Monday, August 5, 2013

How Strength was Taught.

“I learned to fight in a fight, so excuse me when I don’t give up.”-Life Confession of How I Got Here

“It’s funny, we’re told to be strong, independent women but when we fell as little girls everyone ran to our rescue while heads turned away when a little boy fell.”-I’m not upset…I’m just explaining the strength of my existence…

“Independence has its perks and its harshness but nevertheless…find its strength.”-Independence’s Reality

“Ut-Oh…where is this topic going to go????”

I know that’s what you’re thinking…but I also know…YOU want to go with me!!!

“Girl YOU Crazy”

This topic roamed my thoughts and words during GYC’s 1st interview on THE IDECLAIR SHOW back in February! If you missed it…click here!

However…these thoughts were
Birthed while writing “Naysayers Say What!?”, which was also during the “Don’t Take the Elevator” Series, as I began to think on/acknowledge/realize/recognize…and understand the fight of who I am, and where I am today...on paper for other people to see.

As I let these thoughts marinate…I investigated a little deeper…to go a little wider than myself!

And I realized when it all began (well…for some of us)…

…the defining moment when us girls would have to learn how to fight…in a fight.

Take strength from a place within and apply it to the surface!

So, here is the GYC/Lauren Alicia Quick Version:
Little GYCGirl… falls/trips/has some type of accident and everyone runs over to tend to her needs…maybe even making it out to be bigger than what it seems…

Then time goes past…GYCGirl… is a little older, pays attention a little more and notices a little boy fall and he begins to cry, his mother pauses, looks at him, QUICKLY looks away and says…
“He’s a boy…he will be alright” and she carries on.

He gets up, and everything is alright!
Right? Well, not for me!

When I distinguished the difference, it was time for me to realize and understand that the only fighting I was going to do in and for my life… was the fight that people felt/decided I SHOULD be fighting for and the rest…well… I’m on my own!

And I had to be okay with that…the “I’m on my own” part of course!

Why was he going to be okay and I needed all that attention???

Well, lets look more at the difference...
It became clear that pain is pain until you decide how to cope with it or it’s decided for you through attention… and I was quickly being taught through attention and unsure if that was the lesson to learn.


As I grew older and learned of my dreams that were NOT given to me by People, I saw more pain and misunderstood rejection because it wasn’t the same as the little girl who fell and everyone ran to her rescue…now the strength within is beginning to show me my options and let me know it’s all my decision…strength was simply there to defend it!

Here are my options:
+ Every time you fall will you look/expect someone to rescue you like you have no hope?
+ Will you decide to get back up because everything is and will be alright…BECAUSE YOU ARE a fighter that is also designed to live as a winner (Because YOU Are a winner as well)…and laying on the ground (mentally) waiting for someone to help you…is to act as though you have no hope and strength is not in you to get the job done?

Now that YOU have your options…what are you going to do Miss GYCGirl???

And in realizing the strength within…there was MY OWN independence!

Independence is what’s left when you realize you can’t be dependent on other people to make your dreams happen or walk through open doors for you…the dream can be there but the action to decide to go and live it…is done by you!

Excerpt from Naysayers Say What?!:
Every time someone disagreed about who I wanted to be “when I grow up”, I proved to myself that they were wrong, which built a foundation and strengthened my passion to go for My OWN dreams if and when EVERY, everybody says, “Girl YOU Crazy, it will never happen, and she thinks she is a  ______________....hmph.”

I had to decide that if I wanted these dreams of mine…it was going to take a fight,
Since Naysayers use fighting words!

GYC Personal Thought Rant…before I close…
Learning to fight in a fight for my dreams, the real, unfiltered, true ME was and still is the best way for me to have gained strength, and knowledge of who I am as the definition for me to live. I don’t take anything for my journey and where it will lead but in order for me to keep pressing, I have to know my foundation and reflect on it in moments of weakness, moments of strength, moments of confusion and uncertainness to know that I was built to fight, and made to win. I think the reason some of us miss this is…we don’t realize/recognize/acknowledge that information as part of our definition, neglecting to give it any of our actions.

Almost done…

Last Thoughts:
When strength is taught in a fight and WE come out the WINNER over and over again…our strength gets stronger and stronger, we learn the perks and pluses of being independent…getting/receiving what we want and need, only standing for what we deserve and pushing through its harshness…you know the haters/naysayers/those that need to understand how to allow their strength to assist them in getting/receiving what is for them...taking their focus and negative words off of us!!
Can I get a witness??? HELLO!

And I will leave you with these GYC Quotes:
“Pay attention to your fight because there is where your strength will grow stronger.”-GYC

“We are always one decision away from learning more about who we are and where we are destined to go. Know how strength was taught to you.”-GYC

“Independence has its perks and its harshness but mix it with humility and understanding and you will decide to only see the perks!”-GYC

Defeating Crazy with Courageous,

Lauren Alicia, GYCGirl…


  1. Hi Alicia,

    Thank you for your post. I savored your reflections on strength.
    Luz @happily_working gal

    1. Hi Luz!

      Thank You so much!! I let those thoughts marinate for some time, and I'm glad you savored them!!


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