Monday, July 16, 2012

My Dream is Mine and Yours is Yours

Stop trying to live your life through ______(fill-in-the-blank), you have your own!
You have big shoes to fill!” Response: “No I don’t! I have MY OWN!
 -The inner you telling negative Nellies (unisex) to SHUT UP!

So often, we are born with expectations. A dream given and not birthed, actions always seeming to fall short, close but not quite! It seems like we’re always trying to prove naysayers wrong with our forced actions…

Taking a look back at “Put Pride Aside and Look in the Mirror,” I’m reminded of the few to many times we’ve become something that we were never intended to be, and looking in the mirror (self-evaluation), we realized (quiet or in a scream, as a thought or out loud) “This is NOT my dream or HOW to get there!”

“Trying to live out someone’s dream, imagination or desire is like trying to walk in shoes that are too big…you fall!” –The Truth

It seems like every dream or goal of significance I’ve had was packaged real tight with opposition, and didn’t stand a chance if I didn’t fight to keep them! I’ve watched people give in to negative comments, allowing the expectations of others to become the instructions on “how to live Your life successfully”… And people’s failed dreams find new hope in others that resemble them!...Sound familiar???

This story will have NO enthusiasm, just Truth:

I ran track in middle and high school, went All-State with my relay team… as a result my father wanted me to continue this as long as I could, as in go to college and continue to run track. Pause here (*important note*): I’ve been designing since the 5th grade with aspirations of becoming a fashion designer, and the only college that I wanted to go to since then (if college was a must) was Parsons School of Design (where you design the track, not run on it (for sport)).

Back to the story: I received great opposition in doing well in this sport and not wanting to continue, “Many people don’t do well in sports and wish they could be in your shoes,” my response “Do they/you want to trade?!” After going All-State, I discontinued running track, and I put on the full body armor & boxing gloves to fight for my dream, the reality I want to be in. I decided that my dream was more important than pleasing any noun (you know: person, place or thing)!

To be clear: I ran track because
+ I was good at it… NOT passionate about it
+You get metals & attention
+My teammates were funny
+My picture will be on the Wall of Fame at my high school as long as that building exist
++At that time, Not now…”It was all about me!” (Which is dangerous!)++

But what was beyond me and held my deepest desires is to be a fashion designer and help businesses (before, after, and during). I kept fighting, came, saw & graduated from Parsons School of Design’s (BBA) D+M Business program, and the fight continues!

I don’t regret defending my dream.

Let me say this: We were all created to do something great, whether it impacts 1 or 100 Million! Don’t let the fact that someone else didn’t get to live out their dream/desire/imagination become the reason you change or don’t live yours.

Each and every dream, talent and desire within you is designed especially for YOU and no one else can accomplish it but YOU! No guilt, no shame or dirty looks is worth making someone else proud, when you are not proud or passionate about what you create, achieve and present to the world.

YOU don’t owe anyone’s dream achievement but your own!
--- My Dream is Mine and Yours is Yours

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