Monday, October 22, 2012

Neglect YOUR Fears

“Neglect your fears and stop sitting on the sideline…this position was created for YOU, so play it!”
 –Success saying, “You can’t win if you don’t play”

“Neglect your fears and nurture your passion.”
-YOUR passion telling YOU that victory is on the other side of fear

Remember when someone would pick on us and we’d say “LEAVE ME ALONE,” then later go play with them again…like it never happened…or maybe you’re that person that once you say it, it is set in stone and there is no changing your mind---“Leave me alone, means LEAVE ME ALONE”!

Whichever one you were or maybe still are…sometimes (that’s your business) but when it comes to fear, we may want to say “leave me alone” and keep going but sometimes/other times when fear knocks we…
            -Get up
- Ask who it is
-UPS says “I have package for you”
-We open the door
-It’s a BIG box stamped FEAR in pretty letters
            -We say, “hmm that’s weird” and bring it inside
-And before we know it, we're digging through that BIG Box of Fear!
…Signed for the package and opened it!!

Fear likes to appear comforting, attractive, and as if it’s on your team…preparing you!

GYC Personal Story:
I could tell many stories from my life where fear came to my door and I signed for the package… sat there with it eating dinner & dessert, etc. but I won’t because I’d rather tell a story of victory.

YOU know why???

…Because many people say that it’s normal to have fear and all of that…when actually, IT IS NOT…fear and doubt are twin brothers and have no business near “normal” YOU and YOUR precious future and next steps toward your goals!
If fear is supposed to be so normal, then why do so many people have a difficult time neglecting fear so it will die and be conquered?

Now, I’ll tell my story:
I was in one of my favorite college professor’s class during my junior year, and I was having a hard time getting a B and even harder time getting my A (yes I was one of those students!). However, we had one last exam for me to get back in the game!

I studied, and I studied hard…well more smart this time, as in I actually taught myself the material instead of simply memorizing it (which has worked in the past…just not for this specific/particular class).

The next day, I go to class…READY for this exam, I’m confident and bold with my answers…talking to the test and writing notes on it as if I’m in a business meeting ready for war with anyone with anything against me (or my answers)!

I finish the exam with confidence (or so I think…keep reading), the whole class goes on break, I go to the Jamba Juice for some delicious oatmeal because I deserve it…

I come back, and I start eating the oatmeal…

He looks at my oatmeal and me, then smirks
(pause: at this moment, I’m thinking that he is going to ask me about my oatmeal & where I bought it…because he does stuff like that)
and says “Can I see you out in the hallway”?

I don’t care how old YOU, ME, WE get…when someone asks “Can I see you out in the hallway?”---We immediately think “OMG What I do, WHAT Happened??? OMG” (maybe not as dramatic…but close enough).

In this moment, I’m thinking ALL bad things such as:
            +I failed this test
            +I failed this class
+He is going to tell me not to come back because there is NO HOPE…
            ----If it was bad, sad and ridiculous, I was thinking it…

BUT THEN…oh how a “but” & a comma can change a story…and emotions!

I hear my inner voice push through and say, “Keep Your Head Up” and repeated itself, “Keep Your Head Up” because I was walking like Slewfoot came to town just for me!

So my professor and I are out in the hallway facing each other (my heart is beating super fast as I push through to keep my head up)…and he looks at me as he says, “I graded a few of the tests” (I’m THINKING O-M-G-----as my eyes get big for a “quick” second and I force myself to maintain eye contact).
---------------------Are YOU ready for this next moment???

He says, “I graded a few of the tests already and you had one of the highest grades in the class. I called you out here because I wanted to shake your hand and tell you that I believe you are going to do really well in business just keep practicing, and you will do really well.”

------------SHUT THE NOISE!!!! I went to the bathroom and called my mom and did a lil shoulder dance & grinned all the way through class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Because I will punch you in the face with that same story every time you think you’re going to stop me!!!)

GYC Rant of the TRUTH (yes I know this is an ongoing/run-on sentence):
Fear likes to come when it’s our turn to get in the game, and start talking to us like an old friend…that is an old friend (we don’t talk to any more) for a reason and needs to be NEGLECTED and kicked to the curb…our relationship does not live here anymore, stop sending the UPS man to my door (or whatever mail package carrier you prefer…fear does like to use who/what you already know to twist the facts)!!!

**Use stories of victory over fear to neglect fear…and it will die from starvation**

Declaration: It is not normal for ME to be/live in fear; the fact that it’s here must mean that victory is near!!! So UPS man, you can go away because I AIN’T (yep AIN’T) signing for that package…return to sender!!!!!

Last Thoughts:
“If you feed your fears with attention, you’ll be too fat to move forward.”-GYC Girl YOU Crazy

You are BOLD, BOLD, BOLD…that’s what I tell myself when I’m facing great opportunity and fear starts flapping!---And YOU should too!!!

*By the way, I really like my UPS carrier/man…I’m just not signing for ANY packages labeled FEAR---Do YOU hear ME?!?!*
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