Monday, October 1, 2012

Don't Let Go...

“When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Don’t let go...YOU’RE ALMOST THERE!”

That moment when you feel like you’ve come so far…too far, to give up but giving up looks so tempting …but then again, you know that you’re almost there and to give up would be…
a.     Embarrassing
b.    Just what everyone said I would do
c.     Defeating the reason why I started
d.    Breaking the promise I made to myself to finish something I started
e.     A waste of ALL the time and effort I put in
g.    …Forget this list!

…I’m not letting go…I’M ALMOST THERE!

We always have the option/choice/decision to

Writing this post reminds me of “The Art of Not Giving Up,” the many reasons we don’t or shouldn’t give up and knowing how/when to practice the art of not giving up.

How is this post different???

“Don’t let go, you’re almost there” relates to knowing exactly where you are, where you want to go, and being on the right path to it…BUT because it’s taking so long to happen…you get discouraged.

I could tell you my own stories of wanting to let go because something is taking or took so long to be in my reality…but then…that would be telling you my WHOLE life story in one post…(can I get a witness!!!)
But I will say this…
It took those early in life moments of going after things I wanted but didn’t know I needed… to realize that I’m on the right path and if I had let go then, it would’ve made it much harder to keep pushing & believing in my dreams now!
“Don’t let go...YOU’RE ALMOST THERE!”

Let me say this: Almost could be tomorrow, a month, a year or 7 years from now…but when YOU are on the right path, every decision & action you make is building you stronger and stronger…to endure even longer.

So when you finally get there…YOU Will Know that YOU deserve to be there and will walk WORTHY…and NO ONE…NOT A ONE…will be able to tell you any different! 

See/Imagine/Envision YOU(yourself) finishing with excellence---what YOU Started… whatever that looks like! & “Don’t let go...YOU’RE ALMOST THERE!”

Your dreams are as close as the actions you put to them.

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