Monday, February 18, 2013

I write what I speak.


GYC Girl Speaks…Quote & Commentary Week

“The story you speak into your own life will shed light onto the path you take.”-The Present & Future (In deep GYC Thought)

In preparation for next month’s webisodes…I decided to write a post that cuts straight to the chase...even the title doesn’t waste time!

This week, I wanted to focus and actually connect the Question for Thought with the Post!!!!!
Say What????? I know…I rarely do that…like ever…never!

Talking about the Question for Thought… “What is the quote(s) of your life?” relates to the movement, vibe, joy and peace that you find in a moment of stillness, when or probably after all craziness breaks loose... or you’re in need of confirmation/evidence/approval/verification (all of that) for your present situation…these “quotes” or whatever term you would like to use, bring you back to your reality that says,
“I am worthy, deserving and enough…and NO ONE has the right to tell me anything different.”

So for this post,

I decided to focus on and create GYC’s own quotes and “Crazy…all over the place” commentary (on some) for the sake/reason/purpose of going deeper. The quotes were birthed in and from real situations, conversations, and observation.

In creating, I began to think about the “things” I am allowed (and I use that lightly) to say and speak into other’s lives and where they allow it to take them…
Even if that’s nowhere or “Girl/Lauren YOU Crazy”!

Then, I thought about the “things” other’s say to me…and I to myself, and where it takes me…*Hints the quote at the top*

And the story of the GYC Quotes unfolds…

“I’ve learned that if I want it, I have to fight for it because persistence can’t be ignored.”

“So I dream to escape and uncover my new reality…”

“If you don’t want to hear about my struggle, then I’ll never tell you about my success…you’ll just have to wait until you can Google it.”

GYC Commentary
We’ve all had those moments whether it was big or little, simple or extravagant… that someone wanted to know how we got “such and such,” why were we able to go to ____________(fill-in-the-blank)…or how did you do that??? While some genuinely want to know the story to encourage themselves on their own journey…you’ll find that others don’t care and just want to know the end result…and if it can possibly benefit them.

Our story is rich, no matter where we started, and any success we have… came from building/climbing/reaching/believing beyond what was in front of us… So if you do NOT want to hear or be a part of the journey/process/struggle... but partake of the success...
Well other than that being is irresponsible and a false representation of our persistent life. “If you want the cake…you have to know how it’s made baby…or is it sausage!?”

I learned this the real life experience way, not only in being annoyed by people wanting to know why and how I have what I have…but learning that it takes knowing the whole story to build and last.

“WE all have a platform and what we do with it is our responsibility, pay attention to the impact because the ‘chit chat’ about another’s only diminishes our own.”

“You might see me getting up…but you will never see me down.”

GYC Commentary
You’ve heard this quote said and written many ways about “falling down and getting back up” but there is a moment when it is unknown as to HOW to get back up…and this quote emphasizes/highlights…throws muscle milk at it to add to the "can do" attitude of that moment!

It is our declaration (in a GYC rant) that “Yea I may have failed, messed up, made a complete fool of myself but I’m not going to lay there like I have no hope... just because I’ve fallen does not mean I cannot and am not getting up.”

“Understand your vision and make way for its obstacles.”

“I’ve recognized the difference from my own experience…that quitting and discontinuing carry their own story.”

GYC Commentary
Quitting is giving up and discontinuing is stopping/putting an end to something you should not have began or definitely should not continue. I realized the difference, time and time again as I entertain and attempt certain things that I SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do…and that is all I’m going to say about that.

“Love where your journey is taking you or get up and go in another direction.”

Think on that…

“Passion will always set you apart from those that have become routine as an art.”

GYC Commentary/Personal Story
My Senior Thesis class involved building and presenting a project that we wanted to pursue/make/implement/produce in our real lives after college... whether this was a week later or a few years from now… Overall, we were building a business and presenting it in a way that was self-explanatory.

That’s right…turn in a business plan and have a visual that does all the talking…if you needed to talk about your business for other’s to understand…you’re presentation was not successful…your work needs to speak for itself and work as a stand alone.

Although many of us never did that before…it was one of the best lessons in business presentation that I’ve learned…and one of the main reasons I create with passion because it speaks louder than words.

Let the difference be passion as it will continue to speak after you leave the room…passion speaks louder than words.

In all of this and moving forward, I’ve learned that passion is an innate/”birth given” (if that makes sense) fuel that allows whatever anyone is talking about to be intriguing and inspiring…no matter what the actual “thing” is or looks like…it will not and does not go unnoticed.

“I may not like what you do but I can appreciate the passion that breathes when you talk about it.”

So when it is all said…and done…

“My pen and paper allows me to create and escape to the life I build towards.”

I write what I speak.

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