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I’m not ready to commit… | I’m Ready To Commit!

“The power of our story could be the key to someone’s healing.”-Dear Divorce, Thank You (even though I HATE you) Sincerely, My Parents' Grown Kid: A Journey of Hate, Healing and Understanding, By Lauren Alicia

Yes…I know it is a long title.

“If I commit, I can’t quit.”-YOU

“You never know who is waiting to be influenced on the other side of your commitment.”-Life

Well…here it is beautiful people…my moment of honesty that cant/wont be filtered (no worries, I don’t cuss, I have other words…truth)…nor can/will I take it back.

Breathe Lauren, Breathe.

My official commitment to my 1st Rough Dream becoming reality aka this post will be like a ceremony with a little bit of everything!

*key music…

I wrote a book, THE BOOK that I’ve been referring to since the beginning of 2013 (or maybe even earlier…hmm…), and now I am sharing it with the world…officially, Tuesday, August 19th!!!


Let me just say that I am proud!

Okay, back to the GYC Girl YOU Crazy Commitment Ceremony

First off… Girl, what is a rough dream??? (because I know you were thinking it…)

Rough Dreams Definition

I call them Rough Dreams because …
+They’re not glamorous and you’re not sure if it will ever appear to be glamorous
+They’re not what you expected
+They might be hard for those around you to accept
+They’ll make you find 50 (or more) reasons…really good reasons to quit
+ They’re dreams because you know deep down that even though the route is rough, the destination is a dream, it’s beautiful, amazing, ____(insert your favorite description here), and you know that you need to commit!

“When we commit, it’s like that 1 thing Purpose is asking for hits the surface while the rest of you is still marinating in the substance waiting for Purpose to call it too.”

What does it mean to commit?

These following 4 points were my struggle as emotions made me say maybe I don’t publish this, which is the main reason I self-published…yep so that I can have a way out… Can I be real?

**I won’t write GYC Commentary after the points…I’ll just let your thoughts be enough.

1. See the vision, Hear the directions, Take the steps
++ GYC Note To MYSelf (and you too if you need it) // Make it plain… Do NOT overcomplicate this thing Lauren, please stop…RIGHT NOW! Whew!!

Breathe Lauren, Breathe.

2. Take steps until the vision is complete!!
++ You’re not done until the vision is an image YOU can hold!

3. Let passion be present and refreshed!
++ Give it your all so you can be re-filled with greater!!

4. Minimize (or cut off) communication with what distracts you from where (and who) Purpose asks you to commit.
++ Know your priorities beyond the surface.


This is ME taking the next step, commitment.

When I commit, I get quiet…
Focusing on the less to create the greater
Muting the noise that attempts to override the voice of Purpose and direction
Choosing to be guided by what already lies within
It’s been nurtured to maturity
         Although I do have my moments…
But this is The Moment that I shall take
Hustle it until the vision of victory is part of my history
and stepping stones for my future

I’ve let the pain of the past not be told because all I wanted to do was hate it
Now it’s time to turn the page
And welcome you to this part of my story…

A Journey of Hate, Healing And Understanding

More completely Dear Divorce, Thank You (even though I HATE you) Sincerely, My Parents’ Grown Kid: A Journey of Hate, Healing And Understanding

This is only the beginning.


Now Available for Pre-order on to be released Tuesday, August 19, 2014, the day before the reason this journey began (my parents’ wedding day)!

Stay tuned by following!!! Watch out for interviews, articles, journal videos, posts & posters, and how you can join and help me promote!!

“ I can’t stop until I see the win, you’ve felt achievement before so can you be patient enough to wait, dedicate and commit until you feel it again? Your answer better be YES.”-My Note to Self

GYC (unnecessary) SideNote // I’m loving adding in these gifs…!

Thank you everyone for your support, patience and blessings!!

Last Note (and I’m done…)
What if was unintentionally intentionally created to bring me to this point and keep me going? What if the thing(s) you’re doing right now that you might think no one is listening or everybody is watching me not be who I WANT to be, or ______(you tell me…) is unintentionally intentionally paving the way to your dreams into reality… Honestly, that “What-if” is actually (or probably) “What IS.” One day we’ll see and be able to feel the vision of how each step was a puzzle piece designed to create a masterpiece…that looks like the most amazing version of the person in the mirror!

What if just might be what is…

I appreciate you all soooooooooooooooooooooo much!!

Defeating Crazy with Courage…watch me commit and hold me to it,
Lauren Alicia, GYCGirl…Getting her Author on!

P.S. Here’s a preview of the posts you’ll see on

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