Monday, September 24, 2012

Blow Through The Stop Sign…s!

You’re taught to stop at all stop signs, look around, and proceed when it’s clear…in driving. But…In life, when a “stop sign” comes, we don’t always proceed when it’s clear…instead we take it as a sign to STOP and not move forward.

“I don’t know what stopped or is stopping you but every dream you envisioned is on the other side of that lil stop sign.” –Success Winner Risk-Taker (yep, that’s my full name)

Remember that moment when you started something that you didn’t realize you would soon love but then something opposing/challenging/conflicting happened and you thought…
            +Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be
            +I didn’t like it in the beginning anyway…anyhow
            +I didn’t want to do it from the start
            +Maybe I learned all that I needed to learn and now it’s time to move on
            +Well…at least I didn’t get too into it
            +You know “so and so” told me not to do this…that’s why they didn’t do it
                        And the list goes on!
            By the way, some of those were thoughts of mine these last 2 weeks…"life is a process…WE must commit!"

Personal Story (this is a recent story…so there will be gaps…I’ll let your imagination fill them!):
So recently, I was offered the opportunity to do something professionally that I said I would never do…and at a time when the things I do love just started to pick up/progress/step up/move forward in the direction of my liking (you still following? Yes, okay good). But because it was offered, I entertained the thought with a little bit of attitude (does this sound like “Questionable Closed Door” or what?!?---Note to self: Take My Own Advice…I think! Keep reading).

Please note, that this opportunity has different steps…just because it was offered doesn’t mean that you can climb the steps…you have to study and commit in order to climb the steps.

However, in studying, I became very interested and excited about this opportunity that I said I would never do, and realized the bigger picture as to why it was offered to me. Even though I realized why it was offered to me, I still semi-secretly did not want to do it…especially since there were tests attached to the studying!!!---I also, don’t like tests!

I passed the 1st set of tests…then I had to pass the last and final test/examination to fully accept the offered opportunity…I went in to take the exam…and I FAILED by 4 points!!!!!!! STOP SIGN…STOP SIGN!!!!!!

I wasn’t upset about failing, I actually was relieved with a smile on my face… as the lady who gave me my score seemed a bit upset for me… as I smirked a little. I went home and said, “I AM NOT TAKING THAT TEST AGAIN…THAT WAS SIGN!!!”

But in the midst of all the stop signs… I put up myself, I was reminded of that bigger picture…so I studied harder and smarter to retake the exam 2 days later with a much better attitude of “I’M PASSING THIS TEST”…and I PASSED…I PASSED…I WAS SOoo happy and grateful that I PASSED!---I really wanted it this time…I Blew right through the Stop Signs…even the ones I put up myself!
             **Note about this story: It’s really interesting how things/opportunities are set up for us to receive…but not forced upon us. You/We have to be willing to receive…to receive!**

Sometimes “Stop Signs” appear in our life because:
+We… put them there
+Other people… put them there
+Stuff or lack of stuff… put them there
+Doubt, Mistakes, Lack of Confidence, Lack of Vision-BigPicture Vision…put them there
+Lack of Knowledge or too much Knowledge… put them there

Sometimes stop signs will come one after another but some are meant for you to proceed when clear or when your vision is clear…or simply blow through! You’ll know what to do when you recognize it’s a stop sign.

Just like on the road, stop signs will always appear in your, mine, and our life too…but just like on the road, you look around, and proceed when it’s clear…sometimes you’ll just have to make it clear with your confidence, boldness and spunk! A Stop Sign is but a Stop Sign, not a dead end…proceed when clear or better yet…BLOW THROUGH IT!!!

GYC Last Thought Commentary:
Take a trip down memory lane…remember all the other stop signs you went through (people said you shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t make it, you’re not smart, tall, pretty, cool, etc. enough…and everything else)??? So why stop at this one? BLOW THROUGH THE STOP SIGN…S!

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