Monday, February 25, 2013

Stop being nosey...

This is not what you think…or maybe it is (you will have to read it to find out!...I won’t keep you long…)

“Some things are unnecessary to know but require us to be open and make room to grow.”-The Future informing you that your nosiness is currently not helping

“If we knew all the details of our journey…would we be too overwhelmed to go?”-The Reality of our Present, The Moment of Now

No need to nosey, just make room for growth.

I'll be honest, I strongly dislike…writing this post but I know I need to say it for myself and anyone else that may relate….

Remember Don’t Take the Elevator…” be a step-taker?!?!?

As we all smile and nod, Mmmhmm… “yea, what about it?!”

We never talked about wanting to take the elevator up for a little peek…look around…and gaze/be in awe/fantasize at what will soon…SOON be ours…

Then, come back down and take the steps!

You know what I’m talking about???

Those moments when we Want or appear to Need all the details… FIRST before taking the FIRST step or maybe taking the next step (like me)
+Really visualizing where we want to go, become, grow, be, influence…
(And we can be here forever, HELLO!!!)

But in all that excitement…questioning and uncertainty came…and maybe YOU, ME, WE stopped,
Said, “This isn’t me”…
”Girl YOU Crazy”…
Or thought, “How will this (my placement right now) lead to that?”

Maybe you thought all of that above and still took the next step, and didn’t like the result or didn’t see how that outcome could land on greater?

And from all those thoughts, I reflected.

I sat on my floor in silence as all my questions began to roll/breathe/talk/…try to get me in fear and complete uncertainty…

I recognized how crazy all those thoughts and questions were…

AND I STOPPED and just breathed

Realizing I forgot to acknowledge/notice/welcome/invite/recognize the trusting factor that allows us to keep what is important RIGHT NOW, in our focused perspective.

So if you haven’t understood the title just yet…

I was being nosey about my own life and not giving myself room to grow into my dreams and wanting to leap for the big dream before I’m ready. As amazing as questioning can be…to go crazy with questioning concerning the path of your dreams…it welcomes in doubt and it’s relatives worry and fear.

“So where did YOU go from there Lauren?!”---I know that’s what you were thinking…so I said it!

I started this for 2013 and I remind myself of it time after time, crazy situation after situation…rehearsing this silly after that silly!--> “Is this permissible conversation profitable…is this important right now? If not, then shut it down and walk away…let it drop!”

+++Push back on comments/thoughts that lead to negativity and doubt…and all other unnecessary-ness (yep, new word on the scene!!!)!

Let me say this (Quick GYC Rant…if I may, and I’m done):
I’ve watched people talk themselves out of what they know they are meant to become by trying to figure things out before it’s time. We meet the big dreams young as the smaller ones in between follow after.

Let’s be real/honest/simply tell the truth…we met our big dreams but now it’s time to get to know them and all their relatives (smaller dreams) without giving up and remembering to trust.

Josie Bissett said it:
“Dreams come a size too big so we can grow into them.”

And she is right! It’s just like old slewfoot to get us in a rush and start brewing up our own negativity to throw us off track…but WE Are Bigger, Better and Stronger than that!!!

“Sometimes we don’t need to know the whole story before attempting to read the book, we just need to know and trust that the best is yet to come!”-The Truth about our Present

So “Stop being so nosey”…relax, breathe and enjoy the journey!

Also…Please stay tuned for Next Monday’s webisode…The whole month of March will be webisodes!!!
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