Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I didn’t want to go…

Let’s be honest, this path I’m on called my journey…I didn’t want to go.”-The Honesty of Lauren Alicia (Coming soon to a theatre near you…not really!)

How often do we make plans that appear so simple and achievable…? Then… as we attempt/proceed/move in the direction to make the first step in our amazing plan, the planned step is nowhere near the actual step we take/make???????????

And that is the reasoning behind this post’s title “I didn’t want to go…”
No worries, it ends well!
But I can’t promise the relationship with “I didn’t want to go…” is over…and be honest, I won’t speak for you but YOU (yes, YOU) have a thing going on with “I didn’t want to go…” too!


Quick Simple GYC Definition(s):
+Didn’t = DID NOT, negative thought for the actions taking place
+Want…desire to, not a necessity or necessary but aligned with my wishes
+Go = movement, travel to

Therefore, when I say, “I didn’t want to go…” all of that above is what I mean…

Now let’s proceed!

GYC Personal Story
At this point in my life, I can look back and say, “I didn’t want to go”, and I was wrong, Wrong, WRONG, and in spite of all the kickback I gave…the impact of my paths were strong.

Like many kids and teens, I made up my mind about many things that would take place in my adult life and stuck to them for a long time, then forgot about them…then remembered…
Which is how/why I can write this post today…

But the things I had decided on, I felt so strong and passionate about… that if I did anything against the plans, it would ruin the amazing story of my life.

I know, All the Drama, I was and still am it
and even went to the library to back up these plans with biographies and proven resources.

“A fully determined mind cannot be stopped from an attempt.”

One of these “great” ideas was something I stated in one of the first GYC posts 
“I didn’t want to go to college.”

That’s right, I said it!

As much as I dreamed of going to Parsons School of Design (where I graduated) and living in NYC, I wanted NYC without the college connection. I found this book that backed up my plan about careers without college…and I was ready to go!

Side Note: Although I didn’t want to go…I did make sure that I could go wherever I needed. I’m pro-preparation for wherever, however your dreams need to be achieved…as long as it’s legal…

But as I began to walk toward that moment, I realized the plan I set in motion mentally lacked in physical step-taking detail…and even the smaller steps in a possible college life lacked detail in application…meaning, I was NOT prepared like some are to have a career without college, and even so, the program I first applied to, showed/proved my vision lacked vision beyond one dream.
(I eventually got it together…well that part…the rest is still a great journey)

Your dreams will always make provisions for the mistakes you make against them, if you’re willing to admit you were wrong.


Now, my moments of not wanting to do something or go somewhere remain as simple thoughts that don’t keep me from entertaining/attempting their potential ability…to increase my life.

Regardless of how crazy…or lack of understanding/comprehension/I just don’t get it…an opportunity/path/route looks… I realize all these dots connect, and taking knowledge from each allows me to be the person I am today, moving in forward motion.

GYC Last Thoughts
My journey is far from over, and not at all free from me saying, "I don't want to go" or "do something" but my pride won’t get in the way of saying, “I was wrong.”

We all have our own definition of success…so whether we do, don’t or didn’t want to go…take the time to recognize if this undesired path will lead you to your definition.

“Admitting you’re wrong sets you up for what is right!”-Recovering Wrong People

I didn’t want to go…but I’m glad I did.

Monday, February 11, 2013

So I was on The IDECLAIR SHOW...

“ is a MUST-READ!”-India, Host of The Ideclair Show

The official quote of GYC Girl YOU Crazy remains…"Sometimes it only takes 1 time to inspire a dream forever." The people in the beginning of my process and projects, whether they are aware of the newness or not, have the strongest impact and voice of confirmation…and my visit to The Ideclair Show wasn't any different. I’m thankful to India for having me and speaking so highly of GYC, and to her faithful listeners for welcoming GYC, I am truly appreciative!

  Just in case you missed Monday’s show (Feb. 4th) PRESS PLAY on the link below starting at 60:00! Enjoy!

Listen to internet radio with IDECLAIR on Blog Talk Radio
Thank YOU Alll for Listening!!!

Visit The IDECLAIR SHOW Monday – Friday 11am EST!!!

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