Monday, January 14, 2013

I got a voice & I use it!

"Many will listen but only few will talk…dare to grab YOUR ‘mic’ and be bold."-YOUR Inner Boldness

Past Facebook post: “I got a voice and I use it… I can’t be muted, see the foolishness disputed yea I see right through it, so my strength is confident, that’s a fact we take the stairs no elevators, they got my back.“

My boldness to believe opened me up to receive, now I have a voice…and I use it, I will not be muted.”-My Truth

Remember the first time/day/moment when you defended yourself against whomever about whatever? It was groundbreaking/liberating/exhilarating… just a bunch of “ing-ing” all over the place. Verbalizing that what was, will no longer Be!!!
            Whether it was:
a.     Somebody teasing/picking on you…
b.    Someone taking credit for your work…
c.     Not receiving the grade, pay or recognition you believe was deserved…
d.    OR…all of the above… in the same week (hey, it could’ve happened)…

We all had our moments when we awakened the courage within to defend ourselves.

The topic of finding, knowing and using your voice is not new but in thinking/developing ideas to move GYC and myself forward, I was reminded of my own voice, responsibilities, and the events leading to finding, knowing and using…Plus YOU haven’t heard GYC’s version where thoughts go in every direction, so…my “Girl YOU Crazy” thoughts are written accordingly.

Let's get right to it...

What are you using your voice for?
a.     ___________________(Fill-in-the-blank something crazy)
b.    ___________________(Fill-in-the-blank something temporary)
c.     ___________________(Fill-in-the-blank something famous)
d.    ___________________(Fill-in-the-blank something ridiculous)
e.    Or… “I don’t have time for any of the foolishness above, I use my voice as a tool for living out my purpose and staying in my own lane…Girl I would be Crazy to use it for anything outside of that…”


GYC Personal Story
I remember when I recognized, for the first time, a desire in my heart with a fight that a simple but firm no could NOT stop.

It was my life-long dream… until the 5th grade when everything changed… as I faced the then results. I wanted to be in the fashion industry as a model…or so I thought.

Pause for GYC Dramatic Effect…

My dad forbid it for the sake of my feelings, and my mom pushed back for the sake of my confidence…even though she didn’t want me to do it either, go to an agency casting call (aka scam but that’s not part of the story…I don’t think…).

“I didn’t want you to think that you couldn’t do/be whatever you wanted to do/be.”-My Mom

So we (my mom and I) went to the casting call, they didn’t pick me because I had braces, we went home, I didn’t cry (or maybe I did and don't remember the full emotions of that event...possible block out...) but worse than that, I was confused… My first real dream, in an industry that I can talk for hours about…coming to an end because it was modeling or nothing.

Yes...I am still that passionate till this day...yep!

The next year in the 6th grade, I decided that it wasn’t over…and if I could not model the clothes…I WILL DESIGN them, and the rest is growing history…(by the way that same year, the agency called, assuming I didn’t have braces any more…I was over it…especially after we found out it was a scam…live and learn, live and learn).

It was in all of this… that I realized sometimes finding your voice means taking another look. Yes…they both have struggles but one I was actually designed with the ability to fight through the struggles... as non-relatives that believe in me and my dreams, listen and encourage me along the way.

Today my heart continues to open up to more dreams and “stations” for my voice…as I learn that the assumed position in these different industries…is not mine and yet to be created by me.

Some have a love for a certain thing/industry/area but don’t know their position in it.

GYC Last Thoughts with a couple Rants (run-on sentences are involved):
Fashion only opened me up to my dreams and waking UP my fight... but it was in the seeking that I found my voice, and the ability to understand that my voice is for a particular thing/area in everything I do and desire to do, and not to force it beyond but lead it where it's to designed to be.

Speak while you have the “mic,” don’t miss your opportunity by not taking YOUR chance.

Be the definition of Courageous and words alike:
Not deterred by danger or pain; brave, plucky, fearless, valiant, valorous, intrepid, heroic, lionhearted, bold, daring, daredevil, audacious, undaunted, unflinching, unshrinking, unafraid, dauntless, indomitable, doughty, mettlesome, venturesome, stouthearted, gallant.

Quick GYC Rant:
Use your voice, in your lane, which is where your audience is listening. Don’t give your attention and voice to issues that you have a temporary opinion on for a moment of attention, when there are issues in the world that only your actions and voice were designed to change with a collective whole.

We all have beliefs and opinions on certain things but there are some designed to speak on it (publicly) and possess the ability to deal with the possible hostility/struggle, and others who are not. We don’t have time to give our voice to everything but to the things placed in our own lane.

So I must ask…If you were given a “mic,” “pencil,” “stage,” “computer,” or whatever tool you have been intentionally or unintentionally longing for…what would you do and who would be in your audience?

Sometimes we forget…
How many people spoke out so that WE could speak up.

“I got a voice and I use it… I can’t be muted.”-OUR Declaration, GYCGirlYOUCrazy
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