Monday, July 23, 2012

So You Dreamed it...What's Next?

 “A dream is but a dream until YOU decide to make it YOUR reality.”-Someone wanting you to succeed at the right thing

That moment, that age when you said what you wanted to be…then you (actually) did it!

“Mom, Dad, Sis, Bro (whomever!),
- I want to be a singer…(and you started singing into the hairbrush & holding backyard concerts)
- I want to be an engineer…(and you started breaking things around the house to build new things)
- I want to be a veterinarian…(and you would attempt to bring home all the wandering neighborhood animals)
- I want to be a ____________(fill-in-the-blank)…and you did it!“

Remember that? You didn’t wait for everyone to give his or her opinion before you pursued, you just went for it!

Quick/Short Personal note:
I know that I’ve had many “I want to be Moments” when I said it, then I did it but as I got older... I dreamed it, thought about it, then I forgot, something reminded me of it…and repeat. After I graduated, I looked time in the eye and realized those dreams that I thought I had forgotten were important/significant to the life I live and pursue now… I call them stepping-stones.

 After having a reality check, “putting pride aside and looking in the mirror,” I began to take every interesting thought, dream, idea, and requests from others as an introduction to the different possibilities and/or levels of me that I needed to accept!

Hey! Life is A Process!!!

Know this!--- If you dreamed it, you now owe yourself & your imagination (the birth place of your dream) an attempt at living your dream.

+Research it
+Google it
 +Borrow a book on it…

That will only cost you (wait for it…)…

TIME! (that’s all)

No matter the dream or desire, there is always something more to be learned. Talent may open the door but knowledge will keep the door open and allow for more opportunities.

And if it doesn’t work out…So What! Life isn’t over and that is not failure… call it Experience &…DREAM A NEW DREAM!

**When you begin to attempt your dreams whether past or present, you never know what the bigger dream or purpose is that your imagination is trying to get you to see/understand. Be open to being a “Jane of All Trades!”**

So YOU Dreamed it… What’s Next?
   You can “Work at life while still living life” but
-- Don’t let your dream die by not letting it grow.

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