Monday, September 10, 2012

Here comes Old Slew Foot

When negativity knocks…tell it to SHUT UP and Go away! Or close the blinds and lock the door! Your choice but I would probably do both and laugh in between…

So old “slew foot” comes to the door…

Wait…let me tell you how I use the term “slew foot”, since I know we all have a definition of what “slew foot” means and sometimes we add our own spin, in our own words…especially since this word is a hockey term, I believe, I’m sure you will correct me if I’m wrong or will you?

Definition of Slew Foot
I’ve heard “slew foot” used by people who do not play hockey, so my definition is as follows:
            Unwanted/negative actions or words placed in your thoughts or done by people, which are meant to knock you down and keep you from your goal when you are confident and in pursuit…

Description of “slew foot”:
-Busted and disgusted….
            Shall I go on???...No? Okay, you get the picture!

And we’re back…

 So old “slew foot” comes to the door…whether you open it or not…

“Negativity comes when it’s unwanted...which is always.”

GYC Commentary and Story
When it looks like everything is going good/great/fantastic/all of that, and something not so great happens… You think, “It was too good to be true,” “I knew it couldn’t last for long,” “I was too excited, too fast” and/or all of “slew foot’s” relatives and descriptions…

I remember being in a moment like that when I was younger but now it’s easier to fight off because I know the truth… but in that moment, there was a serious feeling of weakness, defeat, embarrassment, all of these emotions that scream “Fail! Failing! Failed!”

Slew Foot came when I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grow up (that’s just like old slew). It showed up in older/grown people, some successful, some not so successful and none were not doing what I wanted to be, nor did they know much about my desired industry…but that didn’t stop them!

It was in those moments of second, third, fourth guessing and discouragement that I remembered the encouragement from people that I actually respect and love. From then on…I choose to remember encouragement from those who owed me nothing whenever “slew foot’s” cousin discouragement came a knocking...and I put a smile back on my face!

Old Slew Foot will always try to come back in different shapes and forms, people and things…it tries to visit me often but I call it by name and stop it dead in its tracks…

We’re destined for greatness… so we don’t have time for that!

For every comment that tries to push you backward, have a comment/phrase/thought ready to push you forward, whether you say it out loud or in your head…be ready!

Thank those who encourage you, use that encouragement to push back on discouragement and knock “slew foot” on the ground & under your feet, where it belongs!
-GYC Girl YOU Crazy HAS Spoken!

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