study/prepare for this?
+ Is this an exciting opportunity…one that YOU have been waiting on???
+ Will YOU let doubt stop you? Are YOU really going to punk out ________ (insert name here)?
+ WHO IS GOING TO STOP YOU????? Name he/she/it/them…please tell me WHO?

Well, now you know a little of my pep talk…you can laugh if you want to but my boldness will shine through!!!

More GYC Bold Quotes:
Let Boldness even the playing field.”

“You can look confident but YOU better talk boldness.”

“I don’t know about YOU…but My Boldness is Beautiful.”

First YOU get Strength, then YOU get Confidence then YOU walk in Boldness…and then…well, check back next Monday for the conclusion!!! “Don’t Take the Elevator…”

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