Monday, July 1, 2013

GYC Week Wrap-Up: Purpose allows you to celebrate & share what you know

“I’m more interested in my purpose than my past or mistakes because as I walk in forgiveness of self…so shall I walk worthy in the promise of my purpose.”-Today speaking to Tomorrow

“Know that YOU have a purpose and allow its promise to keep you focused!”-Someone wanting you to fight off distractions

“Mistakes don’t last, purpose does…so allow the purpose that’s in you to work through you into your reality.”-Truth

If you missed last Thursday’s What Is Beauty? Campaign Google+ Hangout with me, Lauren Alicia…not an issue…scroll till you see the video!!!

But here are my notes…

You may not think that you have a purpose or a purpose greater than the “thing” you are pursuing/doing today…

You may not know that you have the ability to change the world…

Or moments of unworthiness keep you from approaching what you know belongs to you…

…Or maybe none of the above applies to you and you just want to know what GYCGirl is talking about…

It’s cool!!!

But please know that I am able to talk about having a purpose because I’ve felt like all of the above before, and I’m on the other side and fighting to remain on the other side right now…
And let’s get 1 thing clear…

What you need to know is…
“What is it?”

What I understand in realizing I have a purpose are 4 things:

1.Forgive yourself of your past, mistakes, feelings of unworthiness…whatever could be holding you back or placing you in moments of self-doubt!

When we continuously forgive ourselves of the past, we no longer accept the fact that we are not good enough because of this or that. Forgiving ourselves allows us to know that our mistakes are not the end of the world and that we can get back up to turn in the right direction.

When I learned to say “I was/am wrong” I allowed for growth in my life as the knowledge and understanding of what it means to walk worthy regardless of your past, showed me, forgiveness is the most amazing repair kit.

2.Accept that you do have a purpose no matter how much you question otherwise!

You could be having the worst day ever where everything is going wrong, no one understands what you’re talking about, and it seems like no one cares…AND YOU WILL STILL HAVE A PURPOSE that needs YOU to LIVE IT OUT!

Accepting that you have a purpose is a matter of using your voice and walking worthy, which is why forgiveness of self is so important…without it you might think that NO one wants to hear what you have to say, ever!

Then, the other side of that is…going in the wrong direction…and thinking that your purpose changed its mind…FALSE!!!!!!!!!!!! You can attempt to do everything possible in the opposite direction and your purpose will still be there waiting and sending a million signs to turn around!

No matter how rough life gets…YOU ALWAYS HAVE A PURPOSE TO FULFILL AND THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR IT…so those behind you can carry the baton next.

We all have a role to play, the world and generations after NEED us to play are part!

3.Understand Rejection| What it is and is not!

If everyone said, “No” would you think your purpose no longer existed???

Understand what rejection is and is not…PLEASE!!!

The simplest way that I can explain it is…

Rejection is not a reflection of YOU but a reflection of what does not belong to YOU.

Allow what is for you to be for you because only we are fit (and able) to handle what belongs to us…so, be confident in who you are and thankful for the no’s and the yes’s.

Be thankful when people say, “NO” because it allows and prepares you for the right people to say, “YES”!

GYC Side Note (Quick) Rant: Please reflect before taking the advice from someone (family, friend or acquaintance) to beat down a closed door…because you just may be attempting to remain traveling in the wrong direction…please don’t live distracted or sign for packages from slewfoot!!!

4.Enjoy the journey of getting to know yourself…live the dream you dream!

Because I’m in the process and continuously surrendering who I am today for who I might be tomorrow…I’ve recognized that although I have BIG DREAMS…my purpose has allowed for smaller dreams in between!

And the special thing about that is…those smaller dreams are just as important and necessary for me to achieve if I want to go after the bigger dreams...fulfilling my purpose.

Remember small can land on greater!
It can start as a seed and grow into a tree!

“I Have A Purpose” GYC Mirror Checks:
When you look in the mirror aside from many things to remember…REMEMBER no matter the situation you are still here and purpose is working through you…so, let it work out of you and enter your reality!

+ I am not my mistake(s).
+ I am worthy and deserving.
+ I am designed with a purpose that only I can fulfill.

Because I drink from the endless well…I write what I speak and I speak what I write…allowing that which is in me to not fight but create through the fight to be me!

“Girl that’s deep!” I know that’s what you were thinking…so I said it!

I’m almost done…I’ll end with this short letter to YOU!

Dear _____________ <<<[insert name here]

Thank you for celebrating and embracing the COURAGEOUS YOU even when people called you crazy, didn’t believe in your dreams…you remained (even if you didn’t realize it). Thank you for being YOU, you serve as a reminder that we are designed to only be us.

Thank you for celebrating GYC’s 1-year Anniversary, we will continue to grow together!

From one GYCGirl to another…
I have nothing but LOVE for YOU,
Lauren Alicia

“Purpose will allow you to see…how greatly YOU are designed.”-GYC

Last Quick GYC Note:
To know you have a purpose is to know that you have power, and when you pursue that purpose…you will be known as a powerful, no limits woman walking worthy in her purpose!!! >>>“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.”-Alice Walker
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