Monday, January 7, 2013

Another Chance to Dream

I didn’t settle, it paid off...and I got another chance to dream.”-YOU, Me, We…speaking as Victorious Winners

I went into the battlefield…too early, realized the equipment I had was for the pre-battle…and I went over there.”-Memoirs of Another Chance to Dream

I didn’t lose focus, my heart just expanded.

Sometimes we think we’re only given one dream, one BIG goal to achieve, you dream a new dream after we reach the “top”…
Or so I thought!-It’s cool, I’ll be the honest one here, whatev’s.

It’s that moment when we feel the need to give whatever “it” is, all we have. Then when we do, and the results don’t appear to be in our favor, we go back to drawing board and wonder…:

“Was this really my big dream?!?!?”

Maybe I need to try a new route, maybe I need to do this, or maybe I need to do that? Maybe, maybe…Maybe!

But in the moment of thought...reevaluating/reflecting/just really thinking about how YOU, Me, We got here…

We pause

Side Note: This post is not about getting rid of the bigger dream but recognizing you have been given room for other dreams in between.

GYC Personal Story (that will make sense…if you want it to)
I know I’ve talked about running track…and discontinuing “that” but you should know, I played soccer next (for a moment).

Honestly, I’ve never wanted to play team sports…because it required a team effort…all at the same time, not like your appointed/designated/given time on the track.

I learned what it’s like be on a team and need a team to win. Class projects can need teams (groups) but when it's all said and done, it may be a lot of work but you can do it all yourself (been there, got the t-shirt to prove it)…BUT it's pretty hard to win a game all by yourself.

“Girl I don’t care about you playing soccer!”---Just wait…

When I first started, I played on the indoor soccer team where the coach explained my role/position on the field as all of them… “You’re fast enough to play the entire field (of course the field was much smaller than outdoor) so that’s your job when you’re out there”…and I did, although I was terrified and setting myself up to possibly be embarrassed (no, I did not play this sport before hand). ---And yes, my dad flipped and was all “Girl YOU Crazy” as did other parents and coaches from the track team…I never needed or more importantly wanted sports to get into college or be my career. *Quick Note: I knew enough about myself to be myself.*

Indoor soccer was my 1st forced and known encounter with versatility (giving all I had at one time)…yep!
But what I learned was…

Versatility opens your eyes to many things… but when you’re so focused on the one big dream…it gets hard as you appear to have moved on from waiting and preparing for the big dream. Even in starting GYC, I was asked many times about my dream to be a shoe designer and if that was still there…it is.

Really, really Quick Rant…I had to…
One day I sat down to really think about all the things I wanted to do (after I realized it wasn’t time to pursue shoe design in the way I had planned)… 

A vision of me doing these other things (pre-Big Dream) started to form as I began to start all of these ventures such as writing a book…no, not “Don’t Take the Elevator…” which you should read, share and print…gift…all of that…have fun!

As these visions birthed as my own and not as ventures that I wanted to propose to businesses, I realized that I got another chance to dream, think and live more than one dream, be the steward over more than one gift and realize that it all can and will happen in its timing.

Example: The Truth about GYC Girl YOU Crazy
GYC was no way near my idea of giving back nor the non-profits that I had dreamed about owning and running after I was full on grown (and had all of my businesses in full swing). HOWEVER, as GYC began to take form in front of you all…as it still does today (6 months strong and counting), a friend of mine told me that GYC Girl YOU Crazy is just like me.

Open your eyes to more…you never know what is waiting to be birthed RIGHT NOW! The bigger dream is amazing but the journey can be greater.

What do people always say on Twitter…“Be the YOU…YOU always dreamed of being…today”---I don’t know something like that… well…that’s the GYC Girl YOU Crazy version of it (quote me)!

GYC Last Thoughts
Every now and then again…You, Me, We need to wake up and get lost in our dream(s) and the possibility of all of them happening… by developing their details.

Live and pursue YOUR own dreams for the love of YOUR sanity.

I tear up at the thought that my heart had room to dream more dreams.”-Lauren Alicia

We always have Another Chance to Dream…as long as we have today.

"Print me"

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