Saturday, June 1, 2013

My habits are a habit

My habits make a habit of sparking my inner passion. We all have a Secrets Whisperer living within…some pay attention while others wonder why didn’t they listen.-The habitual thought provoker

My habits are a habit that I habitually no longer will I wonder why this or that happened…I'll find it in my habits that I habitually practice!

Habits are our life’s story.

GYC this maybe possibly annoying WARNING… the word HABIT, WILL be used A LOT/several/muy mucho/Girl can you think of another word…times…just so you know!

…Let us continue,

When we think about habits and the process of our life…we either say/yell ‘we don’t care’…or begin to think on whether or not our habits are good or bad, and what actually makes them good or bad…then the big question,
 WHO has the right to say which is so?????

This post is for the ones willing to think on their habits…the “I don’t cares”…not so much…”Girl WE are in Operation Live it don’t Wish it!!!<<<Click to tweet!

In thinking on this,
I thought about how I relate business to people and people to business…and understanding the use for observation and the study of people’s habits that are exploited for profitable increase (just stating the facts here… it is what it is!!!)…

What if YOU paid attention like all successful businesses do,
for increase in your own life????

If we know and acknowledge our habits as habits…then we have the opportunity to change the positioning of our thinking when it goes against our progress and purpose.

So, I decided that I would look, think on and observe my habits…then personally decide if they were good or bad habits…for increase in my life. And for the purpose of this post, and increasing together…I will share a few exploited habits in the form of strength by pushing back on habits that may be holding ANY of us back!

And the story/GYC Life Grocery & Check List (with notes) of the exploited habits unfolds…

My habits are a habit… so I train and exploit them in pursuit of my purpose.

+ Everyday we have the opportunity to increase, take a step further, move forward, progress…not stand still in our thinking, trust and go from whatever perspective we may have but if we ignore it…and continue to ignore it…

+How will we define and pursue our purpose?

+How will we be able to identify distractions, if we decide to live distracted?

Since our habits are habits…train and exploit them as such/so/as they are…finding yourself in the position to only be distracted by living a life full of your purpose, which is no distraction at all!

Exploiting your habits for the good and sanity of pursuing your own dreams…and the purpose of remaining focused.

+ Train/make yourself drive/walk pass the materials of your dreams.

+ Train/make yourself talk about your dreams with people who care, and are willing to give you advice on how to get there…even if all they say is…REMAIN!

+ Train/make yourself use words of faith, encouragement, inspiration, love and joy…then as the old slewfoots approach, YOU (ME, WE) will find ourselves unmoved and still focused after its air time is over!!!...
HELLO Somebody!!!!

It’s learning to fight…to remain until you see the victory in your reality…a habit of increase.

My habits are a habit…so I make it a habit to finish, even if MY completion looks different then how you see it (OUR perspective belongs to us…whether we choose to explain it to another…or NOT)!

+ Thinking about this habit…I thought about how I love to have the last word when arguing, and even more when I realize the other person is pursuing/attempting/TRYING to get the last word…unnecessarily…Girl YOU Must Be Crazy!!!

But in that…there is some type/form/manner…of completion I’m seeking, so much that I’ll even create a way (other than just letting it go…) that declares I FINISHED THIS!
+Although wanting the last word is so small…it gave Me (personally) a visual of what it looks like to finish willingly.

++Demonstrating you must train yourself to making it a habit to finish even if that means discontinuing…giving yourself room to move on and forward!!!

My habits are a habit… so I continuously refuse to quit anything attached to my purpose!

+ Refuse to quit.
+ Refuse to quit.
+ You may need to take a break/pause/look in the mirror and breathe…
+++REFUSE TO QUIT any and ALL THINGS Attached to YOUR PURPOSE because it is JUST THAT IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!++ <<< Click to tweet!

Nothing is worth losing or neglecting a dream of purpose
…just because it gets hard.

Habitually walk in trust and not in fear.
Personal but Quick GYC Story:
You gotta/haffta (have to) stop saying yes to habits that don’t profit you, move you forward, and lead you to open doors.

I’ll tell you like a friend told me, when he attempted to convince me…to introduce him to a female friend of mine…although I didn’t, what he said when I responded “that will never work out”...most certainly stuck with me…

”YOU are NOT a psychic Lauren!!!”

I’m pretty sure, it is too many times…so I prefer not to add up the number of times I attempted to foresee something I knew I should do BUT DID NOT… because of what I THOUGHT would happen, and honestly, in the moments that I recall…the only way for me to know what was going to happen…was for it to actually happen.

So, I refuse to walk away from moments that are supposed to happen in my life because of the FunKy habit of…
Predicting my future…
versus walking in trust and not in fear.

It was a habit that kept me from living with hope…you know the whole doubting before you get there, everyone is against me, always keep your guard up, it’s only going to happen if it happens this or that way…all of that craziness that keeps YOU, ME, WE from trying, attempting, pursuing…LIVING!

My habits are a habit… so if I continue to stay for the drama, I’ll train myself to always be distracted by foolishness…

+ This sort of speaks for itself…HELLO!!! But I remember a time in my life…although not that long ago…when it would excite me to hear of a fight going on at school (grade school)… I just had to see it!!! Then I matured a little and started to listen to the pre-fight conversation… AND realized how SILLY/CRAZY it was to want to see a fight when MY LIFE could be in danger!!!!

---Girl I traded in that crazy!!!

+ I had to train myself to not want to see it (plus there are many fights on TV…just saying) by reminding myself that I COULD BE IN DANGER!!!

+ The more you think about the drama you’re in or attempting to be in…you realize how it’s not pushing you forward and how far it will push you back.

Drama is inevitable but your participation is ALWAYS an option.

Because I noticed people would remain friends with those not really considered a friend…I made it a habit to stop collecting dead weight, and really think about who is on my team and am I on theirs (Plant Where YOU Prosper)!

+ Someone once told me that I like a lot of people around me…and that it was unnecessary…and would not benefit/help/increase me. But not until I got older, did I decide to observe and fully process what this person meant…

+ There is no need to keep people around as so-called friends that YOU do not voluntarily want to embrace and celebrate…
Tell me if I’m wrong?!

+++Or people who only see you as a way in or “meal-ticket”…take time to observe… they will show themselves! This is friendship…not networking!!!

Friends pour into each other’s lives without the hidden intention of some sort of gain.
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My habits are a habit…so daily I decide to accept who I am without comparison, unapologetically and walking in my freedom and beliefs unashamedly.

+ Open your eyes everyday to learn more and more about WHO YOU ARE without the consideration of negative bystanders, or opinions that have Not-A-Thing to do with YOU.

+ Know your definition; Read it and Live it daily!

+ To know and accept WHO you are, ATTACHED to your purpose is a powerful walk.
+ Each day GIVE yourself a mirror-check!

+ In moments of stress and pressure…force yourself to take a deep breath and actually look in the mirror to remember regardless of the situation...You are still here!

+Train yourself to accept yourself with no shame, acknowledging that YOU DO Have Purpose and your boldness to pursue it…is beautiful!

May your steps on your path habitually lead to the reality of your dreams!

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