Monday, September 16, 2013

How to Walk Worthy

“Honesty of self will always look good on you.”-Your Mirror

“Worthy is an attitude formed within, stemmed from truth and carried out.”-The definition of worthy

I think one of my most used phrases of GYC is definitely  “walk worthy”

Whether you are the person saying,

“Yes Girl,”
“Here we go again…”

Or “what is she talking about???” 

You’ve seen it, and agreed or disagreed with it!

It’s cool… either way that’s why I’m writing this post…

One night, last week, I was attempting to go to sleep…pjs on, lights out, computer off…but my thoughts kept going!!

I’m thinking what is left to say in this day…and I soon realized… what was left to say was a reminder for tomorrow and all the other days to follow:

Walk worthy where I’m called, no matter how I’m feeling or decisions I’m facing.

And then,

The “How to” instructions started pouring in…and I just have to share them with YOU!!!

Side Note: The content of this post was written in the dark, on my phone, and in a text message draft. “When the inner self is talking…let it talk and you better listen!”

So, lets get into it!!!

How to Walk Worthy

1.   Know who you are.
I know it’s simply stated (often) but many times the truth of it is found in what do you answer to? There are times when a situation will happen and YOU, ME, WE may respond like humans, which may be out of character but nevertheless…it happens, and people may try to trash/take/mar/diminish/strip you of WHO YOU say YOU ARE.  But when the drama cools down, everyone goes their separate ways, and you’re left with your own thoughts… do you know who you are outside of people’s commentary.

GYC Side Note: Over the years, I’ve noticed that people will say certain things to me because they know it takes a lot for outside comments to bother me…and I will simply carry on. BUT as I started to grow in WHO I am and realize different depths of my worth…the things people said still didn’t bother me but the fact that people thought they could say these things to me…DID, it demonstrated what I allowed/tolerated, which didn’t affirm/agree/uplift my worth and who I know I am. If I continue to allow them to be present in my life or present as if nothing happened…well, YOU tell me!

Because I know who I am, I am going to walk worthy.

2.   Know what you stand for.
When we know who we are…what we stand for follows.

3.   Know what you deserve.
When we know who we are, what we stand for…what we deserve  shall not be compromised, even when LIFE happens.

4.   Admit to yourself when you are weak.
When life happens and/or you feel like you lack in abilities or courage, etc. admit it to yourself, be honest, allow for error, forgive yourself…just because we know WHO we are doesn’t make us perfect but it will continue to qualify us as worthy.

5.   Welcome strength.
After you admit when you’re weak…welcome strength because it comes from within…and will always be available.

We are worthy of strength when we’re weak. Keep walking…life isn’t over!

6.   Encourage yourself.
Everyday, we live an inspirational story. What’s your story?

7.   Remind yourself daily, hourly, in times of focus and un-focus that WE, YOU are designed with great purpose and have been enabled to fulfill it.

8.  Respect yourself, your journey and the journey of others...we are all in the process of something.

9.   Take joy like medicine.

10.                Remember the fact that you are designed with purpose means your life has promise...allow it to be fulfilled.

And lastly,

11.                Keep your head up, throw your shoulders back and believe that you're worthy, humbly with confidence.

Defeating Crazy with Courageous,
Lauren Alicia… Miss GYCGirl…Walking Worthy!!!

P.S. All the crazy in the world couldn’t stop the courage that lives demonstrate it!

Live YOUR Worth.
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