Monday, December 17, 2012

What is for me is for me!

What is for me is for me, I might have to fight but I won’t have to compete…The fight is fixed because I was designed for this!”-YOUR Truth
Follow after your own and your prize will not be revoked.”-YOUR Present & Future (It seems like they talk a lot…)

When you hear “what is for me, is for me,” what do you think about???
A. A way to cope with rejection?
B. Preparing for (possible) disappointment?
C. I wish they would just shut up, and face the facts that they were rejected?
D. Something people say when they don’t know what to say in disappointing moments?
E. The pep talk before you go into an audition, job interview, business meeting, test…any type of pressured situation?
Girl YOU Crazy…None of that!!!--- “What is for me is for me”…is simply the truth. No disappointment or rejection involved…Hmph!

Now that I have your attention… Let’s talk about it!

As I gathered my thoughts together about this topic, I was reminded of the choices we have, the decisions we make…
and the WHY!
+Why did I make this decision?
+Why am I living out this decision?
+Can I change my “why” later?
+Did I ask “why” before I made the decision?
+Can I justify my “why”?


And in all of thatyou think aboutdid I make those decisions because I needed to or because I wanted to and I could…so I did.”


You ever heard the phrase... "Get out of your own way!"???
Yes, No, Maybe…What?
It’s cool because I will be referencing other clichés that I may or may not word properly (I get close but I do better when I make up my own…yea)

Side Note: We are going on a journey in this post, much like a conversation with me that goes in many circles…Go get some snacks! But YOU will be happy when you get there…
And back to it!

When YOU, ME, WE start thinking about our why’s…”Get out of your own way!” makes you think…maybe you even get a little defensive but nevertheless… when you hear it, you wonder maybe “I am in my own way…”or “were my ‘whys’ justified…do they make sense???” (Hmm…oh, its just me huh?…)

I realized that YOU, ME, WE get in OUR own way, when YOU, Me, We forget -----> "What is for me is for me. "
      Such as:
+We start to look around and think about what we don't have…
+Looking around at what others have…thinking that if we had what they had then…
+Maybe I should take some of the paths they took…it seemed to work for them…

Not recognizing that what we DO have is more than enough to help lead us to the dreams that live within us.

GYC Commentary…but YOU, ME, WE Know that it is a Rant:
Everyday we have choices that will either move us forward, keep us where we are, or move us backwards. It is the decisions that have justifiable whys’ that “keep us looking at our own paper”…and believing “if not this one, the next.” All the cliché phrases lead to knowing that what is meant for you to have… you will have if you realize that it is meant for you to have.

Some of the reasons why people stop going after their dreams is because they’re not sure if they have a right to it…right now. But you will never know what you have a right to… if you don’t put some seeds in the ground and water them…

Last thoughts on “What is for me is for me” (and I’m done with my journey):
I’ve realized that I can make my own mistakes, walk down the wrong path, include the wrong people, and say the wrong things…but my experience is my own experience that has built me up to be the person I am today, and walk towards the dreams and goals I’m designed to accomplish. What is for me is for me and I don’t have to compete.

 The route I take may not be popular and not include everyone but it is my own story and I will tell it whatever way I please. Yes, yea, sure, absolutely, I am tempted to quit, stop, look around, compare but when it is all over, I want what belongs to me and me alone. Therefore, I fight my own fight to get my own prize. Sure I have helped and will continue to help others along the way but that is also a part of my fight…what is a part of yours?
“What is for me is for me and I don’t have to compete.”

Here are some GYC Quotes for Thought and Deposit…that’s right take it all the way to the bank baby! HA!:

“If you have seeds with enough sense to plant them and patience to water them…you are the richest person!”

“Remain in remembrance of your own dream and purpose.”

“Don't get caught in a plan that is not connected to YOURS for they will be the only one that moves forward. 
-GYC Girl YOU Crazy

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