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"You are never too young or too old to inspire a dream."-The Inspiration Within

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Let's discuss how to inspire, sharing our story, realizing our voice (no matter the stage of success)...acknowledging the process and being support, not just supportive.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Defeating Crazy with Courageous: Let an Idea Marinate

Past Tweet from @GYCGirlYOUCrazy: “Sometimes there are #Crazy ideas but don’t dismiss them, you might be the person to help it out! #FindTheRoot #DefeatCrazyWithCourageous”

“An idea is a precious gift given through your mind & imagination… AND sometimes the logical side of you just can’t comprehend…Get Over It and RECEIVE It!”-YOUR Ideas Defending Itself

What good is a gift if you never open it? What good is potential if you never use it?
& What good is an idea if you never develop it and give it a chance to grow?

Does this sound a little familiar???So YOU Dreamed it…” Well, keep reading!

How many times have we had ideas that we put aside because:
a. It might take too much time
b. It might not work out
c. It might not this, that…
d. This is CrAzy, I just canNOT see myself doing that???
(You may take a moment to think…
And we’re back!) Sometimes we let/allow/okay the “Girl YOU Crazy” face dictate/decide the dreams and desires we choose to go after, instead of being bold and courageousdefeating crazy.

Hmmm…Our ideas ain’t (that’s right, I said “ain’t”) crazy…they just need a little questioning and courage!

Open up your ideas with questions & research! SO Ladies, Let’s play GYC’s version of “20 Questions”...

16 Questions with your idea & the prize is: Defeating Crazy with Courage (Taking the Next Step w/ YOUR idea)! *Quick Note* “It” means your idea(s) because only you know or can figure out its identity… others may help to get/lead/guide you to the “questionable open door” but hey, you have the key! Also, these questions are in no particular order…do you & be honest, this is your business, not anyone else’s:

+Who can it influence?

+What can it change? What will it change?

+What will it bring?

+If it was to happen now, how would your life change?

+What came before it? What can or will come after it?

+Who needs it? Why do _______ (fill-in-the-bank) need it?

+Is this something you will be proud of? Would you tell the world about it or want/let someone else to take the credit?

+Are you passionate about it right now? Or do you think you might be passionate about it later?

+Do you wish your idea(s) were in your reality?

+Is it something that you would want to pass on, leave a legacy that lives on?

+Does it involve you using your voice, and taking a position that others may or may not agree with?

+Do you have peace when you’re thinking about it or are you anxious?

+Can you work at it while still living life? “Work at life (the life you want), while still living life.”

+Will the world understand it like you do? Do you care if everyone else understands it? Does it depend on everyone understanding it?

+Will you defend it …when everyone else says, “let it go”?

+How or Why do you think you were given this idea?

If you can answer just ONE of these questions honestly and with passion, I know that you and your idea have the boldness to be courageous and develop this “thing” till it’s in your reality or let it go knowing that you have greater ideas to pursue (you decide).

Dismiss no idea but question it with courage and boldnessit could be an important part of your purpose, dream, goal, & desire…you never know what will happen!

Don’t let your idea go at the hand of the “Girl YOU Crazy” face…your idea is worth so much more than that!!! Okay? Okay.
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