Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Framed Stanzas

My gift [] to YOU...

I'll allow it to speak for itself, enjoy and wishing you an amazing 2014 filled with dreams turned reality by all purpose filled means necessary! Remember, we're not in this alone...let's defeat Crazy with our Courage together!!!

Love to YOU all (more than you could ever imagine),

Lauren Alicia
founder & owner

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Long story short… I own lemons.

“Life gave me lemons, so I’m drinking, cooking, eating, blogging, vlogging, creating products, traveling around the world photographing…LEMONS, and when I’m done, I’ll write a book and a movie about it. Long story short…I own lemons.”-The unofficial bio of the GYC Girl (YOU Crazy)

We have all heard the phrase, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” If not…well…HELLO!

In the middle of August, I was randomly stacking books in my room and came across Virginia Euwer Wolff’s Make Lemonade, which I read in middle school…I’m not sure if I fully understood why the book had that title… then, but now, I don’t care that’s not the point of this post…just how we arrived here! Okay? Okay *wink & smile.

So, when I saw this book…

I was reminded of the entire phrase and its meaning of perspective (which, I LOVE because perspective changes EVERYTHING!!!)… And from there, my thoughts started to create…

A 2013 GYC Girl YOU Crazy version of
“When life gives you lemons.”


“Own your talent, employ your entire self.”-How to release the broke mindset because broke is not a circumstance


“If YOU were told that YOU are more talented than you know…would YOU allow that talent to breathe?”-Talent

Do YOU recall “Positioned to Succeed”??? Well, let’s take always having a direction to go… to another level…

Life gave me lemons so, I AM Making…
+ Lemonade
+ Lemon Meringue Pie and/or Lemon Bars (I’m interested in both)
+ Blogging about it
+ Then… Making a video about it/Vlog
+ Concocting a Lemon scented citrus perfume and/or Lemon scented cleanser
+ Traveling around the world capturing photos of Lemons; calling the photo collection “Lemons of the World”
+ Writing a book about my Lemon journey
+ Later… Selling the rights or obtaining a grant to produce the book turned movie based on my Lemon Journey

“Girl YOU Crazy”…ONLY if YOU don’t!!!

Note To Self:
Open your mind to see and Use your talent for your purpose filled vision, or your talent will be used to fulfill another’s vision… and that just might keep you from accessing your yet to be birthed talents (that’s right, talent on talent!!!). GYC Side Note: Remember, “I got a voice and I use it.”


Standing in a moment of non-nosey
Opening each door of yet to be birthed
Life gave me lemons…
So walk with me on my journey!

Life gave YOU talent, OWN IT and WORK EVERY BIT OF IT!!!

 Long story short…
I own lemons.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Co-Hosting Lovely Thursday: The Link-Up!... for the 1st time!!

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Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013

How to Walk Worthy

“Honesty of self will always look good on you.”-Your Mirror

“Worthy is an attitude formed within, stemmed from truth and carried out.”-The definition of worthy

I think one of my most used phrases of GYC is definitely  “walk worthy”

Whether you are the person saying,

“Yes Girl,”
“Here we go again…”

Or “what is she talking about???” 

You’ve seen it, and agreed or disagreed with it!

It’s cool… either way that’s why I’m writing this post…

One night, last week, I was attempting to go to sleep…pjs on, lights out, computer off…but my thoughts kept going!!

I’m thinking what is left to say in this day…and I soon realized… what was left to say was a reminder for tomorrow and all the other days to follow:

Walk worthy where I’m called, no matter how I’m feeling or decisions I’m facing.

And then,

The “How to” instructions started pouring in…and I just have to share them with YOU!!!

Side Note: The content of this post was written in the dark, on my phone, and in a text message draft. “When the inner self is talking…let it talk and you better listen!”

So, lets get into it!!!

How to Walk Worthy

1.   Know who you are.
I know it’s simply stated (often) but many times the truth of it is found in what do you answer to? There are times when a situation will happen and YOU, ME, WE may respond like humans, which may be out of character but nevertheless…it happens, and people may try to trash/take/mar/diminish/strip you of WHO YOU say YOU ARE.  But when the drama cools down, everyone goes their separate ways, and you’re left with your own thoughts… do you know who you are outside of people’s commentary.

GYC Side Note: Over the years, I’ve noticed that people will say certain things to me because they know it takes a lot for outside comments to bother me…and I will simply carry on. BUT as I started to grow in WHO I am and realize different depths of my worth…the things people said still didn’t bother me but the fact that people thought they could say these things to me…DID, it demonstrated what I allowed/tolerated, which didn’t affirm/agree/uplift my worth and who I know I am. If I continue to allow them to be present in my life or present as if nothing happened…well, YOU tell me!

Because I know who I am, I am going to walk worthy.

2.   Know what you stand for.
When we know who we are…what we stand for follows.

3.   Know what you deserve.
When we know who we are, what we stand for…what we deserve  shall not be compromised, even when LIFE happens.

4.   Admit to yourself when you are weak.
When life happens and/or you feel like you lack in abilities or courage, etc. admit it to yourself, be honest, allow for error, forgive yourself…just because we know WHO we are doesn’t make us perfect but it will continue to qualify us as worthy.

5.   Welcome strength.
After you admit when you’re weak…welcome strength because it comes from within…and will always be available.

We are worthy of strength when we’re weak. Keep walking…life isn’t over!

6.   Encourage yourself.
Everyday, we live an inspirational story. What’s your story?

7.   Remind yourself daily, hourly, in times of focus and un-focus that WE, YOU are designed with great purpose and have been enabled to fulfill it.

8.  Respect yourself, your journey and the journey of others...we are all in the process of something.

9.   Take joy like medicine.

10.                Remember the fact that you are designed with purpose means your life has promise...allow it to be fulfilled.

And lastly,

11.                Keep your head up, throw your shoulders back and believe that you're worthy, humbly with confidence.

Defeating Crazy with Courageous,
Lauren Alicia… Miss GYCGirl…Walking Worthy!!!

P.S. All the crazy in the world couldn’t stop the courage that lives demonstrate it!

Live YOUR Worth.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I write what I speak 2: The cost of comparison.

“To understand the cost of comparison is to go beyond the thought of ‘I have high self-esteem…you’re not talking about me…I don’t compare myself to others’ and look a little deeper.”-Memoir of how I learned depths of the truth (that would be a really good book… mention GYC Girl YOU Crazy if you write it…Mmmhmm)

“Don’t attempt to compete through comparison, instead live the life you were given pausing at times to recognize/acknowledge what you deserve to receive.”-Compliments and Comparison are not needed

Appetizer GYC Side NoteBe clear…I enjoy receiving compliments but they are not necessary or relevant to the definition of our self-worth…it maintains with or without it. Comparison and compliments do not define us.

And we're off!!!

To continue in the path of Is that what YOU think YOU deserve? and POWER STATEMENTS…I wanted to hit the root of this for some of us…

When YOU hear/read the word comparison…what do you think about?

+ Others in comparison to ourselves (looks, successes, connections and everything in between)
+ People against people (looks, successes, connections and everything in between)
+ Past and present
+ What we think we deserve
+ What IS important…and what IS NOT important
…Or all of the above and some!!

For some, we immediately think of 1 (or more) of the same thoughts every time that word is uttered /spoken/written/typed/expressed…

And recently, I’ve experienced wisdom in reflection of comparison from a last-minute trip to the mall and the simplicity of it opened me up to go deeper in understanding comparison, its cost and purpose.

So, I wanted to talk about comparison

And…the best way for me to work all this out is through quotes and commentary, which is why this is…

I write what I speak 2:

The cost of comparison

I created GYC’s own quotes and “Crazy…all over the place” commentary (on some) for the sake/reason/purpose of going deeper. The quotes were birthed in and from real situations, conversations, and observation.

And the story of Comparison through GYC Quotes unfolds…well more like an open letter with notes from me, to me just written for all to see…

Dear _________________,

Don't compare, you're not competing.

GYC Commentary:
You’re not competing to live the life that you have, purpose gives us direction and destination points meant for us to live, and fit perfect with a fight we can/will win…the fight to be the true us. Comparison won’t help but it will hold us up, and keep us stuck in thinking…

+ We can compete for “opportunities” that are not ours…
+ That someone else can compete with what was designed for only us to fulfill…
+ The past (and its people) is more deserving and its works are more important than our present and future…  
+ Etc…

Let the confidence of another encourage you.”-Neglect Comparison

Now let’s go deeper because your life is M-O-R-E,

“Wisdom speaks through processed experiences, pain may be part of the story but it doesn’t hold the microphone.”

GYC Commentary:
Have you ever been given advice through a horror story…that really had no explanation other than the person getting hurt…and their pain being a warning…???

As much as I appreciate a “danger do not enter” sign… I’m hesitant to receive the information when its warning is delivered through someone not standing in front of the sign confirming its reality…as in, he/she isn’t currently experiencing it and giving all the present details.

Wisdom doesn’t come because YOU, ME, WE experienced the pain or situation…it comes when WE decide to process the pain or situation.

I feel like in every step I take forward is a fight to keep off the
Comparison of past hurts to future events that have yet to happen…

Take a minute…

Think about it…

As in attempting to compete with the past in my present…something that is over, done, only can be lived again if I decide to live the same actions… I do not know what is going to happen (I kicked my “predicting the future” habit)!

“Pain can’t and will not hold the microphone or my attention because I’ll miss Wisdom.”

Wisdom will never stop YOU, ME, WE from living an amazing life of purpose just because we or someone else experienced hurt in the past.

“You can try to relate the two but it CAN take from YOU what is meant for YOU.”

GYC Commentary:
It’s not about the details… it’s about what is actually designed and designated for US to receive…we can go through life comparing all day long… thinking this is how to make important decisions and miss what is actually for us in its designated time.

Think about all the Romantic Comedies (which I LOVE!!!)… Where the guy who is also an underdog…tries to compete against the guy with all the flash, “class” and cash (HA!!) for the girl…

Now think about the reality of it…

Comparison can rob YOU of the seeds YOU have planted…thinking there must be an easier, faster, more appealing way or that we can compete through comparing ourselves and circumstances (versus research) to another that never lived a day in our shoes and isn’t meant to…for a prize…which either IS or IS NOT ours (regardless of how the fight looks…HELLO!!!).

“If you don’t make a decision, you'll end up with nothing and in some cases we are destined to have both.”

GYC Commentary:
Comparing can talk you out of a decision because it gives you way more things to consider beyond what you want and need.

So… here is the mall story I was talking about in the beginning…

The mall story: So, this past weekend I went to the mall…something I rarely do now…New York turned me against the format plus I hate 50 people asking me "do I need help"…NO, NO I DON’T!!! Anyway, I wanted to go to Pinkberry and H&M…2 of my most frequented spots when I lived in NY but to find them together in MI….OH YES…especially since I had a free Pinkberry coming my way!!!

However, the mall closed at 9pm, I’ve never been to either at this mall…so I don’t know where they’re located…oh, and I’m still on the expressway with my mom…at 8:30pm (taking much longer than I thought it would take to get there)…yea!

Now let’s talk comparison…

Welcome to the other side of my personal life…

+ In the car I’m thinking back and forth on how to get both or does one have higher importance over the other. Maybe I can come back another day and just pay for the yogurt when I’m feeling the urge…

+ Both have time sensitive products…that I don’t need…I just Desire them on a serious note!
++ My free yogurt expires at the end of August…I didn’t think I was going to be able to use it…since I had NO IDEA there was a Pinkberry here!!! And I only got it in NY recently just because I love to join a free and rewarding club!

++ H&M carries a hat I wear for a price I agree with…but I can’t seem to find the one I already own…and it’s one of the looks for my current hairstyle…which has an end date…

+ My mom can go and get the yogurt while I get the hat…even though she walks much slower than I do… or maybe they’re right next door to each other…or my mom can wait in front of Pinkberry and plead with them not to close before I get there…

Yep, that’s right…I’m contemplating Plan A, Plan B…not Plan what’s meant to BE!!!

Then we parked…and I jogged to the door…

In all this comparison about frivolous/unnecessary/unimportant to living daily life things… I decided…

Instead of living compared, make the decision to just live and I was able to do and have both (with time to enjoy it all)…What is for me…is for ME.

Comparison is a thief and one of slewfoots' good buddies...

“Girl YOU, ME WE ain’t Crazy!”

“It’s always a risk to believe just like it’s a risk not to!”

GYC Commentary:
Comparing will keep you from what is for you.... I let go of comparison and went for all of what I wanted and I found out that I could have both...

Why do YOU compare?

Daily discuss your purpose and you'll find that purpose isn’t moved by comparison because it knows your definition and self-worth.

GYC Side Note: The littlest things are important to be.

“Let faith come out of your own mouth...only you know what it's like to be you. Speak loud and allow your hope to breathe.”

“The conversation you don’t have can be the problem you have later.”

GYC Commentary:
If you’re waiting to discuss something with yourself or someone else…wait no longer because eventually the issue will grow from an anthill into a _________ you know the rest…making the conversation deeper than what it initially was!

I know comparison is a topic that many (including me) like to tweet, and post, but if the conversation was and is never truly part of self-reflection…it will be the problem YOU, ME, WE have later…and everyone will see.

What word(s) is part of your vocabulary that YOU
need to reflect on?
Don’t wait because avoiding it may rob you of what was to come from it.

“I don’t compare, it’s a waste of my time to compete… I’m deserving of my own victory story.”

Defeating Crazy with COURAGEOUS,
Lauren Alicia, Miss GYCGirl…Living Without Comparison!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013


We know our worth…so WE decide to stand for what WE DESERVE!

After last week’s “Is that what YOU think YOU deserve?” Post… I decided to follow-up with some POWER STATEMENTSUse them to help push YOU forward, add to your mirror check conversation, or share them to encourage someone!

Thinking and speaking the opposite of what YOU DO DESERVE will only push YOU, Me, We backwards...

How far could we go if we questioned every "opportunity" presented to us with… ‘Is that what I deserve?’ and ‘Is this part of my purpose?’ Then, countered it with POWER STATEMENTS affirming WE ARE WORTHY?

Ummm…so FAR IT’S DEEP!
“Girl YOU Crazy”!!! Well…

Like a power suit makes a statement…
Allow YOUR Confidence and Strength to Declare these
POWER STATEMENTS and your definition to shape the meaning:

1. My dream belongs to me.

2. I allow my imagination to give me vision beyond reality.

3. Greatness has an unlimited capacity; my ability to say yes gives me access.

4. Each step has a story worth telling because our journey is significant.

5. Your purpose knows more about your future than you do. So, when you submit to just might find that what you think you deserve now doesn’t compare to what you deserve later. Trust the process (the journey of your purpose) to which you submit and allow your actions to relate to its bigger picture!

Do you have any POWER STATEMENTS? Share them below!

Defeating Crazy with Courageous,

Lauren Alicia, GYCGirl…YOU Know the Rest!

P.s. Be sure to think on this week's Question for Thought

Monday, August 12, 2013

Is that what YOU think YOU deserve?

“The one with the vision has the capacity to finish. Don’t allow your vision to simply be an image.”-Your Dreams dropping Truth!

Let’s get right into it!

I want YOU to THINK with me…about:
+ Opportunities you have taken…
+ Opportunities you left on table...
  ++ By mistake/accident/lack of knowledge…
  ++ On purpose because it wasn’t for you…
  ++ On purpose because you didn’t THINK it was for YOU (at that time or ever), etc…
+ Dreams YOU have pursued…
+ Dreams YOU have achieved…
+ Dreams YOU ARE continuously pursuing RIGHT NOW…
+ Dreams YOU STOPPED pursuing…
  ++ WHY???
+ Dreams YOU Want to pursue…
  ++ The actions you’re taking to begin the pursuit…
  ++ The REAL reason YOU want to pursue this dream and Why… Now?
+ The life YOU want to live…

Now that you are all open with your thoughts…

Is that what YOU think YOU deserve?

When this question came to me, I knew immediately it wasn’t a Question for Thought to elaborate on but MOST DEFINITELY a post.

As I thought about this question in relation to GYC and living out OUR OWN Dreams…I thought about the reasons we don’t.

And one thing that really helped to put this in perspective and assist in dropping the TRUTH is…

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”-Perks of Being a Wallflower

This quote allows us to approach many things about WHO we are but to be more specific to this topic…

It made me think about the growth in my different approaches… in pursuit of my dreams and things I let go of for many reasons (not being qualified was definitely part of that) and now I have picked them back up with so much more…and I thought about the dreams/goals I’ve watched people walk away from or talk themselves out of because of qualifications…or anything else questioning if YOU, ME, WE deserve to be here (wherever that is for YOU)…

Then…I realized this thought about the people I watched and myself…

YOU, ME, WE accept/receive/believe we can achieve the dreams we think we deserve and/or are capable of achieving.

Sometimes we decide “what” we are able to achieve Tomorrow… based on who we are Today without always giving credit or realizing the bigger picture.

Now let me add a little more…

Yes… our actions today help to build our tomorrow…I’m not saying that it doesn’t but here is the other part…

If WE continuously make decisions solely on WHO we are today, right now in this moment (not thinking about WHO we are becoming)…we are not building for tomorrow but simply re-creating today…over and over again…stuck in the same position.

Is that what YOU think YOU deserve?

Although, we are designed with GREAT WORTH AND GREATNESS TO FULFILL… Knowing that you are worthy and standing in your worth…letting your reality see and allow room for the bigger picture…is an attitude of knowing YOU ARE DESERVING.

How many times have we walked away from something because of what we THINK versus what we KNOW?

And SINCE YOU, ME, WE ARE going after our dreams…we need to stop allowing what WE THINK to interfere with WHAT our Greatness, Worth and Purpose KNOWS WE ARE CAPABLE OF ACHIEVING …if we would just take a moment to see the bigger picture.

YOU DECIDE if YOU’RE going to be Crazy by not realizing YOU ARE Deserving and Worthy, or LIVE COURAGEOUSLY!

Here is a blank list…YOU distinguish the difference.

Defeating Crazy with Courageous,

Lauren Alicia, Miss GYC
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