Monday, October 15, 2012

Oooo…Why Are YOU Over There???

“Versatility is YOUR friend… don’t be a 1 trick pony.”-Exciting talking to Boring, yep! (By the way, I’m really liking this “1 trick pony” phrase these days…*smile*)

-Oxford American Dictionaries

Whether you know me, don’t know me, or think you know me…(sometimes this is the same person), I tend to appear/look as though I am all over the place…

But in reality, I’m just ready for What-&-Who-Ever!!!---And I love to keep people guessing! 


Looking back on BlowThough the Stop Sign…s, I’m reminded of how our dreams and ideas get stopped by the things that life throws at us, or what we throw at ourselves.

Sometimes we take challenges/opposition/negativity, as signs set in place to hurt and stop us…instead of building us stronger to endure/keep on when things get tough.

But where does versatility come in…?

Learning to be versatile, adapting to different situations will allow you understand things…& people…which will make you that much closer to your dreams and ideas being in your reality!

……………..Now wait let me back up just a little bit to the reason why/how being versatile helps our dreams and ideas…

Remember Defeating Crazy with Courageous and questioning your ideas???
Well… one of the biggest reasons you question your own ideas is to think beyond what everyone else is thinking--- this is where versatility lives just in case you were wondering…so wipe your feet & come on in!

Where do I start???
Simple Ways to be Versatile-

1.     Learn about another subject/topic/industry that may or may not be related to your dream or idea…Realize the bigger picture.
Ex: I want to be an AMAZINGLY AWESOME boss & owner…So I studied Life Insurance.---*If YOU are wondering what this means…YOU should probably learn about life insurance on more than a customer/owner of LI level.*-and that's all I'm going to say, okay? Okay.

2.     When people ask questions about stuff YOU don’t know…whether they are asking/talking to you or someone else…Research it, Look it up!

3.    Go to places that normally would not interest you…and Look around! Introduce yourself to new things and places (I know YOU have heard that before!).

4.    *YOU might not like this but…* Take a friend that hates something you love & loves you to one of your favorite/most loved places …and ask, “why they hate it?”

5.     Stay focused on YOUR dreams and goals by connecting/relating every new thing you learn…to YOU! (Make a full circle, so you don’t get sidetracked.)

GYC WARNING: People will think that you’re not focused or confused and all over the place...
“Oooo… Why are YOU over there???”

Respond with silence or better yet, when it matters (as in not trying to impress anybody just to prove a point not relevant/important/significant to you), be patient and let your finished work do all the talking!

Let Me Say This…PLEASE DEPOSIT THESE GYC Girl YOU Crazy QUOTES into YOUR Thinking:
YOUR ideas & dreams are as close as the actions you put towards them…as amazing as the people you envision being changed by them…and as BOLD as the confidence YOU have when you present/pitch them.

YOU have the ability to change the world… Don’t disable it with fear.

-GYC Girl YOU Crazy

Questions, comments, novels…Leave them below Please!

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