Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I was nominated... My first Liebster Award Nomination!!!

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU to the oh so resourceful, you’ve got beauty questions…she has answers… RENEE OF Beauty School ScArlet!!!!!!! I hopped on Google+ the other day and there was my Liebster Award nomination from Renee (CONGRATUALTIONS TO YOU), extremely honored to be in the mix with 10 other inspiring and full of HELPFUL tips bloggers.

A Liebster Award is an award given via the Internet from another blogger to recognize and/or discover new bloggers. It also allows readers to get to know the blogger from a different point of view by the blogger answering 11 informal random questions presented by the blogger who nominated the nominee. In return, the nominee pays it forward by nominating 11 bloggers for the award.

Get to know me a little more through my answers to Renee’s questions:

1.   Who, what or where does your blogging inspiration come from? My journey and life lessons, if its on my blog…I’ve lived it, learned it or continuing to learn it…I don’t want there to be take-backs to what I tell about my journey, I want to be an open book… So I focus on the story I tell being the life I live or am working to see it in my reality!

2.   What is the best advice you have ever received? When I was preparing for my first ever business meeting, someone told me to know who I am and stick to it.

3.   What motivates you? Life, all its mysteries and wonders, and wanting to have something that I created to leave behind or pass on like a baton.

4.   What is your favorite TV Show or movie? I’m so flaky when it comes to TV shows, I’m currently going through old shows like Freaks & Greeks, Wonderfalls, Boston Public, Harry’s Law and deciding why they didn’t have long life like The Office… so I’ll discuss my favorite movie. Coming to America because for whatever reason…I have watched this movie the most in my life and always like it is the first time I ever saw it, it just never gets old to me. So I’ll give credit where credit is due!

5.    What book would you recommend others to read? Their journal/diary…

6.   What is your dream job? Shoe designer!!!!!!!!!! It’s my biggest dream but I’ve noticed along the way that before I get there…there are smaller dreams that need to be completed first! But I sketch at least once a month…watching this video below just reminded me how beautiful my dream still is to me.

7.   What is your favorite food? Sweet Potato Yams by my mom because I’m picky about what I eat…I make all the “Girl YOU Crazy” faces if I don’t like it. So to be specific and cut out any other questions about anybody else’s food…I don’t like everybody’s’ yams just my mothers, it goes well with her Mac and Cheese… yes, please!

8.   What is guilty pleasure? Ooooo I’m embarrassed but I watch Love and Hip Hop ATL… I apologize phahahahahahaaaaa but there is this one vlogger who has the BEST commentary on the show…it just makes me giggle non-stop!!!!!

Then… Nutella…if there was a meeting…I would go!!!

9.   What is the story behind your blog name? Perspective decides how we see things. And negative words and phrases have the possibility to cloud our perspective. It was a moment of recognizing that “Girl YOU Crazy” can easily enter our thoughts because it’s said with a little laughter but the thing is…it can sometimes linger negatively… So…I flipped the meaning of something playful that can discourage, keeping it playful but using the phrase as fuel to accomplish/complete/finish and live your dream with great expectation & a smile. 

10. What is your favorite drink of choice? Water… that sounds so boring but I had to stop drinking the sweets although Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha and me like to get together like old friends every now and then!

11.   If money were no object, where would be the first place you would travel to? Turks and Caicos, my bags could be packed in minutes!!! … I like to travel to warm weather and be around different accents…and get more use out of my passport so…

Well… now you know a little more about me!!!

Now in paying it forward…I looked up many different rules for choosing your list of 11…so I did a combination… if you would like to pass your nomination to someone else, please let me know, and I will update my list! Thanks…and here is my list of 11:

I enjoy your journeys for different reasons!!

And here are the questions I would like for you to answer (yes…I know…they are random…):

1.   When people first heard you entered the blogging game…what did they say?
2.   Tell me a movie you watched that no one would believe you learned something valuable from?
3.   What’s your favorite quote?
4.   What makes you LOL, Phahahs, Haaaaa or Hehe?
5.    Fill-in-the-blank… If you could spread ______________ on everything…life would be _______________.
6.   What’s your dream vacation… and who would you invite (even if you don’t know them…)?
7.   What advice would you give to someone considering giving up on their dream/passion?
8.   What’s your favorite magazine (online or print) or book? And would you ever turn your blog into one??
9.   Who or what inspires you the most?
10.  If your favorite color was a love song…what would be the title?
11.  20 years from now…What is one thing you want the older you to know/remember?

Have fun and thanks so much Beauty School ScArlet!!!

-Lauren Alicia…Miss GYC Girl…YOU Know the Rest!
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