Wednesday, June 25, 2014

GYC 2 Year Anniversary…It’s Our Anniversary! Levels & Quotes

I’m singing:
Do you know today is our day, it’s our anniversary…our anniversary! Da da dot ta!

Y’all remember…

And this year’s anniversary video…

Quick Note: This is pure silliness!! Don’t watch if you’re looking to be inspired…maybe (but just in case…I did post all of’s original quotes below)? My silliness is the biggest form of THANK YOU that I can give; letting you know that I am comfortable with you…not everybody experiences this! I am thankful for YOU, _________(insert name here), and that you helped GYCGirlYOUCrazy bring me here… to a place of transparency beyond the surface and to the real issues!

Last year GYC was able to collaborate with Endless Dreams Foundation for the What Is Beauty? Campaign as we became a resource, and this year GYC has personally brought me to a place of vulnerability and discomfort for a greater purpose, and a Journey of Hate, Healing and Understanding helping me to write, publish and release on August 19, 2014 my 1st commercially published book, click here for details!!

Now WATCH my Thank YOU & appreciation at your own risk!

May you access all levels of WHO YOU ARE Boldly and Passionately as you pursue purpose!!

GYCSideNote…Reminder: What is the story behind your blog name? Perspective decides how we see things. And negative words and phrases have the possibility to cloud our perspective. It was a moment of recognizing that “Girl YOU Crazy” can easily enter our thoughts because it’s said with a little laughter but the thing is…it can sometimes linger negatively… So…I flipped the meaning of something playful that can discourage, keeping it playful but using the phrase as fuel to accomplish/complete/finish and live your dream with great expectation & a smile. 

…And don’t forget the awesome new Lifestyle section!!!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! ALWAYS!!!!!

And as an added treat…

Checkout ALL of these post quotes/phrases from 2012 to today (well…Saturday)!!! Ummm WOW that faucet flows and yours does too when you turn it on!! HELLO!!

“The imagination allows access to the things unseen and yet to be!”-Your Imagination

Your Imagination is the one of the most amazing places to be (at any age)…

“The thing that challenges you the most could be the thing that you are destined to overcome and conquer.” –Your Inner Confidence Speaking

Public Speaking is Just Talking, a conversation where you get to do all the talking, and people have to listen or at least pretend because you have the stage/floor/platform (whatever you wanna call it) and until you sit down & be quiet, they have to listen!

There is no need to keep going the wrong way just because you’re already there. When you start, you should finish but don’t finish something that needs to be started over…. Stop, Put Your Pride Aside, and Look In the Mirror!

“Stop trying to live your life through ______(fill-in-the-blank), you have your own!”

“You have big shoes to fill!” Response: “No I don’t! I have MY OWN!”
 -The inner you telling negative Nellies (unisex) to SHUT UP!

“Trying to live out someone’s dream, imagination or desire is like trying to walk in shoes that are too big…you fall!” –The Truth

I don’t regret defending my dream.

YOU don’t owe anyone’s dream achievement but your own!

 “A dream is but a dream until YOU decide to make it YOUR reality.”-Someone wanting you to succeed at the right thing

If you dreamed it, you now owe yourself & your imagination (the birth place of your dream) an attempt at living your dream.

 You can “Work at life while still living life” but
-- Don’t let your dream die by not letting it grow.

“Just because it looks like the door is closed, doesn’t mean that it’s actually closed”…what does that mean?!?
----Perception is Powerful because Truth doesn’t always appear to be True!

“I do not see mistakes as failures but experience paving the way to success.” –GYC Girl YOU Crazy

“Sometimes there are #Crazy ideas but don’t dismiss them, you might be the person to help it out! #FindTheRoot #DefeatCrazyWithCourageous”

“An idea is a precious gift given through your mind & imagination… AND sometimes the logical side of you just can’t comprehend…Get Over It and RECEIVE It!”-YOUR Ideas Defending Itself

Dismiss no idea but question it with courage and boldness…it could be an important part of your purpose, dream, goal, & desire…you never know what will happen!

"You are never too young or too old to inspire a dream."-The Inspiration Within

“I may not know where you're going...but I know it’s worth the fight!”

“The process of success is meant to strengthen us, and be re-told to encourage those after us.” –The Truth about the Process

When given the chance to give someone/anyone’s dream hope…take it, listen & encourage it!

When pursuing The Art of Not Giving Up, as in something you should be pursuing…you do NOT give up because you know/trust that the best is yet to come!

When negativity knocks…tell it to SHUT UP and Go away! Or close the blinds and lock the door! Your choice but I would probably do both and laugh in between…

“Negativity comes when it’s unwanted...which is always.”


“I don’t know what stopped or is stopping you but every dream you envisioned is on the other side of that lil stop sign.” –Success Winner Risk-Taker (yep, that’s my full name)

“Don’t let go...YOU’RE ALMOST THERE!”

Your dreams are as close as the actions you put to them.

See/Imagine/Envision YOU(yourself) finishing with excellence---what YOU Started… whatever that looks like! & “Don’t let go...YOU’RE ALMOST THERE!”

Whether you admit it or not…the dreams you pursue/go after/run towards today are because you realized opposition didn’t outweigh the passion in your heart (to see your dreams in your reality)…

"Sometimes it only takes one time to inspire a dream forever."-The inner inspiration in YOU

“Versatility is YOUR friend… don’t be a 1 trick pony.”-Exciting talking to Boring, yep!

YOUR ideas & dreams are as close as the actions you put towards them…as amazing as the people you envision being changed by them…and as BOLD as the confidence YOU have when you present/pitch them.

YOU have the ability to change the world… Don’t disable it with fear.

“Neglect your fears and stop sitting on the sideline…this position was created for YOU, so play it!”

 –Success saying, “You can’t win if you don’t play”

“Neglect your fears and nurture your passion.”

-YOUR passion telling YOU that victory is on the other side of fear

Fear likes to appear comforting, attractive, and as if it’s on your team…preparing you!

If fear is supposed to be so normal, then why do so many people have a difficult time neglecting fear so it will die and be conquered?


“If you feed your fears with attention, you’ll be too fat to move forward.”

You are BOLD, BOLD, BOLD…that’s what I tell myself when I’m facing great opportunity and fear starts flapping!---And YOU should too!!!

“Take the steps, it’s good for the body & soul.”-A determined mind ready to fight setbacks

“Just like the elevator can take you up with one button, it can take you down with one button…be a step-taker.”-The truth

“When you take the steps, a set-back is only a step back but it’s up to you to move forward.”-The Steps

“You find strength in your foundation… So, whatever YOU put there does matter.”-Someone Wanting YOU to be Strong

“A house with no foundation is no house at all but a house with a weak foundation will surely fall.”-Strength

“Life is a process…don’t try to rush it, submit to it.”

       Sometimes we’re given a foundation and we don’t even know it and other times we blatantly/deliberately/straight up decide to skip the steps, and get on the elevator just because it was offered and exciting.

I’m strong because I know who I am.

“Don’t wait till you’re so far gone to go back to the basics, start with the basics by taking the stairs.”

Sometimes it may look like you’re on an elevator because all your hard work is paying off but pay attention, that’s your foundation telling you to “stand strong… YOU deserve to be here.”

Just like that elevator can take you up…there is nothing stopping it from taking you down…just one push and it’s like you never started.

The Process, Steps, Stairs are not to keep you from getting to your dreams... faster but make sure you can endure, stand on solid ground and know what you’re talking about.

“If I stopped after every negative Nellie (unisex) told me ‘NO’… said ‘Girl YOU Crazy’ & every other negative thing…I would have no dreams at all.”-YOUR Imagination speaking the truth

“If people don’t hate on my dreams…then I’m not dreaming BIG Enough, and if they don’t have nothing to say about me…then I’m NOT TALKING LOUD Enough!”-Boldness making its morning declaration

I had to decide that if I wanted these dreams of mine…it was going to take a fight,

Since Naysayers use fighting words!

“If YOU don’t fight for your dreams…who do YOU suppose will?”

“My confidence stands on strength.”

“To take the first step is strength, to take the next is confidence.”-The Inner YOU coaching & leading you to your dreams

The steps are not a punishment!

Strength builds the confidence that says, “I don’t have to pretend about who I am, I know what I’m doing… let me do it”

What does strength look like? Like confidence saying that “I was created/designed/set up to win!!!”

“Strength should be a garment you never take off…for it takes strength to even be humble.”

Write the unexpected.

“My confidence is bold... Strength told me so.”-The Inner Fighter in YOU

“I don’t ask if I’m qualified…I Know I am.”-Boldness

Oh how Boldness is so Beautiful!

When Boldness wants to bust through…doubt likes to start flapping with craziness!

“Let Boldness even the playing field.”

“You can look confident but YOU better talk boldness.”

“I don’t know about YOU…but My Boldness is Beautiful.”

“I’m uninterested in things not being achieved, dreams being neglected, life lived quietly, purpose roaming without an owner and confidence without boldness.”-YOUR Future

“When you stand on strength… confidence and boldness will make you say, ‘Girl YOU Crazy, I deserve this.’”-The Steps because they have seen and felt all your hard work

I’m writing to you because you ARE awesome but even more than that…Worthy & Deserving!

The audacity of you working really hard and not walking worthy…YOU better talk like, walk like and act like you deserve to be where you are because YOU do ma’am!!!

“Where did that phrase ‘Think outside the box’ come from?” –Innovation speaking in an unimpressed monotone voice…

“I hate (yes…Hate) that phrase ‘Think outside the box’.”-YOUR Dreams

“I was just trying to make you think outside the norm…you know, what is expected…(womp, womp, womp)”-The Box pleading its case

Throw the box away, step outside of what is expected from you…by just being YOU!!!

There is no box to think outside of when there is no box to be compared to…

“Don’t try to customize your dream when it was already designed for you to achieve …you just need to submit to the process.”-The Steps

“Don’t ask or tell me to think outside the box, I already threw it away! Okay? Okay.”

“I learned to be versatile by throwing the ‘box’ away.”

“Throw the ‘box’ away if you want to live out your dreams, YOU have to create them!”

“What is for me is for me, I might have to fight but I won’t have to compete…The fight is fixed because I was designed for this!”-YOUR Truth

“Follow after your own and your prize will not be revoked.”-YOUR Present & Future (It seems like they talk a lot…)

“What is for me is for me and I don’t have to compete.”

“If you have seeds with enough sense to plant them and patience to water them…you are the richest person!”

“Remain in remembrance of your own dream and purpose.”

“Don't get caught in a plan that is not connected to YOURS for they will be the only one that moves forward. ”

“I didn’t settle, it paid off...and I got another chance to dream.”-YOU, Me, We…speaking as Victorious Winners

“I went into the battlefield…too early, realized the equipment I had was for the pre-battle…and I went over there.”-Memoirs of Another Chance to Dream

I didn’t lose focus, my heart just expanded.

Open your eyes to more…you never know what is waiting to be birthed RIGHT NOW! The bigger dream is amazing but the journey can be greater.

Every now and then again…You, Me, We need to wake up and get lost in our dream(s) and the possibility of all of them happening… by developing their details.

Live and pursue YOUR own dreams for the love of YOUR sanity.

“I tear up at the thought that my heart had room to dream more dreams.”

We always have Another Chance to Dream…as long as we have today.

"Many will listen but only few will talk…dare to grab YOUR ‘mic’ and be bold."-YOUR Inner Boldness

“I got a voice and I use it… I can’t be muted, see the foolishness disputed yea I see right through it, so my strength is confident, that’s a fact we take the stairs no elevators, they got my back.”

“My boldness to believe opened me up to receive, now I have a voice…and I use it, I will not be muted.”-My Truth

Some have a love for a certain thing/industry/area but don’t know their position in it.

Speak while you have the “mic,” don’t miss your opportunity by not taking YOUR chance.

So I must ask…If you were given a “mic,” “pencil,” “stage,” “computer,” or whatever tool you have been intentionally or unintentionally longing for…what would you do and who would be in your audience?

“I got a voice and I use it… I can’t be muted.”-OUR Declaration

It’s funny how some want to withdraw where they never deposited.”-Time & Effort

Plant where you prosper, give where you need and want for nothing…”-YOUR Inner Wisdom Speaking

My preparation positions me for my ability to stand when it’s time to live out what I was designed to be.

The truth still remains that some need to be loved from a distance…which is Courageous.

I can appreciate my teammates/friends/comrades…(YOU get it), when I recognize and accept people for who they show me…they are.

“Sometimes we think we're investing where we'll see a profit when honestly…it is a waste of time draining us of our present joy and resources.”

“Let passion breathe and it will show you where to plant/give/sow/deposit so you’re not surprised by the result.

“Sometimes you have to let go of things/people/whatever that could possibly be hindering you from withdrawing because you’re not able to deposit.”

“Planting where you prosper, sowing where you reap, depositing where you can withdraw…IS positioning yourself to be all of who YOU want to be.”-Life as We Know It

“Let’s be honest, this path I’m on called my journey…I didn’t want to go.”-The Honesty of Lauren Alicia (Coming soon to a theatre near you…not really!)

“A fully determined mind cannot be stopped from an attempt.”

Your dreams will always make provisions for the mistakes you make against them, if you’re willing to admit you were wrong.

My journey is far from over, and not at all free from me saying, "I don't want to go" or "do something" but my pride won’t get in the way of saying, “I was wrong.”

We all have our own definition of success…so whether we do, don’t or didn’t want to go…take the time to recognize if this undesired path will lead you to your definition.

“Admitting you’re wrong sets you up for what is right!”-Recovering Wrong People

“The story you speak into your own life will shed light onto the path you take.”-The Present & Future (In deep GYC Thought)

“I am worthy, deserving and enough…and NO ONE has the right to tell me anything different.”

“I’ve learned that if I want it, I have to fight for it because persistence can’t be ignored.”

“So I dream to escape and uncover my new reality…”

“If you don’t want to hear about my struggle, then I’ll never tell you about my success…you’ll just have to wait until you can Google it.”

“WE all have a platform and what we do with it is our responsibility, pay attention to the impact because the ‘chit chat’ about another’s only diminishes our own.”

“You might see me getting up…but you will never see me down.”

“Understand your vision and make way for its obstacles.”

“I’ve recognized the difference from my own experience…that quitting and discontinuing carry their own story.”

“Love where your journey is taking you or get up and go in another direction.”

“Passion will always set you apart from those that have become routine as an art.”

“Let the difference be passion as it will continue to speak after you leave the room…passion speaks louder than words.”

“I may not like what you do but I can appreciate the passion that breathes when you talk about it.”

“My pen and paper allows me to create and escape to the life I build towards.”

I write what I speak.

“Some things are unnecessary to know but require us to be open and make room to grow.”-The Future informing you that your nosiness is currently not helping

“If we knew all the details of our journey…would we be too overwhelmed to go?”-The Reality of our Present, The Moment of Now

No need to nosey, just make room for growth.

“Sometimes we don’t need to know the whole story before attempting to read the book, we just need to know and trust that the best is yet to come!”-The Truth about our Present

So “Stop being so nosey”…relax, breathe and enjoy the journey!

“I go where I’m called, my dreams removed the need for an invitation.”-The Truth that I live…GYCGirl…Speaks!

"Many things will be offered but be led by your dreams."-The difference

"The thing I struggle in today and remain...could be the very thing I conquer with strength tomorrow and impact many. "

 "Don't allow your weaknesses to keep you from increasing your strengths."

"If it's aligned with your purpose, be BOLD and Remain." -GYCGirl...Speaks!

"I choose to reflect so that I may proceed with caution..."

Whatever your beginning support may be...acknowledge it, appreciate it and realize the indicator when it's time to take them off!

"Relate past events to present opportunities and realize you're ready."

“I don’t know about you…but I know my placement is key to living my dreams, and knowing 1st hand what success means.”-My Life Story

Enabled to Create continuous aha moments!

Let’s go through a few “Positioned to succeed” GYC Mirror Checks

+”Positioned to succeed…there are many layers to me (that I will peel back and be all I’m created to be).”

+"Positioned to succeed because I’m in position to receive."

+ I can.

+“Someone once told me…I have everything I need. So I positioned myself to receive, so that I may succeed.”

+I will.

+I am equipped to win…so I am what a winner looks like.

+All the “No’s” in the world can’t compare to the destined to be yes!

+ “What is for Me is for Me, and only doubt can change that.

+“I don’t have back-up plans…I have plans that work from different positions.”

“The person I am is the person I have become, the process can attest to the journey that has only begun.”-My truth

“If you don’t understand the vision (the vision for my life)…don’t criticize the image (me)!”

Life, thank you for showing me how to be in Operation Forward Motion, and reminding me that I am going somewhere that I am supposed to be voluntarily…I love you…but you already know that!

“If I compromise who I am, I will never know who I was yet to be.”-Mirror Conversation

“I am my own definition, I live it daily.”-My Truth

“If I allow your definition to take the place of my own, I will never see the vision that was only meant for me to see.”-YOU, Me, We Acknowledging Our OWN Unique Purpose

I am my own definition is a declaration that we don’t just speak but we live.

Know your truth and live it.


+Girl YOU Crazy…to not be courageous!

+Girl YOU Crazy…to live someone else’s definition!

+Girl YOU Crazy…to give air to anything not connected to your purpose!

+Girl YOU Crazy…to not be free!

+Girl YOU Crazy…to walk around with a frown like you have no hope or promise in your purpose!

+Girl YOU Crazy…to think that your dreams are but a fantasy or agree with anyone that says it is and not tell them the truth!

I am my own definition…I don’t need yours and I won’t be tempted by want.

“I like to see people succeed and be all of who they are meant to be…it makes my heart smile.”

“Having a relationship within means that you will never be dry or without a direction to go, after all, it all starts with a thought…think for yourself.”

“Sisterhood contains the beauty of friendship that creates a bond where friendship & family mean the same thing.”

“Sisterhood shows the beauty of support as it embraces the fact that we are not alone!”

“My habits make a habit of sparking my inner passion. We all have a Secrets Whisperer living within…some pay attention while others wonder why didn’t they listen.”-The habitual thought provoker

My habits are a habit that I habitually no longer will I wonder why this or that happened…I'll find it in my habits that I habitually practice!

Habits are our life’s story.

If we know and acknowledge our habits as habits…then we have the opportunity to change the positioning of our thinking when it goes against our progress and purpose.

My habits are a habit… so I train and exploit them in pursuit of my purpose.

Exploiting your habits for the good and sanity of pursuing your own dreams…and the purpose of remaining focused.

My habits are a habit…so I make it a habit to finish, even if MY completion looks different then how you see it (OUR perspective belongs to us…whether we choose to explain it to another…or NOT)!

My habits are a habit… so I continuously refuse to quit anything attached to my purpose!

Nothing is worth losing or neglecting a dream of purpose

…just because it gets hard.

Habitually walk in trust and not in fear.

You gotta/haffta (have to) stop saying yes to habits that don’t profit you, move you forward, and lead you to open doors.

My habits are a habit… so if I continue to stay for the drama, I’ll train myself to always be distracted by foolishness…

Drama is inevitable but your participation is ALWAYS an option.

Friends pour into each other’s lives without the hidden intention of some sort of gain.

My habits are a habit…so daily I decide to accept who I am without comparison, unapologetically and walking in my freedom and beliefs unashamedly.

May your steps on your path habitually lead to the reality of your dreams!

When we know who we are…we need to remember there ARE people equipped to handle who we are even through struggle…and be our support without hidden intentions or sabotaging motives.

“When we grow…we need to know, WHO didn’t grow with us. Then distinguish if they are the one’s farting on our forward motion vibe.”
-GYCGirl…Keeping the TRUTH Simple

“Attitudes are contagious and sometimes place you in bad associations…when the people you choose to hang with…do the things you no longer do.”-Someone in Recovery of an Attitude Change!

When we grow, at some point we have to let go to keep growing.

When we change for the better on the inside…it should be reflected in our outer actions.

It’s up to us to provide the possible choices of how people decide to perceive us through our decisions of what we keep around us. At some point, when our character changes…so shall our guests.

“I speak of the past so you may know submitting to the process allows you to be built to last.”-Me

If you don’t get down with what is going down…you need to find some new friends to be around.

“If you want to attract new people with different attitudes…stop inviting the old ones with funky attitudes.”-Sounds like something your mother might say…it’s cool…some have called me Mama Lauren!!!

“If you offer someone with bad breath a mint and they won’t take it…walk away because they are not ready for change.”-The Truth (if you ever heard it!!!)

“You are better than your past because you are still here in the present…so walk worthy in your position by being selective of who you give walk with you.”-Just GYC…no extra commentary

“I’m more interested in my purpose than my past or mistakes because as I walk in forgiveness of self…so shall I walk worthy in the promise of my purpose.”-Today speaking to Tomorrow

“Know that YOU have a purpose and allow its promise to keep you focused!”-Someone wanting you to fight off distractions

“Mistakes don’t last, purpose does…so allow the purpose that’s in you to work through you into your reality.”-Truth

Rejection is not a reflection of YOU but a reflection of what does not belong to YOU.

Be thankful when people say, “NO” because it allows and prepares you for the right people to say, “YES”!

Remember small can land on greater!

It can start as a seed and grow into a tree!

“Purpose will allow you to see…how greatly YOU are designed.”

To know you have a purpose is to know that you have power, and when you pursue that purpose…you will be known as a powerful, no limits woman walking worthy in her purpose!!!

“I learned to fight in a fight, so excuse me when I don’t give up.”-Life Confession of How I Got Here

“It’s funny, we’re told to be strong, independent women but when we fell as little girls everyone ran to our rescue while heads turned away when a little boy fell.”-I’m not upset…I’m just explaining the strength of my existence…

“Independence has its perks and its harshness but nevertheless…find its strength.”-Independence’s Reality

Take strength from a place within and apply it to the surface!

“Pay attention to your fight because there is where your strength will grow stronger.”

“We are always one decision away from learning more about who we are and where we are destined to go. Know how strength was taught to you.”

“Independence has its perks and its harshness but mix it with humility and understanding and you will decide to only see the perks!”

“The one with the vision has the capacity to finish. Don’t allow your vision to simply be an image.”-Your Dreams dropping Truth!

We know our worth…so WE decide to stand for what WE DESERVE!

My dream belongs to me.

I allow my imagination to give me vision beyond reality.

Greatness has an unlimited capacity; my ability to say yes gives me access.

Each step has a story worth telling because our journey is significant.

Your purpose knows more about your future than you do. So, when you submit to just might find that what you think you deserve now doesn’t compare to what you deserve later. Trust the process (the journey of your purpose) to which you submit and allow your actions to relate to its bigger picture!

“To understand the cost of comparison is to go beyond the thought of ‘I have high self-esteem…you’re not talking about me…I don’t compare myself to others’ and look a little deeper.”-Memoir of how I learned depths of the truth (that would be a really good book… mention GYC Girl YOU Crazy if you write it…Mmmhmm)

“Don’t attempt to compete through comparison, instead live the life you were given pausing at times to recognize/acknowledge what you deserve to receive.”-Compliments and Comparison are not needed

Don't compare, you're not competing.

Let the confidence of another encourage you.”-Neglect Comparison

“Wisdom speaks through processed experiences, pain may be part of the story but it doesn’t hold the microphone.”

Wisdom doesn’t come because YOU, ME, WE experienced the pain or situation…it comes when WE decide to process the pain or situation.

“Pain can’t and will not hold the microphone or my attention because I’ll miss Wisdom.”

“If you don’t make a decision, you'll end up with nothing and in some cases we are destined to have both.”

“It’s always a risk to believe just like it’s a risk not to!”

Daily discuss your purpose and you'll find that purpose isn’t moved by comparison because it knows your definition and self-worth.

“Let faith come out of your own mouth...only you know what it's like to be you. Speak loud and allow your hope to breathe.”

“The conversation you don’t have can be the problem you have later.”

“I don’t compare, it’s a waste of my time to compete… I’m deserving of my own victory story.”

“Honesty of self will always look good on you.”-Your Mirror

“Worthy is an attitude formed within, stemmed from truth and carried out.”-The definition of worthy

“Life gave me lemons, so I’m drinking, cooking, eating, blogging, vlogging, creating products, traveling around the world photographing…LEMONS, and when I’m done, I’ll write a book and a movie about it. Long story short…I own lemons.”-The unofficial bio of the GYC Girl (YOU Crazy)

“Own your talent, employ your entire self.”-How to release the broke mindset because broke is not a circumstance

“If YOU were told that YOU are more talented than you know…would YOU allow that talent to breathe?”-Talent

Life gave YOU talent, OWN IT and WORK EVERY BIT OF IT!!!

The truth isn't always in the surface...we can all buy makeup and decide to see whatever we want to see.”-The perspective of substance

Why be envious or assume what you see when you don’t know the person’s story?

Appearances will make you miss the entire substance, and offending the reality you never knew.

Appearances are the result…how WHOMEVER got there is the substance.

YOU ARE TOO COURAGEOUS AND FILLED WITH SO MUCH PURPOSE to go after the thing(s) that might only make you look good (appearance) but in reality, make you feel empty (substance).

I am who I am and I am beautiful

If you’re going to get caught up on appearances, you’ll surely miss the substance, and distance yourself from the urgency of being part of something BIG.

“Either dig or keep it moving because the surface is more temporary than its substance, and its substance is more permanent than its surface.”-Life wanting YOU to have it all

“Do not deal with the surface of the person…the beauty is in their substance.”-Truth asking for a chance

Know your design…IT IS, YOU ARE A GREAT RESOURCE!!!

Think about all of the “AMAZING” YOU/Me/WE are already equipped/designed/capable to create before we even leave our mind, swipe our card, call someone up…ETC…YOU get the picture!

Our creativity lies in what we are willing to create (with what we have).  

“It’s nothing like standing in the shower with a clogged drain. Everything gets clean but your feet.”-Life

When life moves forward don’t let the past haunt.

It’s great when we can recognize our needs and even more when we are able to take the next step, realize and live the solution.

Allow your thoughts to serve you beauty instead of misery.

It’s always important to remember that you’re still standing. 

“There is no need to allow the past to hold up your present…let’s push forward with understanding.”

Through the limitless of the #ICAN…We Live.

“You’re wrong…things could be worse.”-Hope for Change Campaign… (does/if that exist?! hmmm)

“What’s bad may be bad but don’t let it stop you from seeing the good, and correcting the pain through a vision of change.”-Perspective

A “leopard” may not be able to change its spots but it can decide how it wears them!

Let no person write you off as someone that can’t grow and be better!

With Boldness and Confidence may WE all wear our “spots” as lessons and experience, instead of pain, frustration and defeat!

Purpose places the desire and passion creates its continuous hunger.”-The answer to why Purpose + Passion = Greatness (Mmmhmm)

Being Driven with No Engine is like searching for purpose with no passion and baking a cake with no eggs… -True words from The Chef of Life

Sometimes passion is forgotten because we’ve forgotten what we ARE made of.

Passion keeps things fresh…so it is M-U-S-T that we Re-fresh!!

Combine all of who you are into what you are pursuing to achieve.

Passion gets stirred when we’re focused on the substance of what we set out to achieve.

“The power of our story could be the key to someone’s healing.”-Dear Divorce, Thank You (even though I HATE you) Sincerely, My Parents' Grown Kid: A Journey of Hate, Healing and Understanding, By Lauren Alicia

“If I commit, I can’t quit.”-YOU

“You never know who is waiting to be influenced on the other side of your commitment.”-Life

“When we commit, it’s like that 1 thing Purpose is asking for hits the surface while the rest of you is still marinating in the substance waiting for Purpose to call it too.”

“ I can’t stop until I see the win, you’ve felt achievement before so can you be patient enough to wait, dedicate and commit until you feel it again? Your answer better be YES.”-My Note to Self

What if just might be what is…

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