Monday, December 3, 2012

“Don’t Take The Elevator…” Part 4: I deserve this. (conclusion)


I’m uninterested in things not being achieved, dreams being neglected, life lived quietly, purpose roaming without an owner and confidence without boldness.”-YOUR Future

When you stand on strength… confidence and boldness will make you say, ‘Girl YOU Crazy, I deserve this.’”-The Steps because they have seen and felt all your hard work

Dear Dreamers of your own dreams & those Tempted by the elevator (well, hopefully you’re not tempted anymore…), put your name here____________:

I’m writing to you because you ARE awesome but even more than that…Worthy & Deserving!

“Don’t Take the Elevator…” is all about you, and being that push to go after and achieve the dreams with your name on em’.

It’s one thing to tell someone that the fast track can go either way, at any time but another to tell you why, and remind you that the route to success is a journey, a process to enjoy, and to fight the urge/temptation to rush through it.

We talked about the different steps and letting life happen in between---
            +Strength (foundation): I am strong because I know who I am.
         +Confidence (the look, attitude): Strength looks like Confidence.
+Boldness (the action): Boldness is Beautiful. “You can look confident but YOU better talk boldness.”

But what’s left?…

So finally, we have arrived/made it to the top of the step/stairs, which is nowhere near the end of the road…but simply the beginning. 

It’s like that moment after you worked all summer, all month, or saved up to buy the latest ___________ (fill-in-the-blank), bought it, and walked around SUPER proud!!! I know I’m not by myself…my proud moment was the purchase of those electronic dogs…since I couldn’t have a real life dog with hair versus painted spots and an off button…(I’m not upset, I’m just venting really quick, I’m into pigs now that wear pearls, so whateve’s…).


Thisyou will actually remember where it is 5 to 10 years from now…in YOU taking care of business!

The last step, called…
I deserve this.

The icing on the cake, fire to the match, helium to the balloon or maybe the string to keep the balloon from flying away…whatever, all of that!

“I deserve this” is so important because you can have all the equipment to succeed, take the classes, and have all the instructions but if YOU never use them and keep using them no matter what happens…you might as well just get on the elevator.

You can have all the strength, confidence and put it to action with boldness but without knowing that YOU deserve success, that you are worthy of success…it will be hard to keep it, achieve your dreams, stop, think and dream a new dream.
Strength. Confidence. Boldness. I deserve this.

Know YOUR Worth and live in it…you took the steps, no short cuts, you know the process, you know yourself…so ACT LIKE IT! (please note...that I am saying this with the "GYC" face...and a smile...)

Let me just say this…and I’m done for now…
The audacity of you working really hard and not walking worthy…YOU better talk like, walk like and act like you deserve to be where you are because YOU do ma’am!!!

“Don’t take the Elevator…” because Strength, Confidence and Boldness will make you say, “I deserve this.” TAKE THE STEPS (You’ll last longer)


GYC Girl YOU Crazy…Lauren Alicia

P.s. I'm here if you need me!

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