Monday, August 27, 2012

I may not know where you're going... (SheNOWChat Wrap-up)


“I may not know where you're going...but I know it’s worth the fight!”

Last Monday's #SheNOWChat was all about encouraging & inspiring the younger female generation: daughter, niece, sister, friend, neighbor...never met her, all of the above!

I had questions and inspirational women had answersAdvice Needed? YES.

“The process of success is meant to strengthen us, and be re-told to encourage those after us.” –The Truth about the Process

#AdviceNeeded- GYC Girl YOU Crazy #SheNOWChat Questions
Q1: What do you wish you knew before starting College/secondary School and/or your 1st job?
Q2: What did you think you lacked in achieving your dream/goal but realized you had all along?

Q3: What do you know for sure about the path you took, to be where
you are today (goal-setting)?
Q4: If someone attached a quote to your name…what would you want it to be?

Q5: What advice would you give a young woman who is feeling pressure to take a different path than the one she wants to follow?
Q6: Besides writing them down, what advice do you have about turning ideas into reality?

Q7: When looking back, what phrases/quotes guided you through pressuring moments?

Sitting at my computer, tweeting the questions, and trying my best to interact with the answers (which goes sooooo fast if I might add)… I was in awe… because the very thing that we wanted, we got it!
+ Real Answers
+The truth about the process of this precious thing we call life and its success & experience (I hate the word failure, so I call it experience, fyi)
+Advice that we can live out and not think “well that is just for them or there’s no way I can do that…”
+And the past told as lessons learned with hope for the future & a lot of “SPUNK” to live out!

In developing GYC Girl YOU Crazy, I realized there is one thing about inspiring a dream and living out what you aspire to be… that it doesn’t matter what
-1 parent
-2 parents
-Whatever (etc.)
When it comes to achieving the dreams birthed from our imagination (where we visualized we could do ________(insert your dream here) in the 1st place)…not those dreams given to us by default because of our last name or the neighborhood we came from…We all need a listening ear of support & a real but gentle word of advice from true experience. After all, haven’t we all heard "Girl YOU Crazy" in some manner or another!

Don’t dismiss someone’s dream because you think she is privileged and doesn’t need your help. The young girl you see everyday could be dreaming of her purpose this very moment but thinking that she’s not qualified to achieve it for whatever reason! You would be surprised to know how many 9+ year olds (that’s right 9) know what they want to be and no one to listen or say go for it!

As we get older & life happens, we can forget… then want to do this thing, that thing and nothing but I'll say from experience/memory that the dreams I still pursue today, I met in elementary… my teacher encouraged my pre-mature dreams w/ a mature response of belief in my dreams.

If there is one thing that I noticed from the that there are MANY, MANY, MANY women who may not know where you are going but they know where you are and that even now (at whatever age) it’s still worth the fight!

So put your boxing gloves on (or whatever fighting gear you can relate to) and “Tell the naysayers and the Negative Ninnies to go fly a kite!”- Vanessa @GirlfriendGroup

Whether you simply watched the chat…answered the questions or did a little of both…I know we were all recharged in some way. “Take Action. Don’t just think and plan and think and plan.”-@Kalinder

Thank you all for joining the #SheNOWChat ( with me…I truly appreciate the support, and there is more to come from GYC Girl YOU Crazy…where Crazy is Defeated with Courage (that’s right, defeated)!

When given the chance to give someone/anyone’s dream hope…take it, listen & encourage it!

Check out SheNOW's wrap-up!
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