Tuesday, November 20, 2012

GYC Girl YOU Crazy Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards Designed by Lauren Alicia, founder & owner of
Promo Created & Edited by Gmcfosho
Music by Dan-O at

Write the unexpected.

I’m so excited to finally introduce to you GYC Girl YOU Crazy Greeting Cards!!!!!!!! That moment when you’ve been working on many projects and one them is ready to leave the nest/ workshop…it feels good!

The cards are bold and for the daring or tempted to be daring…and funny at the same time. Write what you feel… Write the unexpected.

Excerpt from back of variety pack, "Everything GYC":

                   GYC Girl YOU Crazy™ cards are whatever you want them to be...created to kickstart    your unexpected, expected message! You were thinking it so go ahead, write it and send it "Girl YOU Crazy"!!! A portion of the profits help to fund collaborated events for girls and young women, promoting "Living a life of purpose out loud!"

GYC Personal Story:
I love to write and send cards to people as they move on to the next step in their life …basically write novels about it…hoping to make them laugh, say “awww”, smile and be encouraged to keep on doing what they were designed to do!

I know you probably want a card from me from me now…trust me, it’s good stuff (& I’ll tell you how you can do that later)!

However, before we get to the sentimental stuff…the front of the card can possibly not say the same the same thing…

Or even make you wonder… “What is she about to say???”

And that is GYC Girl YOU Crazy™ Greeting Cards!
Write what you feel…
Write the unexpected.
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Contact LaurenAlicia to get GYC cards in YOUR Favorite Store...or YOUR Store!

Monday, November 19, 2012

“Don’t Take the Elevator…” Part 2: Strength looks like Confidence


My confidence stands on strength.

To take the first step is strength, to take the next is confidence.”-The Inner YOU coaching & leading you to your dreams

I tell you one thing…there is no confidence involved in riding the elevator…just a whole bag of TRUST in some buttons that maybe working.

YOU & I both know that IS The TRUTH!
So let’s talk about it!

The steps that is…since this series is called “Don’t Take the Elevator…” and we’re on Part 2…
*I was just reminding you how Crazy it is to ride the “elevator to success”…that is all. *

Okay so YOU, ME, WE are on the steps right now, standing on Strength after we told the elevator that the fast track to success is not for us, and

We take the steps so we’re able to stand on
+ Solid
+ Unshakeable Ground and
+ Knowledge & Understanding of who we are…
Did I leave anything out???

If so, read Part 1…I’ll wait (yep it’s that deep).

And back to it!

In planning for this series, I was reminded of a popular TV sitcom family (from the 80s) and what went on before, after and while they were filming. In this family there we’re 5 kids but 1 in particular really opened my eyes to see, relate and understand what it looks like to take stairs…and have others think that a possible elevator was involved.

What I learned about this sitcom was that the producer taught the kids the business (so they were not just adorable actors)…and how to produce an episode…so much to the point that some of the episodes were produced by this 1 kid (and some of the others too) because now their talent agent had wrote in the contract for them to be paid for acting and producing!!! ---They even went on to produce some episodes of another popular sitcom from the 90s…super popular!!!!

“But what’s the point?”---I know that’s what you’re thinking or what show is she talking about…but that is not important (right now).

What really stood out about this actor’s life was what we didn’t see…
+The strength that it took to not just be an actor but the want to know more, building an unshakeable ground that can stand even when the show goes off the air.
+The strength that developed confidence to say, “I need to be recognized not only for acting but producing too.”

The steps are not a punishment!

But building YOU, ME, WE to not just be STRONG but appear CONFIDENT in our strength to keep moving on the next level…knowing that YOU deserve to be where you are.

GYC Commentary
When you take the steps, it makes it that much easier to have a foundation to lean on in struggle/opposition/setbacks/negativity/foolishness and stand firm with confidence to take the next step forward.

The first step of strength builds a foundation that says, “I’m strong because I know who I am” but the next step, confidence, allows you to walk in your strength.

There is something about strength that leads to more things and guides you to the next step. Opens the door for more opportunities and pushes you to be the best you…which reeks of confidence!

Quick GYC Rant
The fast track, elevator success is just as fake as a temporary tattoo that fades every time you wash or something rubs up against it…you can tell that it is not real!
Think on that for a second…
The steps build you up (whether you started as a kid or as an adult) to be who you say YOU ARE, and be able to defend yourself with confidence if anyone questions you.
Side Note: Defending yourself with confidence does not look defensive…as in unsure, shifty, guilty, shady, suspicious, skeptical… etc.
“Is that so???”

YES… Confidence looks like…no words needed
+ I know who I am
+ Listen to what I have to say
+ I know what I am talking about
+ Ask questions when I’m done…if there are any…

Let me Encourage you as YOU, ME, WE take the steps with this:
Strength builds the confidence that says, “I don’t have to pretend about who I am, I know what I’m doing… let me do it”

What does strength look like? Like confidence saying that “I was created/designed/set up to win!!!”

“Strength should be a garment you never take off…for it takes strength to even be humble.”
- Strength Looks Like Confidence

Check back here for Part 3…next Monday!!! “Well, how long is this going to last…'Girl YOU Crazy'”---December 3rd will conclude the “Don’t Take the Elevator…” Series…Okay? Okay. I’m almost done!!!

“Naysayers Say WHAT!?”


“If I stopped after every negative Nellie (unisex) told me ‘NO’… said ‘Girl YOU Crazy’ & every other negative thing…I would have no dreams at all.”-YOUR Imagination speaking the truth

“If people don’t hate on my dreams…then I’m not dreaming BIG Enough, and if they don’t have nothing to say about me…then I’m NOT TALKING LOUD Enough!”-Boldness making its morning declaration

I have to say… over the years, I have grown to love Naysayers (the surname for Dream Crushers) for a few reasons:

a.    Are Bold
b.   They do not waste time
c.    Are in need of encouragement of their own dreams
d.    Have the possibility of being ME… (I can naysay about my own dreams)

Don’t believe me…???

Well, LETS talk about it!

a.     Naysayers are Bold (capital “B”) with the foolishness, negativity, ignorance, and just plain ‘I don’t like it’, ‘I don’t get it’ and ‘what in the world are YOU doing’

For a Naysayer to nay- say…they have to SAY!!!---That takes BOLDNESS (and you know it!)

b.    Naysayers Would NOT waste their time beating down a dream, idea, passion or desire that does not have the possibility of actually coming into your reality

Naysayers don’t get in sinking ships…they get in to sink YOUR ship…

c.     Are in need of encouragement of their own dreams

If the Naysayer were focused on their own dream and believed that it could happen for them…they would not be caught up in YOURS.---And sometimes you have to encourage them too in the process  

d.    Have the possibility of being ME… I can naysay about my own dreams without the help of anyone else.
(I would put commentary about “d” here but…I’d rather tell a personal story…okay? Okay.)

Personal GYC (Girl YOU Crazy) Story:
While writing this, I thought about all my dreams and aspirations starting from when I was a kid, and how I feel about the same dreams today. In my trip down memory lane, I realized that EVERY dream and aspiration that was more than a one time thought…came with a long (lonnnnnnnnnng) trail of Naysayers.

And that’s why I love them…
                                                “Say What!!!”

Thinking back allowed me to realize why the dreams I have today are the dreams I started pursuing/working at/defending/fighting for/making goals towards as a kid (like 3rd through 6th grade era…yes, I’m going way back).

Every time someone disagreed about who I wanted to be “when I grow up”, I proved to myself that they were wrong, which built a foundation and strengthened my passion to go for My OWN dreams if and when EVERY, everybody says, “Girl YOU Crazy, it will never happen, and she thinks she is a  ______________....hmph.”

I had to decide that if I wanted these dreams of mine…it was going to take a fight,
Since Naysayers use fighting words!

Right or Wrong???

It was decided that if I was going to quit it was going to be on my own terms, not agreeing with the Naysayers/Dream Crushers and taking them in as my own thoughts… It is real tempting to be your own Naysayer and doubt the possibilities… especially since your own voice can speak louder to YOU than anyone else’s.

Let Me Say This…in a Few Rants (and run-on sentences):

YOU, Me, We have to build up a foundation that can’t be broken with words…so you’ll be so convinced that its going to work anyway keep pushing forward… If YOU are doing something worth talking about…YOU are doing SOMETHING (just please let it be legal and about making your dreams your reality)!...

Also, if YOU were doing something that wasn’t amazing people wouldn’t even waste their time trying to crush/naysay/be negative your dreams but go get a shovel and probably dig across the street (you know how those nay-saying haters are!)!!!

I’m almost done…

And For all the words used to set you back every time you dreamed out loud…be ready with words about YOURself that will push YOU forward! **It’s only a set back if you step back…and I just gotta be honest…YOU, ME, WE and old “Slewfoot” don’t…Do Not make a cute crew**

“If YOU don’t fight for your dreams…who do YOU suppose will?”

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