Monday, November 5, 2012

"Don’t take the Elevator…" Part 1: I Am Strong because I know who I am (Foundation)

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“You find strength in your foundation… So, whatever YOU put there does matter.”-Someone Wanting YOU to be Strong


“A house with no foundation is no house at all but a house with a weak foundation will surely fall.”-Strength

It’s safe to assume that we’ve all rode an elevator before at the mall, office, work, school & etc…right??? Ok, cool.
*(If not, send me an email and I’ll think of a “Girl YOU Crazy”…Crazy Creative example of your liking…okay? Okay & back to the story.)*

So we get on this elevator…

And there is always this big man on there asking with an attitude, “what floor are you going to? And what are you going to do on that floor??? Huh? Huh?”

NOPE---NOT AT ALL!!! That Does Not happen & if it does…yea I don’t know (be safe).

BUT Notice that there are no requirements/rules/regulations to press a certain floor. If they let you in the building, you can more than likely “do your thing…” with in reason (you know…legal stuff).  

You can press 3 or 23 and not have to stop in between, or even get on the elevator from the basement and go straight to the top floor…it’s simply a matter of pressing a button, no thought necessary!

Wow, it’s just so easy to get on an elevator and go to any floor, huh?!... If only this post/series was about promoting the elevator and the easy ride to getting what you want…"yea Girl that would be Crazy!!!”

And would Not help you build strength--- at all.

That’s why were talking about taking the stairs/being a step-taker…

When you take the steps…there is a big difference in how you get from one floor to another.

There may not be any rules but there are requirements:
+1st, YOU must walk… If that means putting on your cute shoes once you get there & wear your sneakers while you walk there…then, So Be It!
+2nd, YOU must climb step by step (2 steps at a time is fine because your legs are not that long…)
+3rd, YOU are allowed to stop, think, observe, get a glass of water, and/or snack in between floors & steps…Don’t be afraid to keep going or stop and enjoy.

“Life is a process…don’t try to rush it, submit to it.”

Taking the stairs will build a foundation that says “it’s going to take more than one lil setback to make me step-back…to where I first started or even before I took my first step.”

Unlike the elevator…one press/push up…one down and only emergency stops allowed.

But to warn you of the opposing/negative Nellies (unisex)/naysayers/nothing else to do but be negative & discourage you folks…let me say this (if you don’t already know):

When building YOUR own foundation you’ll find that some will say
+It doesn’t take all that to get there…'so and so' didn’t do all of that and they’re just fine…
+It will take forever to get there and when you get there you’ll be thinking 'all that time just for this'…
            -“I started at the bottom and it took me a long time to be here, it takes like 20 years to be successful doing this…so I don’t know if you really want to do this.” (Girl Shut UP---by the way this is what someone told me about 1 of my dreams…I’m a fighter, so I keep on fighting!!! Hello!)

Recognize This:
            Sometimes we’re given a foundation and we don’t even know it and other times we blatantly/deliberately/straight up decide to skip the steps, and get on the elevator just because it was offered and exciting.

“Sometimes we let excitement tell us to forget the steps…Girl YOU Crazy.”

Steps/Stairs will build a foundation and...

Foundation builds
+Strength as it allows you to stand on solid ground
+A fight in you that won’t quit when opposition/negativity knocks
+Knowledge of knowing Who You Are, Your purpose and Where you’re going
**Your foundation gives you something to stand on and for…it anchors you to be positioned & focused on living out your dreams by helping you/me/we to grow.**

GYC Reflective Rant…yes it is all pretty much one sentence (run-on, Run-On):
You can watch people who have been through so much and are still going through it…but will tell you not to feel sorry for them because what’s going on in their life is just the surface, and the fact that they’re still standing has everything to do with their foundation…Its their strength that says tomorrow will get better, keep pushing, keep moving forward, the best is yet to come but when you take that elevator, you miss all the fighting steps…you miss the process, you get dependent where you should be independent.

GYC Commentary-Last Thoughts:

++The Process, Steps, Stairs are not to keep you from getting to your dreams... faster but make sure you can endure, stand on solid ground and know what you’re talking about.

++Just like that elevator can take you up…there is nothing stopping it from taking you down…just one push and it’s like you never started.++

++Sometimes it may look like you’re on an elevator because all your hard work is paying off but pay attention, that’s your foundation telling you to “stand strong… YOU deserve to be here.”

“Don’t wait till you’re so far gone to go back to the basics, start with the basics by taking the stairs.”

I’m strong because I know who I am.

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