Lauren Alicia (20-something, Michigan native) considers herself to be the “Queen of the Process.” In May of 2011, she graduated from Parsons The New School for Design's (NYC) Design + Management B.B.A. program thinking “I needed a job,” not realizing she is a job. Soon after, employing herself as an independent Business & Design Consultant, while she rises to live out the other dreams that reside within. In writing proposals and creating new designs for potential clients, Lauren remembered her childhood/teenage dreams of how she would accomplish the bigger dream and the smaller goals in between.

In the process of all that above, she created GYC Girl YOU Crazy, which was birthed (June 12’) as something quick, potentially profitable, and something that is her own. However, the vision of brand intentions only were delayed as it progressed into something bigger than being fun or funny but a question of “Who/When are you told ‘Girl YOU Crazy’?” Lauren Alicia thought she could only inspire others after she had succeeded greatly, not in the process. Then, remembered the fight for her dreams and the present pursuit…and realized “if I wait, it’s too late.”

“Sometimes it only takes 1 time to inspire a dream forever.”

"A huge aspect of living out my dreams is to inspire & see the desires' of others manifest into GREATNESS!"-Lauren Alicia

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