Tuesday, March 8, 2022


 Tell Me What They Taught YOU

The way YOU treat people will give THEM a life of lessons…

And they might remember your name... just saying...

Move accordingly! 😉

HAPPY NEW YEAR/ HAPPY WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH/ HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY Y’ALL!!! I wanted to end the year with this post, but I let time get away from me…I admit! However, we’ll start the year (new month, sorta) off with some food for thought. While it may not bring you luck like collard greens, black-eyed peas and a rabbit's foot…Mmmmhmmm HA! 

I hope it engages YOUR PERSPECTIVE.


I want this post to seem sensitive…

because it is…

but also self-reflective…

because it is…

but also, to help strengthen our level of compassion…

because we all need more.

Tell Me what they taught you…I wanna know!

Girl, first of all… WHO ARE ‘THEY’? what are WE talking about?

Is this a group, parent(s), 1st grade teacher, friends…WHO?

They are the ones that raised you, grew you, expanded you and/or made a turning point in your life …so whoever/whomever, they are…

What did they teach YOU?

 I won’t get into the specifics of the “they” in my life but some specific things ‘they’ taught me…I want YOU to know for yourself and teach them to someone else.

Remember how I told y’all that I’m privy to some ‘interesting’ conversations…well they are still going on and it has me wondering…

what have some people been taught? Like… have you directly been taught this, or did someone’s actions (or lack thereof) teach you this…why is this a part of your conversation, thought process, values, etc.?

Maybe I should change this to ‘everything a daughter should know’ ???? Hmm?

IDK but I want this information out in the world on one page…




1. YOU don’t beg anyone to care about YOU. Either they do or they don’t… just let them know what is important to you.

2. You’re no one’s savior even if you've helped them. Making yourself feel obligated to someone when you’re not a licensed professional to deal with their situation(s) is dangerous. Pray and keep it moving.

3. You’re loved and filled with Purposenothing will EVER change that.


4. No one’s beauty compares to yours…I don’t care what anybody says…GIRL, NO ONE IS YOU.  

        I NEED YOU to understand that you’re beautiful without looking outside the mirror. My mother taught me that I am who I am without any other opinion, it is instilled in me from childhood. I met someone that tried to mar my thoughts of self…I no longer know that person. Trying to make me feel the same size as you will never keep me in the same room with you…no, thank you. Go. Vai.


But seriously…once YOU KNOW THIS ABOUT YOURSELF…STOP looking for outside confirmation of YOUR BEAUTY.

5. Your choices are yours. Don’t be (a)shamed for putting you first. There will always be someone ready to blame YOU…so own what you do, the good and bad. And keep it pushing.


6. Protecting your peace reflects valuing your peace. I’ll be the first to admit that there are parts of the day when I love drama and being a drama queen… BAYBAY but for comedy reasons! The drama I bring tends to be for hilarious or educational purposes. I am not about to start a conversation with someone about something that I know is going to stress me out and not provide any solutions. No, thank you. This does not mean that I don’t let people vent to me, I do, I listen. BUT you listen to my thoughts after, PHAHAHa!

7. The appearance of power will never replace actual power. Take a deep breath and think on that.

 8.  If you change your mind, it’s changed. Learning not to say sorry WILL be a HARD lesson, and I mean hard but necessary. Especially because we say sorry and don’t mean it, way too often.


9.   Ignoring warning signs can cost you your life. If they had pre-stalker behavior in the beginning…it will only increase. For example, in the beginning you decided this wasn’t for you, blocked their number because it was done…but soon after, they purchased a new number to get in contact with you. Seems harmless to some but the reality is that this individual is not going to keep getting a new number but find other ways to track you down. The same goes with people you first meet, especially at your job or similar environments. If you think it's something 'off' about them...KEEP YOUR DISTANCE, don't get up close trying to figure them out...TRUST ME, LEAVE THEM ALONE---I've been taught this lesson more than once. Cheers to me actually learning it!

10.  Don’t waste too many people’s time…one or two but don’t make it a habit! This could be dangerous like #9… Some people really think you’re ‘the one’ and wasting their time will hurt.

11.   Everybody does not need to know where and how you live. Stop inviting everybody over and giving out the access code. Protect your space and you’ll know the people and things/habits drilling a hole in your “boat.”



12. Set up boundaries…they will literally save your life one day whether it is mental or physical.

13.  Lastly, YOU ARE God’s gift. To quote Aaliyah, ‘I’m not just anybody.’ People should know that it is a privilege to know YOU because… well, it is! --More on this later!!

Hey, I hope this was helpful, insightful, and encouraging for the next phase of life! Cheers to a great 2022!!

See you around the world somewhere,

Ms GYC Girl YOU Crazy, Lauren Alicia 
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