Monday, August 19, 2013


We know our worth…so WE decide to stand for what WE DESERVE!

After last week’s “Is that what YOU think YOU deserve?” Post… I decided to follow-up with some POWER STATEMENTSUse them to help push YOU forward, add to your mirror check conversation, or share them to encourage someone!

Thinking and speaking the opposite of what YOU DO DESERVE will only push YOU, Me, We backwards...

How far could we go if we questioned every "opportunity" presented to us with… ‘Is that what I deserve?’ and ‘Is this part of my purpose?’ Then, countered it with POWER STATEMENTS affirming WE ARE WORTHY?

Ummm…so FAR IT’S DEEP!
“Girl YOU Crazy”!!! Well…

Like a power suit makes a statement…
Allow YOUR Confidence and Strength to Declare these
POWER STATEMENTS and your definition to shape the meaning:

1. My dream belongs to me.

2. I allow my imagination to give me vision beyond reality.

3. Greatness has an unlimited capacity; my ability to say yes gives me access.

4. Each step has a story worth telling because our journey is significant.

5. Your purpose knows more about your future than you do. So, when you submit to just might find that what you think you deserve now doesn’t compare to what you deserve later. Trust the process (the journey of your purpose) to which you submit and allow your actions to relate to its bigger picture!

Do you have any POWER STATEMENTS? Share them below!

Defeating Crazy with Courageous,

Lauren Alicia, GYCGirl…YOU Know the Rest!

P.s. Be sure to think on this week's Question for Thought
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