Monday, April 1, 2013

Positioned to Succeed.

“I don’t know about you…but I know my placement is key to living my dreams, and knowing 1st hand what success means.”-My Life Story

I’m back writing… and I hope you all enjoyed the vlog/webisode/episodes/whatever you want to call it preferably “GYCGirl…Speaks!” but the choice is yours! I was saying, I’m back writing and I’ve been working on a few things to expand my work outside of GYC, and in that…

I felt the need to basically RANT… RANT THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH for the purpose of inspiring you…

However, I have a feeling that many think I rant every week…maybe I need a Webster’s Dictionary definition of the word “rant” or you know what, I do happen to Do things differently…so, maybe I’ll just make up my own so that I am basically always RIGHT! Hmph!
*It’s cool…people think we’re Crazy anyway*

Therefore, the definition of a or (yes indeed, we have expanded…Mmmhmm) Rant is:

+Purposefully saying what I want, in an order that is all over the place… because in a moment of wanting someone to understand something you’re passionate about, you find this unexplainable excitement that surpasses all grammar rules…and things just happen the way they want to! Also, you feel as though someone gave you a wake up call…even if it is just for yourself!

++All rants may not make sense in the beginning, it’s cool…either it’s for you, not for you, or not right now.

++Takes the time to let whatever is bottled up in you…OUT!

+Basically, GYC Rants are “A moment of passionate release.”

Now that we have cleared that up…
 Please be clear…that I am most definitely as WE ALL ARE, Will and Should be…

Positioned to succeed.

Think on that.

Or in other words…

Enabled to
Create continuous aha moments!

Sometimes people create aha moments that are really not aha moments and end up being let me hide after I just did “that” moment because what they created was not something connected to them…
 Rather something they wish was connected to them (for whatever reason).

But when I…GYCGirlYOUCrazy talks about creating your aha moment…I’m talking about creating a moment that is actually attached to YOU, birthed from the heart…visualized through the imagination (Yep all of that from Still I Remain.), something you will not hide from but embrace/stand tall/be proud because you uncovered more if who you are.

“Yea…I hear what you’re saying but how do I create that aha moment”:
Words mean nothing without action and people are always trying to reinvent themselves …etc. and the list goes on!!!

No one (named Lauren Alicia/GYCGirlYOUCrazy) is talking about reinventing yourself…I’m talking about getting to know yourself and make way for letting in and out all of you.

Personally/Professionally, I can look at a business’ foundation or the talents of an individual and show points of increase and expansion…but since I do not know you and to meet me is not impossible…just not necessary to this precious moment we are about to create or currently creating…

I can say this about the YOU I have yet to meet…if you want to know how to expand yourself by always having something new that excites you and is actually connected to YOU…KNOW YOUR FOUNDATION…not what you think is your foundation…but what is really there, scars, traumas, victories, precious life moments…nightmares and all!

*I apologize for the excessive use of “moment”*

How can YOU position yourself to succeed if you don’t know what you are about to receive?

A few questions for YOU to explore:
+What is your talent(s) or gift(s)? How did you discover your talent(s) or gift(s)? And what are you doing with them right NOW?

+Do you know the person you’ve become? Are you excited about where you’re going?

+Do you know your worth? Have you accepted anything below your worth?

+Have you decided to leave a legacy worth mentioning?

+Do the people you call friends actually support you?


GYC Personal Reflection:
During “GYCGirl…Speaks!” I talked about My Set of Training Wheels (if you don’t know…click here) and how every time I try something new, there is a new set there to support me as I step /walk into this new endeavor/venture/really just opening myself up to knowing more about myself, and living it (you can call it what you want…but I know what it is!)!!!

In this, I know it’s okay that I’m new, which means I need to ask questions, be cautious yet excited, and at the same time recognize in strength, confidence and boldness…

THAT I AM equipped no matter the need for support in beginning stages…I am equipped to pursue because those who train are.  

But if I can really reflect…

The moments and struggle of starting something new, discovering/exploring new things, and realizing the journey has beautiful stops…

I continuously create aha moments in my life that position me to succeed through not being afraid but proceeding with caution (there is a difference) and opening myself up to getting to know the “me” I was created to be.

It’s that visual we all live of standing on a line between yes and no…knowing that we are set up to win but it is still our decision to make that move.

And when we do,

YOU, ME, WE will continuously make them and keep moving forward.

If I may…and I will! This is for you!!!
Please read:
I can succeed from many directions because I understand there are different parts of me equipped to handle different situations at different times and still come out on top!

If you do not know…that above is a Mirror Check…YOUR Mirror Check!

Just in case you were wondering…
Definition of Mirror Check:
Confirming, affirming, encouraging and reminding yourself about who you are and your purpose, and why you can fight and remain in anything aligned with that…no matter what Old Slewfoot tries to show or tell you!

Let’s go through a few “Positioned to succeed” GYC Mirror Checks

+”Positioned to succeed…there are many layers to me (that I will peel back and be all I’m created to be).”

+"Positioned to succeed because I’m in position to receive."

+ I can.

+“Someone once told me…I have everything I need. So I positioned myself to receive, so that I may succeed.”

+I will.

+I am equipped to win…so I am what a winner looks like.

+All the “No’s” in the world can’t compare to the destined to be yes!

+ “What is for Me is for Me, and only doubt can change that.

+“I don’t have back-up plans…I have plans that work from different positions.”

Last Note and I’m done…
You will find many talents attached to pressing the limits of one talent…get to know yourself…more than you think you know yourself.

Don’t be afraid to create aha moments that are actually connected to YOU because when those actions are in motion
…YOU will never be without a direction to go.

P.S. I just heard this song on a TV show from the 70s (Yes… I watch shows from the 70s…because they are amazing!!!) AND THE WORDS WERE JUST…well, Listen below or find lyrics, the song is called “You’re Gonna Hear from Me”-----YOU know YOU want to!!!! Enjoy!

“Move over sun and give me some sky…”

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