Monday, September 3, 2012

The Art of Not Giving Up

Why did you start? (Repeat) Why did you start? Are you going to finish? How will you finish? Why should you finish?

The Art of Not Giving Up is not a new topic yet it remains relevant and important to finishing, completing that “thing” you started.

I think about the several TV shows & movies both old and new with child characters starting something one day, forgetting it the next day and asking to start something new… today.

Now in these situations, the parents either roll their eyes and ask about the other things he/she started, tell them to finish that “thing” first…then we’ll think about this new “thing” or the parent will say “how much does it cost and what do I have to do… for you to do it?”
Raise your hand if you can relate… whether you have to think about it a long time or it was yesterday and/or you or your kid!

As a kid and as a new adult (you have your definition of adult, I have mine…), it’s funny how my thinking in this department has only slightly changed.
The kid me:
+Started “something” and finished because I had to…
+Started “something” and finished because I wanted to…
+Started “something” because the end result was a trip to Disney World…then quit when I realized the trip was way (wayyyyyy) down the line, and I would have to keep doing this “thing” till I was in my junior year of high school…

+Started “something” that I
--Have passion for
---Will keep doing until I see the end result…
-----But I hope I never see the end because I love it so much…the process of completing it feels like finishing everyday (if that makes sense…).-----

The (new) adult me:
+Feels the same way about the last “+” because it’s still present in my life…

+Finds it easier, not easy for me to Start “something” and commit to finishing because I can visualize the end; my own definition of end, which is “did I get/receive what I came for? If not, I’m not done.”

But what is The Art of Not Giving Up????????

The Art of Not Giving Up is pursuing:
+What you need
+What you love
+What you’re passionate about
+What you are willing to defend
++You know why you’re doing/attempting “it”
++You are excited about what will come from “it”

And when you started, you didn’t start with wanting to give up…so, why would you give up now?

GYC Commentary (last notes…if you didn’t read anything else…):
In college, I was taught business through the eyes of design, design is a never-ending process, even when you think you’re done the end result could evolve to something better.

When pursuing The Art of Not Giving Up, as in something you should be pursuing…you do NOT give up because you know/trust that the best is yet to come!

When you have good reasons not to give up…YOU CAN and WILL Speak boldly
“I am successful.” No matter what it looks like, “I am successful.” If no one else believes it, I DO, and if I don’t believe it, why should anyone else?


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