Saturday, April 3, 2021

You’re Still an Answered Prayer


So random but so relevant, here it goes…

If YOU were looking for a sign, this is it!!

You’re Still an Answered Prayer.

Someone is still praying for you. Hoping that you make it through to the other side. Believing that you will walk in your purpose. Meet them when you are ready. Be everything that they asked for and more, knowing that God sent you.

You are still the answer to someone’s prayer.

Deeper than a wish…

So, stop considering less.

Especially when you’ve been given far more in the past…


Why would God minimize now?


You are STILL an answered prayer.

Someone needs you to become who you are becoming.

Someone is still waiting on you to get it together, to become and live your dreams. Someone still believes that the dreams in your heart will come to pass, why (you may ask)? Because when we pray, our prayers are deeper than a wish and bigger than just the person praying or hoping to receive.

Someone, whether they know you or not, STILL has an image of you when they go to God for answers.

Examples //

“God if can you send someone to help me?

Can you send someone to love me?

Can you send me friends like B. Simone and Pretty Vee or SupaCent and her whole New Orleans crew (I’ve been watching plenty of YouTube and IG this quarantine/pandemic, but their friendships are genuine, and I sincerely admire the accountability)?

God send me a spouse that I genuinely want and genuinely wants me (Yooo, YOU gotta be specific because finding someone that wants to get married to you is not hard, trust me. It's the ‘wanting’ part and waiting for what you actually want that gets things messed up… DON'T DO IT)? 

*sorry, if you read past posts on this blog then you recall that I often go off on tangents, I’ve not changed but I am trying to stay focused and somebody needed to hear that!!


God I want to be a parent.

God I want parents.

Can you send me a business partner?

Can you send me someone that I can bless?”


The list goes on, but you are never forgotten.


Things happen, plans change, people change, we all have the right to choose but the main requirements in continuing to be an answered prayer are to not give up and stop contemplating less!!

Thinking that “well, I’ve known great love before, it would be selfish of me to know it again with someone else (if your spouse has passed),” the reality is…


GirlYOU… did not go on sale.


GirlYou… have not decreased in value or worth.


God still wants to use you, equip you as the answer to someone’s prayer AND YOUR OWN PRAYER, which may be love, friendship, financial, directional, or mentor-ship.


Things that have been on your heart of becoming, someone is praying that they meet you. Your desires are not imaginary they are very real that is why they CAN profit OR harm us.


Tell a friend that they are answered prayer and that God is still answering prayers.


Happy New Year (I’m well aware that it’s April), New Season and Fresh Wind!!


Thanks for this message but…WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?????

I’ve been on break from posting my life publicly for about 2 years on one platform, 4 years on another, 5 on this platform and 6 on the other.


It’s not that I didn’t want people to see me trying or making mistakes because TRUST, they were noticed. I simply wanted to go and be… Flaky and Explore… in private, confirm the joy of my experiences without anyone’s thoughts or opinions and build myself up in things that I am proud of…


And I know that people make a lot of money sharing their life while traveling (oh, yeah, I’ve been traveling) and living but 2 of the most valuable things that I own are my sanity and peace. Owning them is expensive and letting my guard down while I’m traveling by myself (LITERALLY, just me—the photos below were taken with a timer) was something I wasn't willing to compromise. I don't regret it, any of it. Not sorry. Also, I’ve heard some very interesting stories about my life over the years (since college) from people that no longer have access to me personally and truth is…I enjoy giving people creative outlets (Very detailed stories, if I might add). Not mad, just intrigued and curious about how it all came together???? phahahahaaha ;-)



***some pics of me travelling, and yes these are all me HA (my travel hairstyles) ;-)

(From left to right: Hong Kong, Seoul and Little India in Singapore)


“Well… this is a different kind of post…” ???

GYC in a new perspective

GYC has never discussed/called God by name but the reality is if you know, you knew. If you didn't, I prayed that you did. My spiritual Godmother knew, her response “Lauren, I see you over there preaching.” The thing is… everything discussed on this blog came from spending time with God, in my room (on my floor), encouraging myself in Jesus. Then, I gave it to YOU. If you've ever watched the movie The Shack, there are different parts of the movie where God is a young man, woman, mother, father, friend…etc. God is who you need Him to be, using the voice you need to hear at the time you need to receive. And that’s that. At that moment in my life that was the direction that I believe I was given. So, I did it and reached people from all over the world needing to read what I had to say and speak to their purpose filled walk. I don't regret any of it.


So, with that said… welcome (or welcome back) to GYC Girl YOU Crazy…



I think that this is going to be a series of “I’mmmmm bacccckkkkk.” We’ll see… Answered prayer has so many topics and I want to discuss this in depth because I know that I have the tone to help some people understand and get this understood…

Also, do story times?

What do you think?

Yes, No, no one cares about where you’ve been, or definitely Lauren, YESSSS GIRL? Let me know but I am not sharing if you don't want it, okay? Okay.


 Also, if you are here for story times… should they be videos or written? TELL ME. Of course, many names will be changed. Not because anyone is well known but because crazy does exist, and stalkers are real…dangerous. Umm… BUT there's A NEW VIDEO ON GYC GIRL YOUCRAZY’S YouTube Channel!!! Go …SUBSCRIBE and make sure to turn on your post notifications!! The videos from the past are VERY different from the upcoming videos!


So that will be fun, let’s have a good time, and grow together! You know move forward. Mmmhhmmm… Thank you for being here with me, I appreciate you and I am proud of how far we have come! ;-)

Hey Now! I’m Lauren Alicia, Ms. GYC Girl YOU Crazy (The ONE and ONLY). I’ve been gone for a minute but I’m back with the jump off. ;-) Y’all were missed. This was missed. I’ve learned and processed a lot. Follow and join the journey, like seriously… AND, when necessary I am an open book on just about everything but emphasis on ‘when necessary’; just call me when YOU need me!


See you on the next post (or video)!


P.S. I visited Egypt, and the vlogs are up!! 


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