Monday, August 6, 2012

Is the Door Really Closed?: "questionable closed door" Part 2 (My Story)

Avoiding the Open Door

“I do not see mistakes as failures but experience paving the way to success.” –GYC Girl YOU Crazy

Have you ever made a mistake, started to live the mistake, and then finally admitted you were wrong…so you could start over??? I know I’m not by myself!

Although I do not see mistakes as failures, I have to tell my story for you to see my experience as paving the way to success.

Well here’s the story, my story:
Remember how I said that if college was a must for me that it had to be Parsons…and NYC is my dream home? If not, “My Dream is Mine and Yours is Yours” is the place to be…after you finish here of course! However, I’ll give a quick recap: 6th grade was the best, realized my dream and dream college (if I had to go…that’s another post), fast-forward…I came, I saw and graduated from my dream college. Now, lets discuss the in between!

GYC Girl YOU Crazy Timeline aka my own version of what a timeline looks like and the way I’m going to tell this story! This story will have enthusiasm here and there but it is written this way to get straight to the point (10 point story).

“Everyone has an important moment that determines the next moment…often we call it the substance of life.”- Now Speaking

1---Junior year (high school), the year that sets off the possibilities of senior year, and the life after.
            My Junior Year Checklist:
            +Take the SAT, twice was enough (don't judge)
            +Apply to college (only Parsons…fashion design program)
+Last chance to do my best, grade wise, not that I wasn't already but this was year to show off a little more…(colleges rarely look at senior year grades, so I was told)

2---Summer after junior year…lets make it count!
+I went to Parsons Pre-College Design and Management (business) program for 30 days…MY FIRST TIME IN NYC and if I may add, the 1st time being away from home by myself!
+Realized that NYC is really my dream home…I LOVED IT!
-Made international friends and met random celebs, yea that experience came with many interesting stories, anyway.
+I came back home, and wanted to spend the day observing at Paul Cicchini, a high-end custom clothier shop…they let me, so I did, and it was amazing, they are amazing!

3---Senior year, the results are in…
+I didn’t get in, so what now?
++ I applied to 2 other design schools’ fashion design program, 1 in NYC and the other in LA…of course I get into the school in LA that starts in the summer instead of fall. ++

4---Fast Forward: They (Parsons) keep emailing me…leave me alone, the door is closed! Isn’t it?
+The emails say “Keep us in your academic career” and all that jazz!
+Then I realized that I could have possibly messed up by applying to the fashion design program instead of business.
+But I knew it had to be too late, so I started the application for Parsons Paris’ business program-> it wasn’t too late for that (yes, I was all over the place)!

5---In the meantime, I have to go somewhere (out of state!!!), I love NYC but I guess it’s on hold for now…LA here I come!
+They let me in, so here I come…summer session, YAY (and yes I did pump myself up to be excited)!
++ The door was open so… ++

6---Sometimes we can’t see the open doors attached to our dreams and someone else has to open our eyes to see. I told a family friend about the emails from Parsons, and although I thought I was over it, she knew my desire to live in NYC and that I shouldn’t give up.
+My family friend called Parsons to find out what went wrong… "A rejection letter is not always the end but a stepping stone to the next level."-Me
            -I moved to LA in July & started school
            -I realized that LA was not the LA on TV and wondered what “life” I would have here? (I am sure that LA is awesome and hopefully one day I will get to experience its awesomeness but I needed NYC in my life!)

7---I walked through the wrong door because it was open but my dreams preserved the right open door & waited for me!
+My family friend talked to one of the Parsons' admission representatives and she pulled out my file…and there was a sticky note in my file... My rejection file saying, “I should have applied to the business program.”
++ To this day...a sticky note in my rejection file still amazes me, it's not over till it's over! ++

8---Prepare for the right open door
+The rep. said that everything in my file was admissible but I just needed to write the BBA (business program) application essay.
+I had already written the essay to apply for Parsons Paris.
+The door was not closed in NYC but I knew that the door known as LA would not close for me but I needed to close it myself.
            -After all, I did have to make myself excited to go there because I had to leave home after high school & that is the truth!

9---Be Bold, Be Courageous and Walk through the Right Open Door.
+I packed up my short-lived LA life, shipped it home, withdrew from the LA school, and went home to get ready to walk through my right open door!
+The Parsons admission rep. told me to email the essay, "they" would print it out, and present it to the board with the other applicants…and I would immediately have the decision by email!

10---The end of July, expected arrival for freshman is the end of August…
+I got in…with a month before everyone/I am supposed to be there…I got in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+And the journey continued as I walked through the open door designed specifically for my purpose and me!
++ If ever there was such a loud Girl YOU Crazy moment…this was it! (So much negative Nellies in my ear, directly & indirectly)++

GYC Commentary: Sometimes we do force access “Yea this door was open, it was busted up like that when I got here” or an all time favorite “stutters: ‘See what had happened was…’” Placing ourselves in a place we were never supposed to be. In life we will find that there are many mistakes posing as an open door, and we will go through them because it’s available right now! However, if we hold onto our dreams no matter the mistakes, we’ll find that the right open door is waiting on us.

GYC Personal Commentary (even though this entire story is personal…):
I was at the right door with the wrong purpose, left and went to the wrong door because it was available but the right door was waiting on me to open it when I was ready with the right purpose. Okay let me try again: I was at the right door but didn’t have the right key, the door wasn’t closed, and I needed to know why I was there so I could have the right key to gain access.

-Lauren Alicia GYC Girl YOU Crazy Creator
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