Monday, October 8, 2012

The Past, The Present & My Future

“The process of success is meant to strengthen us, and be re-told to encourage those after us.”- The Truth about the Process

Whether you admit it or not…the dreams you pursue/go after/run towards today are because you realized opposition didn’t outweigh the passion in your heart (to see your dreams in your reality)…

But HOW do YOU get there…and HOW do YOU stay there?!?!

So what is this post about???

I started GYC GirlYOU Crazy because so many young girls are not allowed the chance to dream, or pushed to live their dreams...out loud. However, there are many women (and young women/girls) that have something to share with young women at the same time.

GYC Girl YOU Crazy’s Blog aims to change discouraging perception with lasting impressions through relative posts and Q & A. Flipping the meaning of something playful that can discourage, keeping it playful but using the phrase as fuel to accomplish and finish your dream with great expectation and a smile. “Girl YOU Crazy”…”Am I ???”

Want to Inspire, Support & Dream with one another?
*This is where YOU come in*

Share/Help/Support to remember or dream a new dreamInspire to Encourage young women & women of all ages!

Do YOU wish someone inspired you? Or Maybe YOU’re inspired and going after your dreams right now---at whatever age!!! Choose to inspire by sharing, what you gave to say is important and people need to hear it:

      +Remind Someone of Purpose (personal or creative writing)
      +Release YOUr Dream testimony
      +”Inspired Sincerely by Someone Inspired” real life stories
      +Personal Stories of Learned, Learning, and “I wish someone told me or I learned this when…”

Any format is welcome whether you just discovered your dream, recently realized that the dream your living isn’t your own, just starting to live out your dreams, currently walking/living out your dream, and so on. Posts should be 300-700 words but the limit is flexible. If you take the time to write and share something you’re proud of, I believe someone will read it & be inspired, Agreed?

Please read past posts before submitting.

Also, important to note: GYC Girl YOU Crazy encourages submitters that are:
+Sisters, Moms, Young People, Daughters, Business Women, Accomplished Professionals, Positive Thinking People, Supportive to Young People, Supportive of LEGAL aspirations (yes it is necessary to say that), Locator of your dreams…Do I have all good things covered?...And since YOU are still reading…YOU…yes, YOU should write a post!

Keep in mind that this is a blog by and for young women inspirers, inspired and in need of inspiration…DISCOURAGEMENT OF ANY KIND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, NO MATTER WHAT!

E-mail your post to as a word doc attachment or as text in the body of the email with “Submission” in the Subject Line. PLEASE TITLE YOUR SUBMISSION and include your preferred name (username or as anonymous---your choice). GYC reserves the right to edit and revise all content submitted to

Any other inquiries about GYC Girl YOU Crazy can be sent to or send a Facebook message!

Let me say this: "Sometimes it only takes one time to inspire a dream forever."-The inner inspiration in YOU

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